Imagine waking up to the sound of the phone ringing late at night. It’s the hospital calling to let you know that your loved one has gone in a coma due to a crash by a drunk driver. You rush to the hospital, panicked you plead to see your loved one. The nurse asks “Ma’am are you a spouse or a relative? ” “No, but we have been together for 35 years, we are partners. ” The nurse replies, “Sorry only spouse or relatives can see her. ” Since it is illegal, in many states, for homosexuals to marry, couples like this one are deprived of many rights listed in the constitution.

Therefore homosexuality and same-sex marriage should be a right respectfully granted. Those who are against same-sex marriage may be religious people. The religions that primarily ban same-sex marriage are the western religions. They believe that homosexuality is sinful and therefore should not be accepted. They are certain that homosexuality is against god’s word. They argue that god created Adam and Eve. For them it is offensive and a swipe to the religious freedom of the majority to have to recognize a relationship they consider sinful.

It is easy to see and understand why people may be against same-sex marriage. For them the homosexual relationship will weaken the definition and respect for the institution of marriage (National Organization of Marriage). They fear it may cause a change to the right traditional family values essential to the society. It confuses children about gender roles and expectations of society. For this cause these people don’t want homosexual lifestyle to be encouraged. In fact, there is an article on Balanced Politics. org mentions the risk of a homosexual lifestyle supported by scientific research.

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The research contains that it may lead to lower life expectancy, psychological disorders and other problems (. I can connect with those who actually fear the risk of marriage due to homosexuality. Like it is said on the Article; “Marriage isn’t just about love, though. If it was, why do so many people who love each other live together, instead of getting married? (Preserving Traditional marriage). Not to mention that religion is another excuse to not legalize same-sex marriage. They don’t really care for the benefits they only care for the negative outcomes.

Homosexuals are as normal as any in this world; therefore their rights should be granted and not denied. They posses the right to a pursuit of happiness among other civil rights. They deserve the right to

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