College life Is a balancing act filled with challenges. Cause and effects. And consequences. For example, a person wanting to malting a high grade point average, will find out the courses he or she has. Find out when the exams are, and write them on the colander, so they will clearly be able to tell when the tests dates are. On the other hand If you are going to school to have fun this is not something seen on your dorm wall, nor Is It even taken Into consideration.

A good student will show up to class on time, take lecture notes, possibly recording them, and not miss class. A student having fun will be too busy talking to the person next to them to care about what is going on, or will be too busy spreading the word about the latest drinking party that Is going to take place. Highlighting notes in the college text book, and preparing for a good night’s sleep. Going to school for fun means staying up all night partying till dawn, and being one of the last to leave the party.

While having fun on a school night may be a great idea, the consequences will come back to bite a person in the butt if they are not careful. Exhaustion will creep into one’s mind, causing them to oversleep and miss class. The good student will see that a test will be in one week and prepare to study each night for the exam on top of other homework. The carefree, fun student will wait until the night before the exam to study, hope they have all the notes and “cram” for the exam, which usually winds up to be a disaster.

The good student wanting to learn in college will realize that the rewards of hard studying pay off. They will have a high grade point average, putting them on the Dean’s List, getting a good Job, and showing themselves that they are capable of accomplishing their dreams. The carefree, fun student will see that college is about showing up to the best party, making sure the perfect outfit is on, and not wanting to care about grade point average. The care free student would call these people “nerds, losers, or even geeks”

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