Ladakh, the topographic point that inspires awe every bit good as wonder, is the northern most portion of the beautiful province of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a trekker ‘s Eden and celebrated for its unpredictable and ambitious paths. Here is a list of 10 best treks in Ladakh which we recommend owing to their sheer beauty and escapade.

  1. Stok Kangri: Stok Kangri is located at 6153 m. It ‘s majorly for seasoned trekkers and does n’t necessitate a batch of proficient cognition. Reaching the top is worth the labor as you get clear positions of Karakoram, Zanskar ranges, and the K2. Best clip for this trek is July to September.
  2. Lamayuru to Padum Trek: This popular trek starts from the celebrated monastery of Lamayuru and enters Zanskar through most stray small towns of Lingshet, Photoksar and Padum.The best clip for this trek is June to November.
  3. Lamayuru to Alchi trek: This trek takes you through the traditional Gompas of Lamayuru, Sumdochoon vale and Wanla. You besides get a opportunity to descry Sumdo Chenmo at Alchi and Alchi monastery. The trek varies from easy to chair. The best clip to set about this trek is mid June to mid October.
  4. Ripchar Valley Trek: This trek starts at Lamayuru monastery and crossbeams along Ripchar Valley. The landscapes are enchanting and sights rejuvenating. As you trek along you will happen a wealth of good sights of Zanskar and Ladakh ranges. The trek ends in the small town of Chilling. The best clip for this trek is July to September.
  5. Rumtse to Kiber Trek: This trek starts at Leh and so moves to Rumtse, go throughing through Kibber small town, Tsokar and Tsomoriri, and eventually geting at Paran La situated at 5800 m. You besides pass through Tsomoriri Lake and acquire some dramatic sights of the nature. June to October are the best months for this trek.
  6. Chadar Trek: Chadar gets its name due to the formation of a thick white sheet of ice on the Tsarap River. This is a perfect winter trek and one time in a lifetime experience. It plunges deep into the bosom of Zanskar, an country of rare beauty. Be set to be welcomed by beautiful mountains and breathtaking ice glazed hills, spend the darks in cave cantonments sitting around campfire and watch the darkness wrap you up. The best clip to set about this trek is between Mid Jan and Mid Feb.
  7. Hemis to Padum Trek: You start this trek from Hemis where you visit the Hemis monastery and base on balls through Latza Kongmaru. The path returns from Zalung Karpo La, Tilut Sumdo, charchar La, Zangla sumdo, and eventually reaches Padum. Mid August and September are the best months for this trek.
  8. Lamayuru ( Sham Valley ) Trek: This trek will take you through many religious monasteries and landscapes. The trek is a moderate one and the maximal height reached is 4500 m. As you move through the nomad small towns you get to see the small town civilization. You can see the Likir monastery, Indus Valley and ancient land of Sham. The best clip for this trek is between mid June and October.
  9. Markha Valley Trek: This trek is perchance one of the most beautiful treks in Ladakh. You encircle two base on ballss at more than 15000 pess and base on balls through unbelievable sceneries of gorges, mountains, little small towns, and acquire a puff of spiritualty as you look at the Buddhist monasteries and Gompas. The best clip for this trek is September to December.
  10. Phyang to Hunder ( Nubra Valley ) : This trek passes through the highest base on balls in the universe, Khardongla at 18380 pess. Before making Nubra Valley you pass through Khardon small town, Khalser and Deskit. The best clip to make this trek is June to October.

So, acquire set to see the rapture and escapade in Ladakh! !


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