“The rise of the west” can be expressed in many forms. There are also many political perspectives.  Different people define “rise of the west” to be Europe’s triumph. However, according to sources west was a total failure. The reason for the west “Europe” rises was profiting from developing countries. They would trade money in for military, political and economic wealth, which allowed them to create new wealth, while other developing countries remained poor. Bias is inherent to the experience of writing and telling the story of history.


The reasoning of why sugar, slavery and silver have in common is that many worked processing sugar and sugar is of course a crop that African slaves later cultivated in the Caribbean. Slavery is a early product of a consumer culture that revolves around the purchase of goods that bring us pleasure, but not a necessity.  European obtained Africans slaves y trading for them. Africans were trading other Africans to European in exchange for goods.


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