Ever wanted to know more about the town Robert E. Howard lived the bulk of his life in? Wonder no more. For its 100th Anniversary, Cross Plains’ local Ann Beeler has put together Footsteps of Approaching Thousands, a history of Cross Plains, Texas.

This 8.5 x 11 paperback book tells the town’s story from its humble beginnings on the banks of Turkey Creek to the present day. Filled with period and modern photos, the chapters cover a wide range of subjects, from Businesses to Transportation, from Organizations to the city’s involvement in both of the World Wars. The book also has a chapter on some of the notable families who have lived in Cross Plains. Howard fans will be particularly interested in the information about the Coffmans and Tysons. Our own Rusty Burke wrote the entry for the Howard family.

Visitors at Howard Days this year can grab a copy of the First Printing, limited to 200 copies, at the Cross Plains Public Library. Those unable to attend can grab a second printing from Lulu.

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