As a care worker you could potentially work with a variety of different clients in many different settings. Before you take a service user out you need to plan ahead to be sue that you are not likely to endanger them. This may involve visiting the environment beforehand to familiarise yourself with any actual or potential hazards.

Check list for a school trip to the farm. Age group 9 years old

1. To ensure safety and security did any staff go to the farm before the actual day of the trip to do a risk assessment?

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No, we planed just to go the same day because we didn’t see the point of going days before to see the place since it just a farm and no danger can be found there.

2. Was the buses you travelled in big enough for the children?

No, because we did the error or juts booking one bus, so some teachers had to take some kids on the school mini buses.

3. Was the trip suitable for all children?

Yes, children’s with health problem would extremely be supervised during certain activities.

4. Was there a form that was send to the parents to inform them what their kids will be doing while visiting the place?

No, no yet anyway we plan on sending them out to the parents a few days before the trip.

5. How many staff went to the trip with you?

We haven’t decided yet because we don’t the amount of kids that are coming that day.

6. What was the payment schedule?

Parents can pay the day of the trip.

7. Did the staff sat down and discussed who is taking who during the trip?

No, we just decided that we will figure it out once we get there.

8. What kinds of clothes wear is more appropriate for this visit?

It is preferable for parents to dress their children’s in raincoats and willies.

9. Did the staff take the children’s to go see and touch the farm animals, if yes is the premises safe?

Yes the staff took the children’s to go see and touch the animals but the premises were not that good because it was all mood, which caused some children to fall.

10. Were the places provide for the children’s lunch was safe e.g. no wobbling tables or chairs, the right size of chair I order for the children’s to climb up and down without injuring themselves.

Yes, staffs were ordered to check the equipments before letting the children’s to seat down.

11. Was there any stairs that could have lead to make children’s climb?

Yes, there are stairs but they are disfigured and could have being missed easily.

12. How close did the staffs allowed the kids near the animals?

The staffs left the kids play with the animals, there was no limit as to how far they were suppose to go.

12. What king of hygiene did the kids take after touching the animals and after leaving the farm?

We didn’t forcing any children to take any kind of hygiene before and after, they only did it, if they wanted it.

13. Were the activities that the children’s took part in safe?

Yes all activities were secured, there were members of staff from the farm that were there to make sure that when kids take part in an activity nothing happens to them.

14. Where was the farms machines and could the children’s get near them?

All the farms machine were in a garage so yeah the children could go near them and touch them.

15. Was there any first aid office to take the kids if something had happened to them?

Yes there was a first aid office near the entrance available to take the kids encase an injury occurred.

M2- In this task I will assess the risk associated with the use of the chosen local environment and make recommendations for change.

In the survey that was done about the trip to the farm, there were loads of hazards that could have hurt the children’s, in order to prevent this I would write a recommendation to the school in order to show them how they could improve their survey.

Firstly I would like to recommend them about the way the have not visited the place before taking the kids there, this a very dangerous thing to do because they need to see what the place is like and if there is any danger that could affect the children’s, this should not be ignored just because they are taking them to a farm. You never know where you can find danger and it’s better to always be prepared. The fact that they are visiting a farm doesn’t reduce the amounts of dangers that can be found, example some farm don’t have to right closures to keep the animals inside, or the closure that their animals are in is not solid enough and can fall at any moment. So when they visit the farm they can see this and then they will decide if they really want to come to this farm considering the dangers it has in it.

Also always send form to parents three to two weeks before the trip to inform parents about it, this would give enough time to parents to read and see what the trip is about and also inform them about the health and safety that would be provided. Is always better to that because then parents can’t come and complain about short notice events and if they don’t want their kids to attend due to medical reason then staff will know this early enough and they can begin to make programmes involving the right amount of kids. Also tell them about what their kids would be doing during that trip and what amount of money is required in order to make this trip happen. So when the children’s can go to the souvenir shop and buy gifts for themselves to take home, and also by telling the parents what their kids will be doing during the trips will please them, because their are being involve. Also this would give enough time to the staff to organise the trip to a complete perfection by booking buses, ordering food for those who have free school meals and etc…

Staff should not wait the due day to collect money from the parents because this could delay the payment of the buses. There should have a date where all the money should be in. Firstly this would totally be an unprofessional thing to do and parents will start to think that the school don’t really care if they pass the payment delay. And if the school can’t pay the buses then the trip would be cancelled and all the children’s would be really disappointed especially if they have being looking forward to the trip. However this is not as important as having enough staff to accompany the kids to the trip, this is why the staff need to pressure the parents to send the form back so they can see how many kids are going, and from that they would be able to decide how many staff will be needed during that trip. It is extremely important that there are enough staff when the taking more then few kids to the trip.

There is a ratio that tell them how many children’s are allowed with how staff, in this case the ratio would 2:4(24 children’s and 10 staff). If staff are put with more children’s than the ratio said, well someone children’s may feel left out because the teacher can’t have his/her attention to more children at the same time, however if they stick to the ratio each child would get to participate in asking and answering questions, that the teacher ask, but also have a conservations with the teacher.

Since it is necessary that staff need to visit the premise of the trip before taking the kids to the farm, it’s also important that they see if it’s safe to taking the kids to see the farm animals and to touch them, or even how close or far they need to stay away from it. Because animals sometimes get violent when they are too many people surrounding them, and some animals just don’t want to be touched. If this visit to the premise is done they will know exactly what to allow the kids to do and what not to do. Because from this they will know the dangers that comes with the premises and can prevent it. This would prevent the children’s from getting hurt, but also they will know how far they are allowed to the animals without hurting themselves, so basically it will benefit them from hurting themselves.

Also every member of staff should make sure that every kid wash their hands or use anti-bacteria gel after touching the animal’s and before and after eating but also after leaving the farm. No matter how clean the animals are washed they still have bacteria which can be harmful to the children’s, and if the children’s touched them and don’t wash their hands after they will catch these bacteria’s. Is the kids’ responsibility to watch after themselves but also the staff to ensure that they are safe.

If there is any hazards such as broken stairs, broken tables and dirty pathways that are found in the farms it self, then the staff need to make sure that the kids stay away from it or just that they be careful when they walk next it. The manager of the farm need to fix anything that may be harmful to people, such as broken steps or any other equipment, also they need to lock away their farm machines, if they wish to display certain things to show their visitors then that’s fine as long as they have someone to supervise what ever machine they have on display, and make sure that no one gets harm because of it.


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