Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigational system that uses satellites signals to fix the location of a radio, receiver on or above the earth surface. This System was developed to help Millitary Navigations. When the government found itself needing a foolproof satellite navigation system, the Pentagon Collaborated together and came up with the Idealism of GPS in 1973. GPS Uses what called sattelites( a satellite is an object that intended to orbit).     Each of these sattelight moves in the space, about more than 10,000 miles above the Earth. These sattelite moves twice around the earth and send signals to the GPS reciever on Earth. when the reciever recieves a signal it determines it precise distance from the sattellite and reveals the data(MAP) on a screen. GPS receiver need about 3 or more sattelites to calculate latitude and longitude. By using signals of four or more satellites, a receiver can determine the user’s threedimension position (latitude, longitude, and altitude). Once the user’s two or three dimension position has been determined, other information such as speed, bearing, tracking, distance to destinations, and time of sunrise or sunset can be determined. GPS are powered with solar system and batteries in case something happen.Each sattelite has four atomic clocks, these clocks are use to assure that sattelite and gps are synchrinized. Today, GPS has become common on Cell Phones, Cars, and Boats. people are able to navigate their homes, and locate where they intend to travel, Companies are able to collect presice and useful giographic information to emeliorate their marketings. For example, Kentucky Fried Chicken uses GPS to examine their rivalry and deternime where the location for the new restaurants. GPS has improved Navigational system in economy,societies, and millitary purpose. However, it offers a much easier way for criminals to accomplish ilicit tasks. 


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