*Re-read the Story “A Good Man is Difficult to Find” by Flannery O’Connor. following the “Re-Reading Fiction Suggestions” above. Answer the undermentioned inquiries:

Are there any inside informations that were freshly recognized during this reading or that you notice tie in with earlier 1s? I gained a better visual of the auto the household was siting in while re-reading the narrative. I didn’t understand they were in a auto. I had visualized the household siting in a station waggon. I besides became cognizant of the fact that at the terminal of the narrative The Misfit picks up the cat after it had been thrown from the auto and the grandma had been killed.

If apparent. what significance does the rubric clasp. and in what possible ways is it lined to the actions and the characters? The mention of a good adult male was seen throughout the full narrative. I believe in comparing there is symbolism between the thought of a good adult male like Red Sammy versus a character like The Misfit is a direct representation of Good and Evil.

Are there any words that are unfamiliar. and how does cognizing what they mean make a difference in re-reading the narrative? Valise ( bag ) . Sachet ( bag ) . Ambling ( saunter: to walk at leisure ) . Knowing the definition of these footings allowed me to better understand the visual aspect of the grandma and the puting interior of the auto.

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What is striking about the first sentence and the first paragraph of the narrative? Besides. what is striking about the last paragraph and the last sentence of the narrative? The first sentence was allows the reader to cognize what the grandmother’s tone was. The first paragraph introduced the grandma & A ; her boy. I was non really certain of the significance of the last sentence but I took it as The Misfit stating that killing is non gratifying. I found that as a contradiction to what he said about the bible stating there is merely being good or being evil.

Are there any details/parts of the narrative that do non look needed or look undistinguished? What do you believe might be the intent for these undistinguished parts? I did non understand the necessity in the grandma desiring to maintain path of the auto milage. It made no sense to me at all and wouldn’t have affected how I read or re-read the narrative.

*Listen to the Audio Recording “Flannery O’Connor Reads ‘A Good Man is Difficult to Find’” ( 1959 ) . Then. reply the undermentioned inquiries:

How does cognize more about Flannery O’ Conner’s life and work. peculiarly her earlier artistic enterprises from the NPR Portrait. inform your reading of the narrative? From reading about her life it seemed similar Flannery O’Conner ever used misanthropic wit in her sketchs and narratives. She seemed to be an emotionally “dark” individual. Knowing this before I read the narrative might hold helped me lower my outlooks for a happy stoping.

How did you happen the experience of listening to Flannery O’Conner reading her narrative aloud to a unrecorded audience? Did you expect the audience to respond when and as they did. and did you portion their reaction as you followed along? Did you derive any new penetrations about the narrative. and any of its elements or inside informations. from listening to the O’Conner’s unwritten presentation of it in the recording?

I felt that by listening to Flannery O’Conner read this narrative aloud I was able to go more emotionally attached to this narrative. The wit was really apparent in the reading but did non convey out a verbal response from me. I did happen myself express joying aloud one time or twice when I was listening to the reading. I found the one item that I had non noticed in the old reading was that The Misfit kept the cat at the terminal of the narrative.

p. 430 Answers

How early in the narrative does O’Conner bode what will go on in the terminal?
I believe the first case of prefiguration of traversing waies was presented in multiple paragraphs. However the first case was presented in the first paragraph.

What farther intimations does she give us along the manner?
It mentions The Misfit and that he was headed to Florida. In the 5th and 6th paragraphs every bit good. prefiguration is touched on when John Wesley was asked what he would make if caught by The Misfit.

There are besides cases that intimation about the household acquiring into an accident. In paragraph 10 the writer wrote that the grandma dressed as a lady in instance they were in an accident so that others would cognize she was a lady ( which in truth became fact because The Misfit noted her as a lady because of her vesture ) .

I believe that decease was pointed out in the 8th paragraph in a more symbolic. The grandma feared the decease of the cat and it was because of the cat that the full household ( with exclusion of the cat ) wound up deceasing in the terminal.

How does the scene at Red Sammy’s BBQ advance the narrative toward its decision?
Personally I don’t believe it does at all. I feel like it was unneeded.

When we foremost meet the grandma. what sort of individual is she?
From my reading I came to the decision the grandma was really selfish.

What do her assorted comments reveal about her?
It seems like she ever spoke up when she wanted to acquire her ain manner.

Does she stay a inactive character. or does she alter in any manner as the narrative goes on?
I think she remains a inactive character throughout the full narrative. She starts out as a selfish character that is out to acquire what she wants and in the terminal ( although for a minute you see her as a offended parent ) she still is stating whatever she can to salvage herself.

When the grandmother’s caput clears for an blink of an eye. what does she all of a sudden understand? She understands that she has made a immense error. The plantation she had been speaking about was in a wholly different province and alternatively of talking up and stating her boy she kept the idea to herself because she didn’t want to be held responsible for her error.

What do we larn from the conversation between The Misfit and the grandma while the others go out to the forests? You learn about The Misfit’s household history. his belief in Jesus and you learn that The Misfit believe that no affair the bad title you finally bury about what you did.

How would you depict The Misfit’s mentality on the universe?
He has a really black and white position. In the narrative The Misfit says. “ If He did what He said. so it’s nil for you to make but thow away everything and follow Him. and if He didn’t. so it’s nil for you to make but bask the few proceedingss you got left the best beastliness to him. No pleasance but meanness” . I read that as his belief that by the Bible you either did precisely what it said to make or you acted as an Anarchist.

Compare it with the author’s. from whatever you know about Flannery O’Connor and the narrative itself. I believe Flannery O’Connor may hold had a darker position on life but non one every bit evil as the Misfit.

How would you react to a reader who complained. “The rubric of the narrative is merely an obvious platitude” ?
I would state that that decision could merely be reached after reading the narrative. When you look at the rubric there are excessively many paths that the narrative could hold taken to do it an obvious statement about the contents of the narrative.


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