Which of the following is TRUE of a person with a high credit score?
They are more likely to pay bills on time
Which action can hurt your credit score? I. Paying your phone bill late. II. Taking the bus to work. III. Maxing out several credit cards. IV. Using the internet to pay your bills
I and III
If your credit reports show different scores, what should you do?
Get in touch with credit bureaus to see if they have different or inaccurate information on your credit history
Which is true of someone with a low credit score? I. They probably make on time payments. II. They may not be able to rent the apartment they want. III. They are more likely to miss a payment than someone with a high credit score
II and III
Which of the following MOST influences your credit score?
Payment History
Which of the following actions has NO impact on your credit score?
You inquire about a credit card
Which of the following statements about credit is TRUE?

Credit scores reflect how likely individuals are to reply their debts

Credit scores range from low 300’s to the mid 800’s

Each person as three credit scores

All of the above!
In which of the following situations is having a good credit score important?

Applying for a loan at a bank

Renting an apartment

Buying a car

All of the above!
Jose wants to be sure he maintains a high credit score as he is planning to buy a new car soon. What should he do to ensure his score stays high, allowing him to buy his dream car?
Pay off his credit card balance each month
Which behaviors might lead someone to have a low credit score?
Missing a car payment

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