If you had merely one more twenty-four hours to populate. how would you desire to pass it? Who would you desire to pass it with? There are presently 6. 773. 643. 360 people in the universe. of class spring or take a few. and in a mere 3 old ages and seven months. every individual one of those people may be faced with that same inquiry. Forty-four months. 1. 309 yearss. 31. 416 hours ; no affair how you look at it. that’s all you have left. as some would state. Many people have heard of the ancient Mayans. and know that they reigned 1000s of old ages ago.

What they may non cognize is one small innovation of theirs could impact the lifetime of every human being today and hereafter. “The Mayans started their calendar on August 11. 3114 BC. and they conclude it on December 21st 2012 ( Greyl 80 ) . ” There are many who believe this twenty-four hours will be the terminal. as we know it ; all life animals will discontinue to be. There are possible theories on how the universe will stop. some scientific and mathematical. and others based on star divination. but no affair the theory. there is a opportunity you and I will die with the other six billion worlds in 2012. Fazing? Yes. Realistic?

Possibly. This Apocalyptic theory provides scientific grounds to back up it. yet bookmans are improbable to believe it. Everything has a beginning and an terminal but no affair how many facts or possibilities presented. people are traveling to be unwilling to accept the apocalypse of 2012. End of the universe theories have been around for ages ; they have come and gone with possibly some cause for fear. but evidently nil excessively detrimental. Apocalypse theories are terrorizing yet capturing ; there are legion books on the affair. and even the film concern has felt it is something to pay attending to.

With all of this information available. people are cognizant of it. yet they still are non accepting. Apocalypse theories are luring to worlds because we are witting of the fact we could decease at any minute. Worlds are selfish by nature. so they are interested in anything that could do them discomfort or trouble. We besides like to be in the know. so it would be convenient to be cognizant of what was traveling to go on everyday. We would wish to hold the chance to command our lives or seek to alter the issues upsetting us. Why do you believe people pay for fortune tellers and psychics?

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Any cognition we can acquire about the hereafter. the better off we are. This being said. it is clear that people are interested in the theory. yet unwilling to accept it as true. It is my belief the people who are most likely to believe this phenomenon are spiritual. and believe in The Bible’s Armageddon. the concluding conflict between God and Satin. I will travel into more item about this theory subsequently. but merely those who know The Bible and follow God believe the universe will stop finally. They merely might non believe the Apocalypse of 2012 because no 1. non even Jesus. is supposed to cognize the day of the month the universe will stop.

On the other terminal of the spectrum there are the people who find it extremely improbable for the universe to stop anytime shortly. as their thought is based more on a scientific degree. They believe the universe was formed through the large knock. and believe the lone manner the universe can stop is through another cosmopolitan bad luck. Which there are scientific accounts. but the fact is. people merely don’t want to believe the universe is traveling to stop. Besides. it’s excessively large of a hazard to get down be aftering your life around it. What if the universe didn’t terminal. and you had spent all of you money. discontinue your occupation. and ruined all of your relationships?

There have been many terminal of the universe prophecies ; the full Y2K debacle proved to be nil serious that it is merely easier to disregard these postulations. I suppose bookmans are so unwilling to believe the 2012 apocalypse is because they feel like the small grounds there is. is non concrete. Peoples are establishing this off of a civilisation that lived about 3. 000 old ages ago and who had no engineering to be able to foretell some event like this. Simply put. the Mayans put excessively much faith into their prognostications to be able to do it scientific plenty for bookmans to take earnestly. The chance of Apocalypse 2012 finally serves as a projective trial for anyone who contemplates it. The 1s most unfastened to post-2012 world are those who have the least to lose in the coming turbulence. ( Lawrence 75 ) . ”

“But I think Judgment Day has a profound if indefinable temptingness for those who are unhappy with themselves. their society. their Maker. Accepting that Judgment Day is at hand provides the truster with immense satisfaction—that he or she possesses the most of import cognition in the universe and that all other chases are fiddling or misguided. It’s a signifier of vicarious retaliation that anyone can take on life’s unfairness ( Lawrence 213 ) . ”


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