Island has a Federal System where a union of states under a central government distinct from that of the separate states. Regional government Regional government In a federal system this is the power relationship between my national and regional governments. Legislative branch: Politicians make the laws and the Carper Diem people elect them. They have to be a person from every born country. In a community Carper Diem people write a letter to the police In charge, he revised It and decide If he will discus It with the other politician. When a letter Is discussed for the politician.

They Invited the person who writes the letter to explain him or her why they should pass the letter as a law. The law is pass if it wins the majority of votes. The laws that denigrate another people or separate them in any way because one of my goals Is established a good community where everyone lives happily. Bureaucracy: Implement the laws. They have to go to the STRONGER school and pass every physical and mental test. Not everyone can be part of this organization. People with the best scores, one people from everyone country. Executive: My country has one leader.

The president is chosen from the majority votes of the Carper Diem people. People who want to become president present his goals to everyone by advertisement. He/she has charisma, do not matter the country he/she born. At least has to be 35 years old and must live in Carper Diem for at least 9 years. My country will have an army and the president lead the army. Ecuador will be my friend of my nation and North Korea will be my threat because they have a really different way of leading their country in contrast with my country. Alluding: People must follow the laws. There will be one court that decides everything in

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Carper Diem. The court will decide if a criminal is guilty or not. The criminal will have the right of a lawyer. They have the right to defend themselves. Policies: ere official languages in my country are English, Spanish and Chinese. I choose this language because those are the language that the majority speaks in Carper Diem Island. Domestic: Recycle is not a choice. Carper Diem people must recycle or they will paid a penalty. Economic: ere minimum that a person can earn from their work is 100$ Foreign: People who want to come to Carper Diem Island do not need a passport. Social:

Every people will respect each other property. In conclusion, This government is the best plan for the particular people who live in Carper Diem because they will have the right to be happy, they will have freedom to chose their representatives, they have the right to help choose laws, they will promote peace and a clean environment.


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