Though cloud computing offers a variety of services
it also faces many risks & difficulties in today’s
world and the future.

Security Vulnerability – Cloud consumers storing
their business data in the cloud should have a great level of security for their
information by cloud providers. For accessing the data from the cloud there
should be compactable security architecture for both cloud consumer and
providers which is difficult to establish. As cloud providers grant access to
different consumers to the cloud and adding them to their trustworthy
boundaries is a challenging task to keep up the security levels as it results
in overlapping trust boundaries which gives an
unkind consumer to expose others business information from the cloud.

Availability and Continuity of Business – For access
the data from the cloud the providers should have maximum availability irrespective
of any internet issue caused either at consumer end or intermediate media, because
if there is any change made at the consumer end and they couldn’t access the
cloud due to the security issues then their business continuity will be affected
until the issue is resolved.

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Standardization issues – There are different cloud
providers available in the IT market and everyone
of them have a different definition of their cloud safety system. As they provide access
to different consumers to access the cloud, maintaining a standard security level
has not been observed among the providers. Thus, it hard to identify any standardization
among the cloud security.

Portability – When IT companies plan to migrate
the business data from local premises to the cloud
or switching between the providers in future then providers should have a compatible environment for this process. Integrating
this process smoothly will be a difficult challenge for the cloud providers.               


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