Abstract  Earlier research has demonstrated
that the colour of the servings from which we drink can influence our
perception of taste. In the present study, the authors extended this line of
research and investigated whether the consumer’s perception of the flavour of hot
chocolate milk would be influenced by the colour of the plastic vending cup in
which it was served. In a series of experiments, 51 female participants tasted hot
chocolate milk served in a dark brown cup and 50 other female participants tasted
the same chocolate milk served in a white cup. The participants had to evaluate
the sample of hot chocolate milk on a number of Likert scales as posed in a
questionnaire. The results showed that serving hot
chocolate milk in a dark brown plastic cup increases the perceived
chocolate-intensity of the product when compared to serving the exact same
product in a white cup. Thus, the present findings indicate that the colour of
the product serving hot chocolate milk, may have substantial consequences for consumer’s
perception of a hot beverage. 

Keywords: cup-colour, taste-evaluations, chocolate-intensity.


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