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Department of Automobile Engineering




            I am Dr.M.Venkata Ramana, Professor in Automobile
Department at VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of
Engineering and Technology. I am pleased to recommend Mr. YASOJU
DILIP CHANDRA for his career endeavours. I have known him as my student for
over 4 years now, during which, I have taught him the course of Engineering
Graphics, Machine Drawing, Machine Tools and Metrology, CAD/CAM.

            During his four years of college, I have noticed that he
has a positive attitude towards both curricular and extra-curricular
activities. His habit of relating everything taught in class with the everyday
applications made his basics sound. His commitment to his work and his desire
to achieve excellence in whatever he undertakes makes him a unique person.
Other than the stipulated work in the class, he has taken up several other
initiatives and excelled in them. I have witnessed him actively participate in SAEINDIA
SUPRA 2016 that showcase his immense interest towards projects. He had also
attended many seminars on various topics relating to mechanical and automotive

            I feel proud to say Mr. Yasoju Dilip Chandra as my
student as he is one of the student from our college who has been working under
a real time project of Design and fabrication of a formula car. He also takes up the
responsibilities of leading a team very well and completes work well within the
stipulated time.

            If your graduate program is looking for superior
candidates with a record of achievements, Mr. Yasoju Dilip Chandra is an
excellent choice. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any
challenge that he faces. I whole heartedly recommend her for admission into
your graduate program with suitable financial assistance at your esteemed





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