Harmonizing to Trevor and Karen ( 1999 ) “ A web site is a aggregation of pages linked together but holding one sphere ” The first page of a web site is called ‘Homepage ‘ . The place page contains all the necessary links which need to be provided. From that page you can travel to the others pages that are known as ‘Sub Page ‘ . The sub page is linked to the home page. The web site is operated and managed by company, organisation and single.

2.1 Destination Website: –

Harmonizing to Peterson ( 2003 ) “ A finish web site is prepared by the functionary like tourism/tourist board of the state to allow the visitants know the attractive forces, installations, services and many about the finish. This board is responsible to selling and advancing the finish ” It is really of import to state the visitants about finish that is promoted. Because the visitants spend their clip and money. The finish website provides all types of information that are valuable for the visitants. The visitants they can be after their visit and happen out all types of information related to visa information, on-line reserve and booking system of ticket and air tickets every bit good. The Destination web site provides all the information like attractive forces and services, adjustment installations, conveyance connexion, civilization and heritage and many more.

“ Many organisations ( Tourist Boards, Tour Operators ) provide information for anyone who wishes to see a finish in the universe. It is ever deserving retrieving that the primary aim of selling and publicity sections is to pull tourer who are able to pass money on their merchandise or their finish ” ( Blackman and Stewart, 2005 )

2.2 Destination Website Evaluation: –

Harmonizing to Dwyer and Forsyth ( 2006 ) “ Evaluation of finish web site is critical in maximize effectivity of electronic selling. Website rating in resort puting utilizing website handiness, pilotage, ocular attraction and information ” To cognize about the finish web site, Is it working good or non? The good web site should necessitate to run into the client ‘s demands. The rating helps to screen out the jobs and issues that can be improved. In this manner, the finish web site can win the visitant ‘s outlooks.

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2.3 Design: –

The good design of website allows pulling visitants. Harmonizing to Reynolds ( 2004 ) the design is really of import to offer your clients with easy entree. The positive first feeling is really of import. “ Research workers are to organize a favourable first feeling towards the web page ” ( Siqala, Mish and Murphy, 2007 ) . The website design must be really clear for visitants so that they can understand all the information easy. The links provide relevant to the sound and picture constituents should be really easy to utilize and the qualities should be really good. Effective usage of colour is indispensable as a promotional tool. Bright colourss evidently create immediate impact on the oculus and attract clients ( Blackman and Stewart, 2005 ) . The pick of colour usage in the web site should be good because some colour is really painful for the visitants.

.2.4 Content: –

The contents of the web site have valuable information for all the visitants and they can happen their relevant information easy and rapidly and that is the positive facet of any web site to hold a good aggregation of contents ( Iyer and Bejou, 2004 ) . The size of the text should be clear for the visitants. It is really of import to supply multi linguistic communication option Different people from different cultural background use the web site It is really of import to maintain web site content up to day of the month to run into client ‘s demands. In this manner, you can supply good client ‘s service and could keep long term client satisfaction. Good content ever attracts the client.

2.5 Serviceability: –

Serviceability is excellence characteristic of any modern web site. The web site must be really friendly and easy to utilize for the users. Harmonizing to Potts ( 2007 ) “ Website is a like a town, the pilotage is the roadmap for happening your manner around the community. ” Navigation must be presented on home page and must be same pilotage emerges on internal page. It is really of import to allow the visitants know where they can travel? What can they make?

2.6 Interactivity: –

Harmonizing to Johnson ( 2008 ) “ Interactivity – giving the populace an chance to supply feedback, reach the campaigner straight, pose inquiry and remarks, and take part in poles and studies ” .

3. Methodology: –

This research is based on primary and secondary research to accomplish consequences.

3.1 Research: –

The research consists of logical analysis of facts and figures. The chief ground of research is to add more enlargement of cognition. ( Knapp, 1998 )

Mcnabb ( 2004 ) “ Research means collection, processing and interpretation informations ”

3.2 Qualitative Research: –

Harmonizing Maxwell ( 2005 ) “ Qualitative research thrusts from its chiefly for its inductive attack, if focal point is a specific status or people and its accent on word instead than the figure ” ( Holloway and Wheeler, 2010, pp: 3 ) research worker usage qualitative attacks to happen out the attitude, ideas and experiences of people that exist in their lives.

3.3 Quantitative Research: –

Saunders et La ( 2007 ) “ Quantitative research involves informations that are numerical. It appears in a natural signifier, that is, before informations is being processed and analyzed. However these informations need to be processed to do them utile ” These analyses based on graphs, charts and statistics and these are really helpful to depict and analyse the information.

3.4 Primary Datas: –

To roll up the primary informations, we do study ( Questionnaire ) that is conducted by research worker. Primary informations provides exact response from participants who meet different types of things. It provides farther apprehension of the status. ( Saunders, Lewis, & A ; Thronhill, 2003 )

3.5 Secondary Datas: –

The informations that already in being ( Bohdanowicz and Clamp, 1994 ) We use internet, books, magazines, diaries and other beginning of information for secondary research. This is really easy manner to roll up informations. Harmonizing to Boslaugh ( 2007 ) “ The difference between primary and secondary informations based on the relationship among the individual or research worker who collected informations and individual who is look intoing ”

It is indispensable to cognize which beginning to choose to develop research accomplishment and besides to acknowledge that the beginnings must be precise, valid and supply a suited sum of item. Knowing which beginnings to take allows efficient information assemblage that will salvage clip. For this assignment, the writer has chosen the Dubai as a finish. He has chosen the Dubai ‘s official web site of touristry. That is www.dubaitourism.ae. He has done study related to website ‘s rating. “ Survey is a pliable tool and this research merely lends itself to the probe of a wide scope subject necessitating different types of informations ” ( Kiecolt and Nathan, 1985 ) . He designed a questionnaire that is based upon secondary informations. He sent this questionnaire to 45 people. He received different types of feedback from the participants. This questionnaire is attached in the appendix.

4. Analysis and consequences: –

In this chapter, the results of the study will be presented. They are supported by graphical charts of constituents that were taken into consideration. The first portion of the analysis gives an overview about the persons who participated in the study and will expose the different age groups, the varied cyberspace experience and how frequently campaigners go on vacations. This will be followed by the most of import web site measuring constituents that are the design, content, serviceability and interactivity.

4.1 Age groups: –

There are 30 participants in this study. This graphical representation describes that the first largest age group is from 26 to 35. The 13 ( 13 ) participants of this group want to see to Dubai. The 2nd largest age group includes from 18 to 25 old ages. So those ( 26-35, 18-25 ) are the best targeted market age groups in touristry industry. There are 5 campaigners from 36 to 50. Merely 3 take parting campaigners are 50 and more than 50. That shows a good combination of participants from different age groups. Those age groups have different sentiments and outlooks related to finish ‘s web site. The finish web site should supply adequate information for the peculiarly age group ( 50-above ) .

4.2 Wish to see Dubai: –

When the writer asked to participants “ Would you like to see Dubai? ” 62 % of them said ‘Yes ‘ and 38 % said ‘No ‘ . The consequence is really good.

4.2 Design of the web site: –

The given diagram shows the design of the web site. Most of the take parting campaigners search out that the first feeling is really first-class ; the 80 % participants are agrees, it means that the first feeling of finish web site is positive. Harmonizing to Inkpen ( 1998 ) a home page needs to attractive and must supply links to other parts of the site and to other related site. The web site is really attractive and colourful. The visitants appreciated the web site ‘s colour and its attraction. “ Effective usage of colour is indispensable as a promotional tool. Bright colourss evidently create immediate impact on the oculus and attract clients ” ( Blackman and Stewart, 2005 ) . The quality of images is non really bad, most of the participants are agreed but some of them say that the images used in that web site are non attractive ; it does n’t give the clear thought of finish.

The web site has audio and video constituents. The visitants appreciated the sound quality of audio and good artworks of video constituents. Remarks expose that most of the picture constituents take excessively much clip to downloading. Design is a critical facet of any web site ; and design is non merely about information content ( Inkpen, 1998 ) . Harmonizing to the study the design of finish web site can be evaluated really healthy. The finish web site has good remarks about the design.

4.3 Content of the web site: –

In this study, I tried to happen out all these things ;

Facilities of Hotels and Restaurants

Visa Information

Sightsing attractive forces

Museums and Humanistic disciplines galleries

Upcoming Events

Ski Dubai ( Indoor ski park )

Dubai Shopping Festival

The probe describes that the website gives accurate information. The contents are relevant to the finish promoted. Everyone can happen all the information easy. The bulk of take parting campaigners are holding. That information is really accurate and apprehensible. All those information are up to day of the month. Majority of participants are agreed but some of them say that the information is non up-to-date. The intent of this is to affect the visitants in the show and so encourage concern every bit good. It is really indispensable for finish web site that the information should be up-o-date on regularly footing. Overall consequences are really good and this is good symbol of www.dubaitourism.ae

The web site has different types of linguistic communication for different types of visitants. Majority of them are holding. Website has different types of information like athleticss, shopping promenades, landmarks, Parkss, menagerie, sightseeing attractive forces and many more, and truly gives the needed information and attracts the visitants to see Dubai. Overall consequences of the contents of the web site are first-class. The web site has merely a few bad consequences but they can better them.

Does the finish website attract you?

When the writer asked “ Does the finish website attract you? ” Most of the participants are agreed. Some of them are non agreed. 70 % campaigners said ‘Yes ‘ and 30 % said ‘No ‘ . A few participants said that the information that provided in web site are non plenty. The web site does non state more about attractive forces. “ Attractions have the ability to pull people to the finish and they are frequently the chief motive of travel ” ( Blackman and Stewart, 2005 ) . The finish web site should supply more information about the attractive forces.

4.4 Serviceability of the web site: –

The tabular array demonstrates that the downloading clip for the gap web page is non really good. More than 50 % users are differing and less than 50 % are holding. The participants said they wanted to watch the picture links that is available in web site, when they clicked on that picture cartridge holders, it took excessively much clip to download. They are non happy with that. The web site has more travelling classs that allows the users to happen out more about touristry information. They can acquire all types of information related to visa, attractive forces, services, transport links, beaches, on-line reserve and engagement of ticket and hotels easy from those classs. Quality of pilotage ‘ consequences are 50-50. Ten participants out of 30 are strongly disagreed about the first-class pilotage system. “ Website is a like a town, the pilotage is the roadmap for happening your manner around the community ” Potts ( 2007 ) . The pilotage of the web site has both positive and negative remarks. Navigation Harmonizing to Norin ( 2002 ) a web site that is user-friendly and easy to voyage becomes popular among the visitants. That can take to urging the web site to household and friends. Serviceability should be improved for visitants.

4.5 Interactivity of the web site: –

This diagram shows that the website provides good e-complaint process, 11 campaigners are strongly agree and 7 campaigners are agree, it means that website responses are so fast related to electronic ailments. The web site has good hunt options, some participants are strongly agree and most of them are agree. Some of them are differing. Search engines are critical tool in the finish web site. Harmonizing to Inkpen ( 1998 ) companies with established web site and engagement engines are in place to set about some extremely productive selling activities that have non been practical with older engineerings. That shows that web site is offering more inquisitory options to acquire more information about other things.

The web site provides a different linguistic communication option that is really of import. The website hits different types of tourers so it s really of import to provides information in different linguistic communications. When writer asked about the responses of the web site, more than 50 % of them are differing about web site ‘s responses. It means that the responses are really hapless. 52 % participants are disagreed about speedy response.

The writer got in touch personally ; he did n’t acquire the response instantly. He got the response after three yearss. He once more sent some question related to finish to response squad. Within 24 hr, the response squad answered that is good.

The consequences show that the analysis of interactivity is good apart from web site ‘s responses. The web site should better their response every bit much as they can.


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