A murder case from 25 years ago has just been solved, in California, as Brian Keith Hawkins,44, has turned himself into the sheriff’s department admitting that his faith in God led him to confess for what he did.The 44-year-old sat down in an interview with a local TV station, in Redding California, and confessed to killing 19-year-old Frank McAlister in 1993. ”Every minute of every day has been a nightmare. It’s kind of weird, Frank never got to have a life, but we were teenagers and now I’m 44 and still haven’t even had a life. I’ve been through h*** my whole life because of this.” Brian has named siblings 46-year-old Shanna Culver and 45-year-old Curtis Culver, as his accomplices in the drug deal. Their plan was to rob Frank of money that he brought to buy methamphetamine.According to the Police, it has been spoken that the 3 of them robbed him, stabbed him to death, leaving his body in the woods then dumping his car in a parking lot in Costco. The killer said ”God and Christ are these things that have happened over the course of 25 years have pushed me and pushed me to do the right thing. I know the wrong can’t be changed but this is the closest I can come to doing the right thing. I’ve been through hell my whole life because of this.” It has been revealed that the man who is responsible for getting the 44-year-old to confess, for the murder, is Tony Trapasso. He had driven him to the TV station after finding out about the murder. ”He went to school with probably our oldest daughter and every now and again he pops up. I think the reason he comes here a lot of the times is because he feels it’s safe. We don’t judge.”It has also been said that he reached out to the victim’s family sometime last year. ”I talked to them several times and told them I was going to make it there so I could tell them what happened and I wanted their forgiveness. By the time I got there, his father passed away.” Frank’s mother, who is now 81-years-old, is said to be relieved after hearing about the arrest, ”It is such a shock to us.” Frank’s uncle, Jon McAlister, has spoken and said how they are all glad to be given closure and that he wished for a confession while his brother, Doug, was alive. ”Twenty-five years ago my nephew, Frankie, was murdered. Today the man that did it confessed, and he and two others will now be brought to justice. Some closure, but with the passing of Frank’s father, my brother, a couple of months ago, it’s a little too late. May Frank and Doug rest in peace.”All 3 of them killers have been booked and arrested into Shasta County Jail and charged with homicide. Brian and Curtis are being held on $1 million bails each. Curtis confessed to his involvement after Brian came forward and confessed. Shanna has not been given any bail. Glad he handed himself in!


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