What is the foundation of Christianity? If the inquiry being discussed is whether something is ideally Christian. so the motive behind Christianity must be understood. The basic lineation of Christianity is simple. Man exists in a fallen and depraved province. Christ died on the cross to suppress decease and atone for all humanity. Those who acknowledge their demand for a Savior and put their religion in this gift. shall hold ageless life. That leads to the logical inquiry of why. Why should Christ forfeit himself for such unworthy people? Therein is found that footing. that motive behind Christianity. Love. The Bible says. “For God so loved the universe that he gave his lone begotten Son. that whoever believes in Him shall non die but have ageless life. ” ( NASB Jn. 3. 16 ) . Love is the bosom of Christianity.

God sent his Son to pay the ultimate cost for evildoers because He loves them so much. Indeed. all genuinely Christian actions are committed out of out of love. Christ said while he was on the Earth. “By this all work forces will cognize that you are My adherents. if you have love for one another. ” ( NASB Jn. 13. 35 ) Christian religion starts and ends with love. Love is the root of Christianity and it is besides the outward manifestation of Christ in a life. God is love. Therefore. though Silas Marner is at first estranged from both God and adult male. the Christ-mirroring love he bestows upon Eppie is a clear contemplation of God’s ain nature and is ideally Christian.

George Eliot’s Silas Marner inside informations the life of a lone linen weaver. Silas Marner lives a life of privacy in the town of Raveloe for 15 old ages while covering with profoundly inflicted emotional lesions. He loses his religion in God and his fellow adult male. Marner’s lone safety is the coins he earns. He treasures them non for their pecuniary value. but for their company. Meanwhile. there is an alternate plot line of Godfrey and Dunsey Cass ; boies of a affluent landholder. The latter is a driveling rummy while the other is good thought of. However. the former has a secret married woman and kid. and the cognition of this allows the rummy to blackjack his senior brother. One twenty-four hours the rummy opportunities upon the empty house of the linen weaver. He discovers the coins and bargains them. When Silas Marner discovers his loss. he elicits the aid of the villagers.

They search extensively for the coins. but to no help. No 1 knows who has taken the coins. but Godfrey is delighted by Dunsey’s absence. On New Year’s Eve. the Cass household throws a big party and Godfrey efforts to court the well-thought-of Nancy Lammeter. Meanwhile. Godfrey’s married woman attempts to convey their kid to the Cass place and proclaim Godfrey’s secret to the universe. However. being under the influence of opium. she falls asleep on the snowy land. The kid wanders into the nearby house of Silas Marner. When Marner finds the kid and finally the female parent. he rushes to the Cass house for the physician. The adult female is found to be dead and as no male parent comes away for the kid. Marner claims it as his ain. He names the kid Eppie and does his best to raise her. He is frequently given motherly advice by his friend Mrs. Winthrop.

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Sixteen old ages travel by and Eppie is now 18. Godfrey is married to Nancy. Godfrey regrets non claiming Eppie and decides it is clip for her to come unrecorded with them. He tells Silas and Eppie the truth and asks Eppie if she wants to come unrecorded with him and his married woman. Eppie declines. stating Silas is the lone male parent she has known. Later. while a cavity is being drained near Silas’ house. the organic structure of Dunsey is discovered and with it Silas’ money. which is returned to him. Silas uses the money to return to his old place for closing on his past lesions. but the full topographic point is gone. When Silas returns. Eppie gets married to Mrs. Winthrop’s boy and the narrative concludes with Eppie and her hubby populating merrily with Silas.

The kid Eppie does non hold a male parent. so Silas Marner adopts her as his ain. Eppie rather literally wanders into Silas’ life and though she should non hold to be his duty. he takes it upon himself to be her male parent. “Till anybody shows they’ve a right to take her off from me. ” said Marner. “The mother’s dead and I reckon it’s got no male parent: it’s a lone thing- and I’m a lone thing” ( Eliot 679 ) . Though he shows it in his ain curious manner. Silas takes great compassion on this homeless. parentless miss. This is the first manner Silas Marner shows God’s love to Eppie. God is evidently non a “lone thing. ” holding existed for infinity yesteryear in perfect harmoniousness with the Trinity.

However. he does take compassion on hapless. lost people. God is the Father to all who place their religion in Jesus Christ. “For you have non received a Spirit of bondage taking to fear once more. but you have received a Spirit of acceptance as boies by which we cry out. Abba! Father! The Spirit himself testifies with our Spirit that we are kids of God” ( NASB Ro. 8. 15-16 ) . Silas Marner adopts Eppie and becomes her male parent who she can ever trust on. God adopts evildoers who come to him and go their Everlasting Father in whom they can trust. The clear correlativity between the two is the first manner Silas Marner reflects God’s nature and finally Christian ideals.

As Silas has this Christ-like love for Eppie. he of course wants to protect her and assist her grow. This gives Silas a wholly new mentality on his milieus and his normal mundane life. “As some adult male who has a cherished works to which he would give a nurturing home…and asks industriously for all cognition that will assist him to fulfill the wants of the seeking roots. or to guard foliage and bud from occupying harm” ( 689 ) . Silas’ new function is to make all he can to maintain Eppie safe. Eppie is immature and inexperient and vulnerable. Silas watches out for her and keeps her away from problem because he knows better. Jesus Christ does the same thing for trusters. He protects Christians from the Devil’s strategies every bit good as from their ain folly. The Bible frequently describes this relationship with the analogy of a shepherd and his flock. “Like a shepherd He will be given his flock. In his arm he will garner the lambs and carry them in His bosom ; He will gently take the nursing ewes” ( NASB Is. 40. 11 ) . Silas is gently taking his nursing Ewe. Eppie. Silas. in protecting and shepherding Eppie. is portraying clearly Christian ideals.

Eppie does non make anything to derive Silas’ love and likewise she can make nil to lose it. Before she does any of the things that Silas subsequently comes to love. Silas loved Eppie. Silas loves her from the first dark she toddled into his place. She does non gain his love. it is based on Silas’ goodness and non Eppie’s virtue. That is why she can non lose it. It does non depend on her public presentation. “Here was a clear instance of aberrance in a christened kid which demanded terrible intervention ; but Silas. overcome with compulsive joy…could do nil but bit her up and cover her with half sobbing kisses” ( 687 ) . This is such a beautiful image of what Christ does for the truster.

Eppie runs off and disobeys Silas. He indefatigably pursues her until he eventually catches her. Christians likewise stray from the crease of God. but Christ pursues them and is overjoyed to happen them and convey them back. “If any adult male has a hundred sheep and one of them has gone astray. does he non go forth the 99 on the mountains and travel and seek for the 1 that is rolling? If it turns out that he finds it. genuinely I say to you. he rejoices over it more than over 99 which have non gone astray” ( NASB Mt. 18. 12-13 ) . This is how Silas feels for Eppie. Silas mirrors God with his unmerited and unconditioned love for his girl.

Silas loves Eppie so much he is willing to give his felicity for her improvement. Silas on the other manus. was once more stricken in scruples and alarmed lest Godfrey’s accusal should be true- lest he should be raising his ain will as an obstruction to Eppie’s good. For many motions he was deaf-and-dumb person. fighting for the self-conquest necessary to the uttering of the hard words. They came out tremulously. “I’ll say no more. Let it be as you will. Talk to the kid. I’ll hinder nil. ( 714 ) Godfrey has now come and is inquiring Eppie to come unrecorded with him and his married woman. Eppie is the absolute joy of Silas’ life. Even so. with those words. Silas is allowing her spell.

He is releasing his girl and his felicity that she might hold a higher station in life. This is a genuinely sacrificial love. This once more is in maintaining with the Christian theoretical account Silas has been following all along. “But he was pierced through for our evildoings. He was crushed for our wickednesss ; The correction for our wellbeing fell upon him and by his scourging we are healed” ( NASB Is. 53. 5 ) . The greatest forfeit of all is Jesus’ decease on the cross. Obviously Silas Marner is non crucified for Eppie. but he is willing to give his full felicity for her improvement. Silas’ little forfeit is a shadow of the Lord’s great sacrificial love for his people and clearly Christian.

Sometimes this narrative is thought to hold excessively many happenstances or be excessively much like a fairy narrative to hold realistic Christian ideals. but the Bible clearly disproves this. God is in control and He has a program for everything. There are no happenstances in His eyes. It is non a happenstance that Eppie comes to Silas’s door. Silas so honors God with love he shows Eppie and God rewards him with felicity and fulfilment. It is a prevarication of the Devil that happy terminations are merely for fairy narratives. Christians know Jesus wins in the terminal over evil. That is the happiest stoping of all. “For I know the programs that I have for you. ” declares the Lord. “plans for public assistance and non for catastrophe to give you a hereafter and a hope” ( NASB Jer. 29. 11 ) . When the Christian is swearing in God’s program and honouring Him. he can see that Silas Marner is a great narrative about a adult male who honored God with his love.

Silas Marner’s love for Eppie is adoptive. protective. unconditioned. and sacrificial. This clearly reflects the Lord’s love for his ain kids and therefore the ideals in this novel are Christian.

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