Urbanization refers to the development of metropoliss and towns in a peculiar country. Urban formation is a uninterrupted procedure which is necessitated by the growing of population and enlargement of trade. Different theories have been formulated to explicate the beginning and development of urban centres. These theories include the hydraulic theories. economic theories. the military theories. the spiritual theories among others. For any urban centre to develop. there are different conditions which have to be met which includes population. engineering. environment and societal organisation ( Pacione. 2005 ) .

For effectual civilisation to take topographic point. planning is indispensable and a critical constituent in guaranting growing and development of urban centres in an country. Preconditions of urban development and theories of urban beginning in relation to growing and development of urban metropoliss Before an urban centre could be developed. there must be a certain size of population for good shacking in that country. The size of the urban centre is besides influenced by the environment environing that peculiar topographic point. This includes the topography. the climatic conditions and natural resources available in an country.

The environment should be able to back up the population in that country. Technology and societal organisation are other stipulations to urban development. These two conditions set the bounds of population growing in the hereafter. The societal organisation demand includes organisational constructions like substructure. leading. political relations and economic substructures. For an country to be considered tantrum for an urban centre development. engineering employed must be equal to guarantee that the demands of the population are to the full met ( Pacione. 2005 ) .

Different theories were formulated to explicate the outgrowth of urban centres. Hydraulic theory stated that the presence of H2O for irrigation intents led to development of some of the urban centres. As agricultural revolution was taking topographic point. there was demand to pull off big scale H2O for irrigation. This direction required centralised organisation. division of labour and coordination therefore the outgrowth of urban centres like was the instance of Mesopotamia ( Pacione. 2005 ) .

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Agribusiness in Mesopotamia necessitated preparation of a cardinal signifier of administration to guarantee that the big graduated table H2O which was being used for irrigation was productively used and engineering was being updated. This led to urbanisation in Mesopotamia. Military theoreticians argue that the demand for a centralised protection from external menace and besides the initial agglomeration led to urban enlargement. Economic theory is besides another theory which has been formulated to explicate the beginning of urban centres.

Massive trading necessitated for a common meeting topographic point to be established which led to the outgrowth of urban countries. Religious theory explicating the beginning of urban countries argues that the faith had good and developed constructions of power which were governed by spiritual elites. Religious was critical in civilisations and therefore urban formation. Being of spiritual topographic points like temples in most urban countries serves as grounds of spiritual part to urban growing and development ( Pacione. 2005 ) . Decision

Urbanization is made possible by the coming together of people with a common demand which requires a cardinal and organized signifier of disposal. Peoples populating in a peculiar location have different demands which necessitate interaction and exchange of goods every bit good as thoughts. This therefore leads to the development of an urban centre. Increased demands as population additions and technological promotion demands better disposal and division of labour in the urban centres taking to their enlargement and growing.


Pacione. M. ( 2005 ) : Urban Geography: A Global Perspective. ISBN 0415343062 Published by Routledge


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