Before 1948, recordings of popular black music were referred to as which of the following?
race records
Facebook received widespread praise for a video demonstrating its features against the backdrop of Puerto Rico.
Social music is which of the following?
music that people perform for each other in a social setting
According to Joanne Lipman of USA Today, confidential sources should be used sparingly, but sometimes they’re the “only way to get important information.”
The method of recording sound that involves storing it in a series of numbers is called which of the following?
digital recording
Popular radio host Howard Stern has transformed from being a shock jock to doing exclusively sports talk.
Political talk radio is populated primarily by liberal hosts.
Which of the these statements about radio following the growth of television in the late 1940s and early 1950s is true?
Radio reinvented itself to become a companion medium, serving narrow niche audiences with specialized formats.
News media reported the death of rock star Tom Petty before he had actually died.
Emile Berliner is famous for which of the following?
He developed the gramophone.
The BBC represents the convergence taking place in the sound industry for which of the following reasons?
It now transmits its broadcasts via the Internet as well as over the air.
Both Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley helped create rock ‘n’ roll by combining white hillbilly music with black R music.
What medium did Guglielmo Marconi help invent?
What is the name of the powerful Hollywood producer, who is currently the main subject in a sexual abuse scandal.
Harvey Weinstein
Frank Conrad was the engineer who put KDKA, the first commercial radio station in the United States, on the air.
Which of the following was the major effect of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 on radio?
That today more than 50 percent of the radio stations are owned by major media corporations.
A podcast is which of the following?
an MP3 compressed audio file that can be listened to online or downloaded
What is Barry Gordy Jr. best known for?
founding Motown Records
CNN President Jeff Zucker was recently fired as AT took over Time Warner
The most popular radio drama of the later 1920s was _________________.
Amos ‘n’ Andy
Google’s artificial intelligence technology does not have a higher IQ than a 6-year-old.
Which of the following was the newspaper responsible for breaking the Watergate story in 1972?
the Washington Post
Why is the mayor of San Juan receiving widespread media coverage?
She criticized President Trump
Most American newspapers are owned by which of the following?
large corporate chains
As news broke about the Las Vegas massacre, Google and Facebook prominently displayed false reports on the unfolding mass murder.
Most of the audience for news on the Internet is made up of young people who don’t read newspapers or watch television news programs.
Americans who are politically conservative and politically liberal tend to get their news from the same sources.
Which of the following events helped bring CNN to prominence?
the Persian Gulf War
Which paper was published by Benjamin Franklin?
the Pennsylvania Gazette
New York newspapers owned by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer competed for readers by using sensational stunts.
Colonial newspapers could be characterized by which of the following?
intensely partisan opinion writing
Which paper is regarded as the first newspaper in the North American colonies?
Publick Occurrences
According to a study by the Pew Research Center, President Donald Trump receives mainly balanced news coverage.
Major news organizations such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the BBC encourage their reporters to give their opinions about the news using social media such as Twitter or Facebook.
The penny papers were successful because of their coverage of foreign affairs, national politics, and the economy.
Frederick Douglass was the editor of which of the following?
the African American newspaper North Star
Which paper is regarded as the first of the penny papers?
the New York Sun
Journalistic objectivity began with which of the following?
the penny press
Sinclair Broadcasting and Tribune Media recently completed another mega media merger
Edward R. Murrow is best remembered for which of the following?
his accounts from London in World War II
TIME magazine’s First iPhone Portfolio is an example of multimedia tailored for a digital audience.
The Atlantic frequently displays native ads on its Web sites.
Magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Vogue are known as which of the following?
FBL magazines
Which of the following was the first truly national magazine with a large circulation published in the United States?
The Saturday Evening Post
After a devastating strike from Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis.
Magazines resist using social media to promote both the editorial content and the advertising content of their publications.
The Postal Act of 1879 did which of the following?
It made it possible to inexpensively mail magazines across the country
is best known for his/her covers of Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone magazines.
Annie Leibovitz
Magazines such as Harper’s, the Atlantic, and the National Review are known as which of the following?
literary and commentary magazines
McClure’s writer Ida Tarbell wrote about corruption in the Standard Oil Company. She revealed that the company used bribes, fraud and violence to achieve success.
Sports Illustrated surprised readers in 2016 by running ______ on the cover of their controversial annual swimsuit issue
a plus-sized woman
The Atlantic continues to ignore the digital audience and will avoid adopting a digital-first strategy
Twitter considers that President Trump’s tweets about North Korea are ‘newsworthy’ and decided not to take them down.
Most editors are willing to take chances and feature frequently people of color on the covers of men’s, women’s, teen and entertainment magazines
Magazines that are targeted at specific industries and carry ads for people who are in that business are known as which of the following?
trade magazines
Magazines are surrounded by controversies in many cases for promoting extreme thinness as attractive.
U.S. television networks decided to show the national anthem protest in response to Trump’s comments about the NFL players. Trump is changing sports coverage
Twitter announced that it will now try out a longer limit of 280 characters in select languages, including English
______ was a pioneer in photojournalism with her/his photos of the Civil War.
Mathew Brady
More magazines are offering to readers and users combined subscriptions that include print and digital versions

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