The Last Supper was a picture by Leonardo district attorney Vinci produced in late fifteenth century. Leonardo painted the picture on Santa Maria della Grazie convent wall in Milan. The work stayed around 1495 and commissioned as portion of a redevelopment program to the church and convent edifices by Ludovico Sforza. The picture depicts the scene of the Last Supper Jesus had with his adherents harmonizing to John13:21. Leonardo shows the alarm that happened among the 12 adherents when Jesus declared that one of the adherents would bewray him. Though Leonardo has painted many pictures. the Last Supper is his most popular one.

Leonardo developed the picture good to demo the Last Supper. He decided to capture the minute when Jesus told his adherents that one of them would bewray him. Leonardo has shown the reaction of the adherents after hearing the intelligence. Jesus’ message causes a seeable response in the signifier of moving ridges of emotion among the adherents. The apostles react otherwise to Jesus message with different grades of daze and choler. One of the adherents left the glass he was utilizing in its place and turned his caput towards Jesus.

Another adherent turned with austere foreheads to his friends while writhing his fingers. In add-on. another adherent spread his custodies open to picture the thenar. shrugged his shoulders up his ears surprised. Furthermore. another disciple radius to his neighbour ear and as the neighbour listen to him. The neighbour turned toward his fried to impart him an ear. Further another adherent placed his custodies on the tabular array and stared. The other blew his mouthful. Additionally. another adherent leaned frontward to see Jesus as he shaded his eyes with his manus. Another adherent drew back behind the adherent who leaned frontward. The adherent saw Jesus between the wall and the adherent tilting frontward ( Da Vinci 664-669 ) .

Leonardo has expressed the emotions of the head good. Apart from demoing the dramatic reaction. he has besides shown a sense of order. He besides arranged the adherents and Jesus good to convey the message to the viewing audiences. Harmonizing to the image. Jesus is at the centre and this makes Jesus the focal point. Besides. Jesus caput is the disappearing point where the lines of perspective projection of the architectural scene meet. The lighting and angles attract Jesus attending as Leonardo has situated the caput at the disappearing point for the position lines. The spectator can easy see each constituent of the pictures direct involvement to the center of the composing. Therefore. the proficient position is the best illustration of point position created ( Da Vinci 664-669 ) .

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The apostles have been arranged around Jesus in 4 groups of 3. The apostles are united by their gesture and position. Leonardo placed Judas at the opposite side of the tabular array to divide him separated from other adherents. However. Leonardo uses Judas shadow face to divide him from other adherents. Leonardo ensures Judas leans back into the shadow.

Most of the pictures have placed Judas individually from other adherents. and this makes his function of a cheat seem obvious. The spectator is able to place Judas and understand his function. On the other manus. Leonard has non separated Jesus from other adherents to avoid doing his function obvious. This has made the Last Supper a chef-d’oeuvre. The inclusion of Judas in the group forces the viewing audiences to look through the picture and each character. This enhances the impression that every adherent questioned himself when Jesus announced that one of the adherents would bewray him ( Da Vinci 664-669 ) .

In add-on. Leonardo has managed to demo human emotions in the picture. Though painters have painted many pictures on the Last Supper before. the painter has non shown human emotions in their pictures. The adherents do non picture human emotions. However. Leonardo painted the picture good to guarantee the adherents act like existent people. The adherents show emotions identified with human existences ( Da Vinci 664-669 ) .

Leonard used a different method alternatively of the convectional fresco method because of assorted grounds. Leonard used another method because the fresco method required the painter to finish the picture rapidly. Besides. the painter worked continuously. However. Leonard did non desire to finish the picture rapidly or work continuously.

Leonardo wanted to take his clip and accomplish his dreams without limitation of clip. He painted the picture on a dry wall alternatively of wet plaster. Many people have criticized Leonardo method because the picture started to deteriorated few old ages after completion. Leonardo’s pictures are dateless and long-run. but the Last Supper is non. The picture began to bit off during the sixteenth century. The picture has been renovated several times to conserve it. Though many people have criticized him for the hapless method. the Last Supper will stay as one of the best chef-d’oeuvres ( Da Vinci 664-669 ) .


Da Vinci. L. The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci. Complete. Library of Alexandria. P664-69


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