Dear Alexandra, Tuesday November 10, 1656 I thought that I would write this letter to you today to address some of the things we both don’t think the same way about. I really thought that I should have done this earlier, but I’m sending this now because I feel that it is the right time. The first is the way in which that you see people. You always dress tip top and really care about how people view you on the outside.

In my eyes personally, I generally like to view and judge people about what I see on the inside. This applies to people other than yourself; you are even viewing my daughter Jean Louise as a slob while I view her as a very outgoing child. My main point being here is that you should look inside a person before judging them; it can go a long way. Something else that I would like to mention is your sensitivity to people of the opposite color.

Calpurnia has worked alongside me for quite a while now and I do not appreciate the comments and views of her from your perspective. I understand how you want to be a mother like model to Scout and Jem but doing this through racism is unacceptable on my terms. You should recheck your views on blacks, people like Calpurnia and Tom and very nice people when you get to know them. My final and probably most concerning issue is the way you view Scout and Jem in terms of responsibility.

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You are trying to make out Scout to be someone she isn’t. She has always been a child at heart and will continue to do this. I understand your need to make her formal and “normal” in your eyes, but I believe there is no way to change someone’s set personality, let Scout be who she wants to be. Jem has ventured off into adulthood; the same should be applied to him as well. Thank you for taking your time to read my concerns, I hope we can talk over some coffee about some of these at some point soon.


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