“A Long Way Gone” is about a 12-year-old male child. Ishmael. who was unable to return to his place in Sierra Leone because anti-government Rebels had attacked his small town. After going with a group of displaced male childs for months. when he was 13 he joined the authorities ground forces who were contending against the Rebels because his household had been killed. At 16 he was taken from the ground forces by UNICEF. the United Nations Children’s Fund organisation. The chapter in this book that had the most impact on Ishmael is chapter 12. when Ishmael decides to fall in the ground forces and battle against the Rebels. This determination had the biggest impact because it became the polar point in his life where he genuinely lost the last of his childhood artlessness. After he had joined the ground forces he became vindictive. violent. and psychologically ache. Soon after he had joined the ground forces he was trained to believe of every Rebel as the Rebel that killed his household.

He was consumed by ideas of retaliation. On page 112 it says that in the ground forces developing the drill teacher said. “Visualize the enemy. the Rebels who killed your parents. your household and those who are responsible for everything that has happened to you. ” On page 113 Ishmael says he became really angry and began to visualise scenarios of hiting or knifing a Rebel. He imagined capturing several Rebels at one time. locking them in a house and puting the house on fire as they had done to his household. On page 116 he is in his first conflict and two of his friends have been killed. He began to hit at everything that moved because he was so angry that they had died.

After fall ining the war he didn’t care how the ground forces treated the Rebels or anyone else out of their “group. ” They did whatever they wanted to carry through their ends. On page 124 he is in a competition to see who can kill their captive the fastest and he says. “I didn’t experience a thing for him. didn’t think much about what I was making. ” These experiences made Ishmael a individual who rapidly turned to violence with small aggravation. Later. when he is rehabilitation. he and his friends want new mattresses because theirs had become soaked. They go to Poppay. the adult male in charge of supplies. and do their demands. When he refuses to give them new mattresses they attacked Poppay. One of the male childs stabbed his pes and Poppay fell down. He covered his caput as the male childs continuously kicked him. They so left him shed blooding and unconscious. and ne’er did acquire new mattresses. Ishmael was angry because he missed his squad and missed the force. On page 138 he says that they would throw bowls. spoons. nutrient. and benches at the UNICEF staff. One afternoon. after they had chased off the staff and nurses. they placed a pail over the cook’s caput and pushed him around the kitchen until he had burned his manus on a boiling pot and agreed to set more milk in their tea.

When Ishmael was in rehabilitation he non merely had physical hurts from the war. he was besides emotionally injured. On page 145 he said. “Whenever I turned on the tap H2O. all I could see was blood spurting out. I would gaze at it until it looked similar H2O before imbibing or taking a shower. ” Populating through the horrors of war genuinely destroyed these kids. The other male childs who were with Ishmael would run out of the hall shriek in fright. “The Rebels are coming! ” The younger male childs sat by stones crying and stating that the stones were their dead households. At dark some of the male childs would wake up from incubuss. sudating. shriek and pluging their caputs to drive out the images that continued to torture them. Bing in the war had created intense fright in these kids. Old ages subsequently when Ishmael is populating in New York he still had incubuss of dead organic structures. He dreamt of himself as one of the soldiers who has been shot. After his first conflict he said. “My head had non merely snapped during the first violent death. it stopped doing contrite records. ”

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The most of import thing I learned from this book is gratitude for the life I have. We in America shouldn’t take our lives for granted. Compared to kids in states torn apart by war. we have it so easy. There hasn’t been a war fought here in America for many coevalss. We aren’t seeing people murdered and deceasing everyday as he had. We have infirmaries and good trained physicians if person is ill or injured. We don’t have to contend to last. Even the homeless have shelters to assist them. When Ishmael and his friends were seeking to remain alive. they were on their ain most of the clip. Peoples would kick them out of their towns. They had to happen nutrient and shelter. and decease was difficult to avoid. Children in America aren’t fall ining a war and put on the lining their lives. We are able to populate unworried childhoods without holding to worry if we’ll make it to the following twenty-four hours or if our households will be destroyed. This was a difficult book to read. It’s clear these male childs may ne’er truly retrieve from what happened to them. The events I read about in this book will stalk me for a long clip. a


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