However, the positive outcomes of college out weigh the negative outcomes. “Education is the Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can SE to Change the This quote stated by Nelson Mandela should be more than enough proof for people to know that moving forward with ones education can do nothing but good for them. Going to college is one of the essential things needed in order to have a good life because it helps people gain knowledge, relieve money problems, it can help people mature, and broadens the options that one can have in his or her life.

With out schooling, everything in life would be at a standstill. Gain of knowledge is what has made today’s world the way it is with technology along with other activities of life. With out the opportunity to learn, we would not have the every day objects we have now. This computer that am typing on would not exist, making me have to hand write all of my thoughts down on paper. Knowledge also helps people to gain confidence. Being able to tell people about interesting information helps one feel good about one’s self.

Going college would enhance this because college is just that-?the opportunity to gain knowledge. In life, money can create a lot of turmoil. Believe that many marriages end up in divorce because of money issues. Receiving a college agree is known to increase ones wages significantly, which will eliminate the possibility of getting a divorce over money issues. For example, with a college degree one can receive a well paved job, which can provide his or her family with financial security, which brings a lot of that said turmoil to a rest.

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Along with bringing your family financial security, ones worries could also melt away when it comes to their retirement fund. Earning more money makes one be able to put money away toward their retirement and also have enough left to make all of their everyday payments. Along with putting ones mind to rest about money, going to college can also mature someone. People change in college, for the better, because learning about things one once did not know can change ones perspective on important issues.

For example, if a student comes to college with no worldly experiences at all, their perspective on people will change dramatically because of the diverse environment college provides them with. This could be because of them experiencing a new independence because their parents will no longer be around to baby them. However, this could also be because here are a huge variety of people, which will make it difficult for one to find people who they are comfortable with. This will, in the end, make the unworldly student, come out of their box.

I believe this is a good thing because it allows people to be more excepting of others who are different from what they think is the norm. Diversity can give people life long friends that they never thought that they would have in life. College creates a more mature person that will, in the end, make a more excepting world. ( When people go to college, they end up meeting an expansive amount of people. Everyone knows the anonymous saying “It’s not what you know its who you know. ” This saying proves to be true.

According to Loyola Martyrdom University, “One’s ability to get hired or even secure an interview is critically dependent on the extent of one’s professional network and the ability of others to advocate for you” (careers. Alum. Du). With out going to college, one misses out on the opportunity to meet people who can get you in to you dream job. Going on to college also allows one to have more control of their life. This is because when One decides to receive a higher education, it is easier for one to do what they want with their life.

With the help of a degree, finding a job that you want when you know the right people becomes extremely simple. Although all of my preceding comments are true, some may argue that there are many downfalls of going to college. For example, in a graphic created by a woman named Jean Bragger, job possibilities for humanities majors is satirically made fun of. One can simply tell this by just looking at the title, which is “A Post-College Flow Chart (of Misery and Pain). ” In this picture, she states that there is not one good thing that can come out of immunity majors.

In fact, some of the ending possibilities that Bragger states that could happen include: cry, don’t get a job, and ha yeah right (292) Along with degrees being so called useless, in the second article I read, written by Catherine Rampage, Rampage points out the cold hard statistics of student debt. She states “college graduates are having trouble paying off student loan debt, which is at a median of $20,000, for graduates of classes 2006 to 2007” (294). This is a problem for people because even if a college graduate does end up getting a semi-good job, they do not have enough money to provide for themselves.

This becomes especially hard when you add a family into the picture. Overall, these people are trying to make the point that the negative effects of college such as debt and being jobless are enough of a reason to not go. In conclusion, the chance of being jobless and in debt should not be enough to scare people off of getting a college degree. If one works hard and gets in touch with the right people the chance of not getting a job right out Of college goes down dramatically. With out a college education the world would not be how it is today.


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