My friend and frequent contributor to TGR, Steve Tompkins died of a heart  attack on March 23rd. News of his passing spread like a wildfire across the  internet over the weekend, shocking and saddening his many friends and fans.  Tributes began popping up on various Howard and fantasy websites and show no  signs of slowing down.

Over the years Steve had written many defining essays on Howard and his  writing.  His work appeared in number of publications including The  Cimmerian, The Dark Man, The Robert E. Howard Companion, The  Chronicler of Cross Plains, TGR, two Del Rey books, Kull, Exile of Atlantis and Grim Lands: The Best of  Robert E. Howard, Volume II, and The Barbaric Triumph.  He also edited the  Bison book titled The Black Stranger and Other American Tales.

While Steve had contributed thousands upon thousands of words to Howard and  fantasy scholarship, at the age of 48 he was just scratching the surface of what  he was capable of contributing in years left un-lived. His keyboard and voice and are now silent, but his many essays and blog postings will live on as long as there are eager Howard fans out there willing to expand their knowledge and join Steve in crossing over horizons yet undreamed.

Here is his Obituary:

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Steven Bray Tompkins   
Steven Bray Tompkins passed away suddenly on Monday, (March 23, 2009) at the Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. He leaves his parents, Gerald and Mary Tompkins of West Hartford, CT; a brother David of Marfa, TX; and twin brothers, Jeffrey of Brooklyn, NY and Mark of Los Angeles, CA. Steven was a 1978 graduate of Hall High School and a 1982 graduate of Columbia University. He had been employed by Bank of New York/Mellon Bank in Manhattan. An avid reader, he was fluent in German and published widely online and in print on American genre fiction. Graveside Services at Fairview Cemetery in West Hartford will be held at the convenience of the family.

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Read “Black Stranger, White Wolflord or, Not Out of the Woods Yet” by Steve
(from REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #12).


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