A frightening experience on Saturday It was Saturday night last week. My father, my younger brother and I planned to stay awake that night. Sitting happily together on a sofa in the living room, we were very excited as we watched a football final live which had started since 10. 00 p. M that night. It was a match between Manchester United and one of our favorite football teams, Chelsea. We had been waiting for the match of these two great teams for a very long time.

At times, we screamed at the top of our lungs when our favorite layer, Frank Lombard was attempting to shoot a goal. Suddenly, while we were watching the match, we heard loud wails. At first, we thought that it was most probably the sound of football fans cheering up on the television. Perhaps someone else was also watching the football finals and was screaming like us, too. However, as the wails grew louder, we realized that it was not something from the television. It was a real scream of panic and fear which were coming from outside.

I felt a sudden need to see what was happening there. So, we ran towards the window and peeped through the window pane. There was a commotion outside. Surprisingly, we saw that there was a big fire that broke into Mr.. Ramie’s house, which is Just the opposite to our house. When we noticed the fire, I immediately called the firemen while my father ran downstairs to help. Panic-stricken, people staying close to the house were running away helter shelter to save themselves. Soon, many people gathered to help, too.

The children were filling p the buckets with water from the nearest water pipe while the men were carrying the buckets full of water to douse the house that was on fire. The mother of the children, Mr.. Ramie’s wife, was watching while cradling a baby in her arms. Mr.. Ramie’s family members and neighbors, including us, helped each other cooperatively to put out the fire. I was gasping for breath, tired of carrying the buckets full of water. I felt horrible watching the fire spread and destroyed almost everything in the house.

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Mr.. Ramie’s wife and children were crying sadly. It was devastating to see such a scene. Suddenly, we heard a loud sound of fire engines that broke the commotion. I felt relieved when I saw a fire truck coming for help. After the firemen had arrived, they were ready to put out the fire. They raced to fight the blaze and worked efficiently. Some of them were helping to rescue our neighbors who needed help while the others were shooting a stream of water towards the fire by using a fire hose.

Finally, the fire had been extinguished totally. A few neighbors were slightly injured. Many parts of Mr.. Ramie’s house were destroyed but it was good enough to know that everyone was safe that day. Mr.. Airmail thanked the firemen and all of us for our kind help. It was the most frightening experience ever but I felt glad that everyone was sate in the end. As the saying goes, the darkest nor is that bettor the dawn. ‘Things seemed worst and hopeless right before the firemen came for the rescue.


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