When are people responsible for their actions? Harmonizing to Simon Blackburn’s theory of “Soft Determinism” people are responsible for their actions every bit long as true and available information is possessed. Blackburn’s short narrative revises the compatibilist definition several times. The revised revised definition reads as follows: The topic acted freely if she could hold done otherwise in the right sense. This means that she would hold done otherwise if she had chosen otherwise and. under the impact of other true and available ideas or considerations. she would hold chosen otherwise. True and available ideas and considerations are those that represent her state of affairs accurately. and are 1s that she could moderately be expected to hold taken history ; . . . ( Blackburn 150 ) This definition on compatabibilism provinces that one time one is cognizant of all of the true and available information they are responsible for their picks.

Using Blackburn’s theory of compatabilism and comparing it to the characters in Flannery O’Conner’s short narrative “A Good adult male is difficult to find” one notices that one can ne’er state what their picks may convey. Blackburn writes about the most pathetic human determinations and relishes the picks that are made. Blackburn would wish the grandma in the O’Conner narrative and her demeanour. For case he would hold liked how the Grandmother manipulates the undermentioned state of affairss. When she comments to her boy Bailey that she would non take her ain kids to a province that an at large inmate ( the misfit ) was headed for on holiday. She changes the trip to accommodate her demands by pull stringsing her boy. and she decides to in secret take her cat. The grandma should hold thought about the effects and taken into consideration the fact that the cat could acquire dainty in the auto. Besides after the accident. that is caused by the loose cat in the auto. jumping on her boy Bailey’s cervix. The misfit stops with his confederates to assist the household that is stranded off the side of the route.

While the misfit is measuring the state of affairs. the grandma blurts out “You’re the Misfit! I recognized you at once” ( O’Conner 1208 ) . She should hold considered what would go on before she spoke. This may hold saved her household from what was approximately to go on. The grandma so tries to retrieve her error be stating “I know you’re a good adult male. You don’t look a spot like you have common blood. I know you must come from nice people. ” ( O’Conner 1208 ) . By this clip the grandma is despairing. she seems to be stating these things merely to gull herself. and her household is assassinated one by one. Harmonizing to the revised revised definition the grandma could hold made a different pick with the true and available information that is provided to her by the misfit. A different pick may hold led to a different result. Although she was non responsible for the slaying of her household. her picks are the ground the household was on that peculiar route at that peculiar clip.

On the other manus Bailey knew his female parent is pushful and manipulative. Bailey gives into his female parent and his kids by professing to halt at the plantation at his mother’s petition stating “All right. but acquire this. This is the lone clip we are traveling to halt for anything like this. This is the 1 and merely time” ( O’Conner 1206 ) . Bailey had the pick. he evidently didn’t want to take the roundabout way. yet he complied with the aid of his mother’s use. Harmonizing to Blackburn’s theory. Bailey is responsible one time he has true and available information. Blackburn response to Bailey might be that because he had true and available information about his female parent that he should hold made different determinations ; particularly since he was the one drive. you can’t acquire more control than that. Once the Misfit and his confederates decide to slay the household. Bailey is cognizant of what is traveling to go on and he says” Listen we’re in a awful quandary! Cipher realizes what this is” ( O’Conner 1209 ) .

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Although there is no right or incorrect determination there are good and nonbeneficial determinations. Bailey chose to make nil. that determination was nonbeneficial to his whole household. Bailey could hold chosen otherwise in every measure along the manner. The ideas and consideration differ from individual to individual as bash motivations. Bailey wanted to take his household on a holiday. The grandma wants to see her friends in a different province. Who is to state who was right and incorrect. it is more about the determinations one makes that form who they are. Bailey is an angry pushover and the grandma is manipulative and collusive towards her boy and his household. I’m certain if the grandma knew she would run into the Misfit. she wouldn’t have asked the household to take that path. Similarly Bailey would non hold gone down that route at his mother’s petition if he any intimation of the coming events. The point is our determinations are our duty. These determinations help to do Blackburn’s point that people can do different picks with all of the true and available information.

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