How Declawing Your Cat Affects ThemDid you know that declawing your cat is like according to Mrs.McChesney”Cutting off your finger down to the first knuckle?” Sounds like it hurts right? Cats feel the same pain when you take your cats to get declawed,and declawing  your cat can lead to their long term discomfort . Fortunately, there are many alternatives to choose from.To start, let’s talk about how the procedure is done. According to Drew Weigner “There are many different ways to declaw a cat, but the most common procedure uses a sharp sliding blade similar to a guillotine . It cuts through the claw and the little piece of bone that the claw grows from. If they don’t cut the small piece of bone the cats claw will grow back.” Declawed cats usually become more aggressive as well.  According to”Cats that get declawed have to relearn how to walk, and the pain continues  even after surgery.Declawed cats usually become more aggressive as well.”Luckily, there are many alternatives.  According to The Animalist “You can go to get your cat’s claws trimmed frequently and  you can buy multiple scratching posts .  You can also teach your cat where to and where not to scratch ,and you can buy claw covers. Of Course, claw covers only last 2-4 weeks and will be more expensive in the long run .Your cat can also be trained to know where and where not to scratch by looking at where they were scratching. See what material, direction ,and location your cat likes to scratch and match the scratching post to their preferences. You can also put double sided tape on the scratched areas , the double sided tape feels sticky and they don’t like that feeling and will stop scratching that area. “In conclusion, there are many ways to not cause your cat pain and stop them from scratching the furniture as well. Solutions can be found online ,and you can also ask your local vet for alternatives.


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