-My room is in a muss because I had a party with my best friends last dark. I have to clean my room before my ma arrives from work. The underwear is hanging on the lamp. my books are all jammed in the cupboard. the scarf is beneath the Television and my shoe is under the bed.

-We have the best cafeteria. they offer different type of nutrients. the nutrient bill of fare is so large it consists of Arabian. Indian. American. Mexican and Chinese nutrient. They have a particular Indian dish called “Chicken Tekka Masala” its a dish of roasted poulet balls in a spicy sauce. Breakfast Burritos is a particular Mexican nutrient that contains Eggs. bacon. salsa. rancid pick and Cheddar cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. hot sauce is optional. My favourite dish in the cafeteria bill of fare is Shawarma. it’s an Arabian nutrient made with poulet and staff of life.

-David is a unsafe driver. I hate the manner he drives the auto. he either drive excessively slow or excessively fast. One twenty-four hours we were in the Himalayan mountains. he was behind the maneuvering drive uphill. he was driving so fast we about fell of the drop. The manner he brakes the auto is so chilling. it reminds me of how my grandma thrusts.

Neighbors are so of import if they are willing to assist you in clip of demand. My favourite neighbour is Mrs. Shirley. I remember the twenty-four hours when the authorities cut off our H2O. she was the first one there to assist us. she even offered us to remain at her topographic point. She is so generous and I like the manner she hosts me.

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