Though at first, there were manifestations of each Individuality and ostentatious show of their positions. The not-so-affirmative qualities were leveled-off later by cool-headed members. I personally expect such behaviors because given that each one of us came from different high-flying backgrounds and each wanted to contribute, conflicts ND disagreements were likely to occur. But I firmly believed that yes, anyone can be a LEADER, but will you be a leader with following? While leaders Influence people, Its not just about influence but more of having the right attitude.

As John Wooden said that True Leaders are more concerned with character rather than reputation or status in life. So same should goes and applies to us, scholars, being trained as transformation leaders and masters of change. During the actual presentation of the Team Strategic Plan and Action Plans, I 1 OFF themselves. We contributed our time (staying until 3:00 AM) , talents (brainstorming, encoding, paraphernalia preparation, etc. ) and treasures (contribution for tarpaulin printing, etc. ) The positive reactions of the panelist – Ma’am India, Ma’am Nanette and Ms.

Sherry more than compensated for the hard labor, ‘balkanization’ and sleepless nights. The inputs and the training given by Proof. Loris during the lectures and his ‘side comments’ paved the way to have an exceptional performance of the group. That’s the one I’m speaking earlier that all of us set the bar and that Nee have to break or equal that same standard the next time. Outstanding performance happens when there is team work, contributions of efferent brilliant ideas and looking forward to the one and the same objective.

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These qualities were all exhibited by each member of the Batch Gila. As a conclusion, l, as a member of the Batch Gila, will strive more to gel the group, come out with more brilliant and innovative ways of doing and performing things and resolve further that I will be a good role model in exemplifying the qualities of Gila – has vision, tenacious, fearless, high flyers (high performer), possesses vitality and nurtures their young! These same qualities I will be sharing Nee I go back to my office – the Passing River Rehabilitation Commission!


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