Rachel spent her day in the office very effectively, optimizing the time to complete her tasks. She came early in the office to utilize the time for the activities like reviewing and responding the phone messages, e-mails and notes. Before the meeting start at 09:00 am, she manages the time to have discussion with boss about project and prepare the meeting. In progress review meeting, she discuses the surface level issues and assigned actions in Just 45 minutes. She played her problem solving role y helping Victoria.

In status report meeting, her Leader ship and Problem solving role was required. She led her troops and tries to eliminate the dissatisfaction because of the requests of the out of scope features from the client. At every stage her communication was at par. She checked her mail box quite often all the day so she can respond to the matters which need immediate attention, talk the client side about issue and talk to her own people as effective managers are those who spent 4% of their resources to the communication.

In the Lunch break she took time to general politics which is the essential part of the contemporary management. She managed the time in the day to relax a little as Charles Barley says ” the main thing to do is relax and let your talent do the work”. She talked to purchase agent and in just 30 she manage to explore the ways of getting necessary equipment.

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A PROJECT MANAGER A project manger is the person who perform all managerial functions in the context f the project (series of activities, one goal, limited time and unique in the nature) As Rachel use effective time in activities which involves the functions like: Leading Communicating Problem Solving Influencing the Organization A project Manager uses the tools, techniques and methods to project activities. She direct her troops in the meeting the start of the day and align them when they facing issue regarding client’s requests. She her communication very effectively.


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