Hotel Miramonte is a metropolis centre hotel located at the waterfront, which attracts concern and leisure invitees, every bit good as little and big groups, meetings and Tourss. It presently has a 4 star position and has non been refurbished since it was freshly opened 8 old ages ago.

The F & A ; B mercantile establishments include a full service eating house that caters through all chief repast hours and a saloon.

Due to bad economic system and no market presence the hotel has an acceptable per centum in tenancy, but a really low ADR. This straight consequences in the entire gross generated. It could be significantly higher by merely using few accommodations.

In order to shift the hotel and derive fiscal stableness some minor alterations are traveling to be made.

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Investings in twelvemonth one apply to services and extra installations such as anteroom saloon, fittingness centre, retail stores and anteroom booth. Improved invitees services will include concierge, gentleman and foreign exchange desk.

A strong market presence is traveling to be created to remember ourselves in our old client heads, aim our new and bing markets. Not merely through direct selling activities, but through advertizement, external aid from a public dealingss bureau and selling tools such as a trueness plan for returning invitees. The repositioning is traveling to be a important point in aiming new client sections but besides retaining our current clients.

Our mission statement is:

Provide competitory pricing and excellence in service and criterions.

Our vision statement is:

Be the first pick for concern invitees in town.

The high staff turnover is traveling to be defeated by accordingly raising the wages to a higher than mean degree. Servicess provided by our staff are traveling to better and be more personalized through monthly preparations and implementing standard operating processs. Costss caused through these alterations are traveling to be compensated through a 25 % staff cut.

Renovations and soft redevelopments are financed through the belongings depreciation FF & A ; E history. This will go forth adequate hard currency flow to farther operate successfully. Room renovations are traveling to be considered after a reevaluation of the state of affairs, at the terminal of these 4 old ages and deriving adequate fiscal stableness to cut down current bank loans.

Due to our aggressive rate scheme that focuses on maximising our gross, high monetary values during weekdays and lower monetary values during weekends will give us the coveted mix of concern and leisure invitees. Our tenancy will increase because of our improved services and upgraded installations and straight ensue in higher grosss generated.

Table of content

Property description 4

Environmental scan 5

Schemes, Goals and Actions 6

Scheme 7

Goals and Actions 7

Ratess 9

Selling Plan 10

SWOT analysis 12

Marketing scheme 14

Human Resources 17

HR organisational chart 19

Risk Assessment 21

Operational budget 22

Property description

Miramonte is a 4 star concern and metropolis hotel which is located on the waterfront site of the metropolis centre and attracts concern travellers from all over the universe, every bit good as being attractive for leisure and group travellers.

The hotel constructing itself is merely 8 old ages old and has an impressive architecture which once more attracts concern and leisure invitees.

The hotel has 200 criterion and 50 premium suites, which are the largest in size compared to our direct rivals and have a assorted design of old combined with new elements.

Our eating house Malino ( with 125 seats ) provides breakfast, tiffin and dinner made by high qualified chefs which use fresh and seasonal merchandises. In the eventide it offers unrecorded music with assortments of delightful nutrient and vinos. There is besides a 50-seat sofa saloon subdivision, where the invitees can see tasty, signature cocktails and other drinks. Both eating house and saloon have direct entree from the street, so non merely hotel clients, but besides people from outside can see the ambiance and unbelievable dishes and drinks. The 2,000 square pes conference infinite provides the chance to manage concern meeting or other events such as nuptialss, private parties etc.

The hotel has a gym and little pool with out-of-door diversion country, where the invitees can loosen up and bury the nerve-racking twenty-four hours. It is easy to make Hotel Miramonte by auto and public conveyance, as the hotel has a direct belowground entree to public conveyance.

The services presently provided by the hotel are limited for a concern hotel. They include, guest wash and dry cleansing, room service and digital room amusement.

Parking infinites are available at a fee.

Environmental scan


Corporate revenue enhancement inducements resulted in new companies

Government unnaturally holds the economic system traveling by puting money


Overall economic system in bad form, hotel tenancies down by 18 % , metropolis – broad conventions down by 28 % , eating house siting down by 16 % , event attending down by 19 %

Activities and investings done by the touristry committee


City ‘s population at 580’000/Regions population at 2’150’000

Average one-year income $ 53’000

Year-round humanistic disciplines, agribusiness and music festivals

City art and eating house territory

Sports bowl

Noted vineries


Soon to be completed civic and convention centre

Marketing activities by touristry committee including rebranding, new web site, hunt engine optimisation, etc.

Two main roads and one airdrome visitant welcome centre to be completed


Employee rewards

Working hours


Hotels environmental plan

Schemes, Goals and Actions


Our Hotel is presently positioned as a epicurean 4 star concern hotel. As the hotel merely is 8 old ages old we are traveling to restitute the meeting suites, the saloon and public countries. Our chief invitees, concern or leisure merely remain for short clip for concern or weekend interruptions, hence merely soft redevelopments in our suites are traveling to be made. We easy will shift the hotel as 3 star concern hotel with individualised service at premium location. Our chief mark markets are traveling to remain concern during weekdays and leisure for weekends. Through our strong selling focal point, we will shift the hotel rather fast and invariably remain in our clients heads. A trade name understanding is traveling to be signed after shifting, to outsource certain selling activities and net income from a strong, worldwide renowned trade name. Through a changeless pricing scheme and working more expeditiously we can cut costs and maximise our grosss. Even the economic system is non traveling to retrieve every bit speedy as expected, the operational budget can be reached.

Goals and Actions:


Our ends and actions sing our installations are restituting or soft renovating. The public countries, meeting suites and the saloon are traveling to have a full redevelopment. Suites are traveling to acquire a little face lift in order to convey them up to day of the month. As they are merely 8 old ages old a soft redevelopment is adequate to keep a 3 star criterion. In order to run into guest outlooks with more demands, we are traveling to add an executive sofa to our installations which will provide entirely to our premium clients and make a hotel within a hotel, with more exclusivity and more individualized service. The soft redevelopment and complete redevelopments are traveling to be funded straight from the belongings depreciation FF & A ; E history, which will non hold a direct impact on our grosss, as we save each twelvemonth $ 840’000 for these instances.


In order to increase overall guest experience and better concern services several excess services are traveling to be introduced from the beginning. Express Check In and out services are traveling to be added as this will run into the demands of our concern invitees who are invariably in a haste. This will besides give more clip to our response staff to give a more individualized service for those invitees who wish so. For our stressed out meeting and concern invitees a concierge is available with all relevant information about the metropolis, interesting locales, good eating houses etc.

For our leisure invitees during weekends, he holds several tips for rubber-necking, eating houses, concerts, musicals etc. As the cyberspace is one of the cardinal demands for the invitees in our yearss, it is indispensable for us to add this to our services. For the eventide amusement, Music & A ; Entertainment are traveling to be added to make a cool atmosphere to loosen up from nerve-racking concern meetings or a twenty-four hours full of sightseeing and shopping. The foreign exchange desk is added to give our leisure guests the chance to besides interchange money during weekends while Bankss normally are closed. An international criterion for 3 star concern hotels is a mini saloon. In order to run into these outlooks we besides have added those to our room furniture.


Our staff turnover is presently really high. In order to retain our staff we offer higher wages and put in preparation. Not merely will this give us more knowing employees, but it will pull better qualified employees every bit good. For our clients this will ensue in improved service and a better employee/client relationship can be built up, as they normally will cover with the same staff if they are returning invitees. This will give us the chance to give an even more individualized service. Although we will cut the staff by 25 % , this must non automatically ensue in more work for every employee. As we are a 3 star concern belongings, some services will no longer be needed and as we increase our efficiency at work and retain our employees, operations will travel much smoother due to standard operating processs and a good squad work.


To take over an bing hotel and repositing it, normally takes a piece. Due to a strong market presence and external aid through a public dealingss bureau we will shift really rapidly and remember ourselves non merely in our bing client markets but besides to new clients and to the populace in general. By adding the hotel web site, we present ourselves to the whole universe and increase client service as they can reach us for any aid or reserve. The trueness plan will assist us increase the portion of returning clients. For our invitees in general, they can roll up points for every dollar spent at our belongings and deliver them against free darks, ascents or nutrient and drink verifiers. This plan is even traveling to be more attractive when we will subscribe a trade name understanding by the terminal of twelvemonth 2 and the trueness plan will non merely be limited to one belongings, but can be used within a world-wide hotel corporation. The direct selling activities will include mailings, discriminatory placement on online engagement sites, on-line advertizement, discriminatory placement on GDS systems of travel bureaus. This activities will be done during old ages one and two. Once a strong market presence is reached and the trade name understanding is signed, direct selling will slowly lessening to zero as selling activities will be done through the hotel trade name.


Our rate scheme is indispensable to make the ends of our 4 twelvemonth budget. From 71 % tenancy in twelvemonth nothing, we are traveling to increase the tenancy to 75 % in twelvemonth 1. Then increase to an tenancy of 80 % in twelvemonth 2, 85 % in twelvemonth and make 90 % by twelvemonth 4. This, while we are invariably using add-ons to services and installations, restituting and making soft refurbishing. Due to increased services provided and better installations we are easy besides increasing our monetary values. We are traveling to get down with following rates:

Premium Business: $ 285.00

Premium Leisure: $ 255.00

Standard Business: $ 235.00

Standard Leisure: $ 205.00

As mentioned antecedently, we are easy increasing the rates each twelvemonth due to improved services and installations and making top rates at twelvemonth 4. As our chief markets are the weekdays, these are the monetary values for yearss Monday through Thursday. Weekend rates, the monetary values for travel bureaus, OTA, little or big groups and Opaque are traveling to be changed consequently.

The nutrient and drink gross is traveling to be increased as we offer low monetary values in our F & A ; B mercantile establishments. This will inspire our invitees to instead remain in our hotel than hunt for an external option. This is our chief end as we are located in the metropolis centre and the possibilities are enormous. Besides we will diminish F & A ; B costs by pull offing our stock more efficient and lone offering a little but fresh pick of repasts. This will let us to buy points on a changeless footing, where we can respond to monetary value additions or purchase seasonal goods which normally are cheaper. The F & A ; B costs are traveling to diminish by 2 % each twelvemonth.

Selling Plan

Situation Analysis:

Market Need

Miramonte Hotel offers value services and benefits to invitees at sensible monetary values combined with a convenient metropolis centre experience. The hotel provides invitees with modest epicurean installations with a mix of traditional and modern-day decor, we besides provide our invitees with individualised services at all times.

We offer an experience and an environment that can non be found at our rivals, invitees need to cognize that we would wish to develop a long-run relationship with them, as we offer the efficient concern equipment and services, we are next to underground public conveyance, have great F & A ; B mercantile establishments, and we besides focus on wellness by supplying such installations to maintain our invitees fit, a combination of concern and leisure, extended services and installations, all at valued monetary values, this is what merely Hotel Miramonte can offer.

Market Tendencies

The Market Trends can be seen in several enterprises funded by the local associations in the travel and touristry sector and the Commission. First triple the one-year promotional budget including rebranding, on-line renovation, hunt engine optimisation consultancy, extended touristry countries, refreshed promotional stuffs, professional service criterions and enfranchisement for operational directors and employees.

The financess of last twelvemonth ‘s successful revenue enhancement ballot accomplished more rapidly the concluding building phases of the City Convention and Civic Center

As a consequence of the recent corporate revenue enhancement inducements, 12 new companies arrived to the country and the Hotel Association will be supplying welcome responses for them. Besides the plans supported by the civic centre programming office such as ; booking athleticss, concerts and trade show events.

Completing two new main roads and one airdrome visitant welcome centre and supplying support, actively promote the airdrome organisation to farther advancement with the new bequest air bearer and the new price reduction air hoses.

The Environment:

The external environment that could impact Miramontes Hotel concern:


Economic developments that lead to a rise in the figure of people employed, retail gross revenues, energy and equities which could be a consequence of new industries, belongingss and hotels that can increase our competition.


Government inducements last twelvemonth attracted 12 companies to look in our country for this twelvemonth

addition in the jet services, which was announced by the airdrome organisation, opening the new Civic & A ; Conference Center, besides trebling the promotional budget for leisure travellers, these facts could impact our hotel concern in a positive manner.

Internal Environment:

Bettering the hotels competitory place by utilizing the replacing modesty financess for renovation.

Meet paysheets and seller measures by the line recognition provided by the bank.

The handiness of utile studies and analysis provided by the new installed accounting package.

The competition:

– The Lysande Hotel

– Neptune Resort Hotel

– Hotel Front Bay

– The Ambassador Hotel

SWOT Analysis



The hotel has an first-class location in the metropolis centre having a waterfront site, which other hotels do non hold. This is considered as a strength, particularly for leisure travellers and groups who seek for the location and amusement.


The F & A ; B mercantile establishments and public countries in the hotel offer a sense of flexibleness in reconfiguration and they have direct entree from the street and an first-class exterior exposure. In our competitory set, the invitee suites are the largest. Besides the chief entryway of the hotel is located back from the street which provides a sense of reaching that rivals do non portion.

Public conveyance

Miramonte Hotel is the lone hotel that has an immediate adjoining entree to the belowground public conveyance.



To supply better concern and individualised service the staff has to be trained to increase their cognition which will take clip and addition costs, such as passing $ 100 per line employee on monthly preparation. Besides the staff turnover ratio is really high. We will offer rewards above the mean get downing from line employees up to managerial places non merely to retain current employees but besides to pull qualified forces in the hereafter.


Contract concern demand

A uninterrupted describing an addition in Requests for Proposals and contract concern, this could be a great chance since we are renovating our installations to better, increasing concern services, uniting our location, more likely we are the first to react to this demand.


Few economic indexs that are lifting such as the growing of retail gross revenues to public, value of equities and occupation growing.

Market sections

Since the hotel provides a successful ornament that is a combination of the new and old, this could give us a great potency for a well-structured placement statement that will do the hotel attractive to all market sections


Similar services

At some point other belongingss or hotels provide similar installations as our hotel, which could non distinguish us plenty from others in the client ‘s point of position.

Market entry: Any hotels or other international trade names that can demo up with better or the same offerings and benefits that will increase competition.

Selling Scheme

The hotel Marketing Strategy aim is to turn the hotel to a 3 star City/Business hotel offering better services for premium invitees and more hotel installations or mercantile establishments, concentrating on doing our invitees notice to the fact that the sum of money they pay for their stay is balanced with the value, quality and costs of what we offer in our hotel.

This scheme will increase the repetition concern, holding more regular invitees, long-run client relationships and distinguish us from our rivals on any degrees. Our ends are to distinguish our hotel and better invariably.

Fiscal aims

– Spending $ 10,000 monthly on run intoing advertisement every twelvemonth in quarters 1 and 4

– Slowly lessening direct selling activities to zero during one-fourth 1 and 2 of twelvemonth 3

– Cut costs every twelvemonth by 2 % get downing from twelvemonth 2

Marketing Aims

– To turn the hotel into a City/Business hotel

– Offer better concern services to our mark market

– To keep a strong market presence

– Offer more room installations in the hotel

Target market scheme

Our finish beginning markets continue to be from:



Middle East


Latin America

Our primary sections are concern travellers as frequent invitees who appreciate the individualised services and the installations we offer, Leisure travellers seeking for the hotel first-class location and groups coming for different visit intents particularly on weekends.

The channel demand per centums are considered to follow a certain flow at last twelvemonth by direct selling:

Business – 30

Leisure – 40

Corporate – 40

Tour – 0

Large Group – 100

Small Group – 35

Scheme Pyramids

The hotel ‘s selling scheme focal point is to increase repetition concern, as this will go on when we differentiate ourselves from our rivals continually. There are several points to offer to our market sections:

A City/Business hotel

Increase room experience

Individualized service

Marketing mix 4ps


A cheerily simple luxury hotel measured by the best engineering and comfort, similar to competition but offering a better concern and individualized services, in add-on offering more room installations has been proven to be one of the grounds for repetition concern

Topographic point

Engagements and information provided to the clients through hotel web site, public dealingss bureau, advertisement and direct selling. Distribution channels include online travel agents, Tourss and GDS.


Concentrating on meeting and wages advertisement such as web sites, booklets and e-mail runs to current and new clients. In individual publicity carried out by amusement, public relation bureau has an of import function by showing the hotel by imperativeness releases and print articles, guaranting an effectual on the job relationships and maintaining the hotel within a good relation and involved as a good member of the community.

Monetary value

The hotel pricing scheme is based on the aims to guarantee supplying just monetary values of the added value as F & A ; B price reductions and altering in room rates.

Human Resources

To get down with what Human resources stands for. First of all Human resources is the administrative section which is responsible for enlisting of employees and their safety at work, the work environment, preparations, workshops, seminars every bit good as motive of employees such as benefits and compensation. HR is playing an of import function in the development of organisation and success of the company.

Hotel Miramonte has strong and high qualified people who are working in the Human Resources Department, their function is to enroll and develop staff – the built-in constituent of a hotels ‘ maps. The existent thought in our hotels staffing is to diminish the figure of employees compared to the figure that is advised by the criterions, nevertheless excite our workers with benefits, higher wages, preparations and fillips, what makes us believe that our employees will set an excess attempt into the successful development of our hotel.

To be more specific, we consider the undermentioned figure of employees: In the suites section it is planned to hold 37 employees alternatively of advised 40, we cut the figure of employees in front office, nevertheless will engage excess people in room attending and turndown service. In the F & A ; B section it is planned to diminish the figure of employees from 52 to 35.We believe that it will be plenty to hold 2 hostess alternatively of 3, besides 7 waiters alternatively of 14, because we believe that measure does non intend quality of work, every bit good as the figure of employees will alter in nutrient production supervisors and attenders, figure of workers in room service will be at a lower limit of 4 people, since the servers could collaborate and make both service in the eating house and suites.

In entire we will hold 99 employees, that is 25 % less than recommended by the system, nevertheless all staff members will have a higher salary than mean and we believe that it will excite our workers every bit good as do them remain at our belongings.

The wages of all directors will be 25 % – 30 % higher than minimal pay, for illustration the Director of Rooms will gain $ 6,844 per month alternatively of advised $ 4,500, Front office director – $ 5,782 when the lower limit is $ 3,000. The wages and fillips will be besides given to all the staff members of the hotel, every bit good as $ 100 will be spent each month on each line employee for preparations, largely in F & A ; B Department ( hosts, waiters, barmans etc. ) , Gross saless & A ; Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Fitness Center.


3 hebdomads paid holidaies

Paid insurance ( non including tooth doctor services )

50 % price reduction rates on rooms/ events

Discounts on dining for household members

Best employees of the month get fillips ( excess wage )

Unrivalled preparation and development

Career and development programmes

Promotion from within

Delightful repasts on responsibility

Paid public conveyance tickets to and from work


Dry cleansing

Orientation and Trainings

Since Miramonte is a concern hotel, we must hold high qualified staff so we came up with an thought to develop the organisational construction of enlisting, which is based on engaging skilled people, train and learn them even better and put in their development.

During the first yearss of work our employees will be introduced to the constitution and the installations, so they will be familiar with the criterions of the hotel every bit good as they will hold a basic cognition about all the sections. New employees will be introduced to all staff members. They will be assigned with a “ Buddy ” , which are employees who are already working in the hotels specific section, so they could collaborate with each other and go a great squad which will convey success to the hotel.

Trainings will be done by already bing employees who know our criterions by bosom every bit good as we will hold seminars with professionals in peculiar subjects who will develop our employees.

General Manager – is responsible for all the operations and control of hotel criterions. All the Directors are describing to the GM sing any jobs or positive accomplishments.

Director of Human Resources – commanding the administrative section ( HR ) which is responsible for enlisting of employees and their safety at work, the work environment, preparations, workshops, seminars every bit good as motive of employees such as benefits and compensation.

Director of finance – responsible to command the budget and record of all the fiscal minutess of the hotel.

Director of Gross saless & A ; Director of Marketing – focused on gross revenues and publicity tools of the hotel and it services.

Engineering ( Maintenance section ) – responsible for care, ( gas, electricity ) , swimming pool services etc.

Director of Rooms – is in charge of commanding Front Office, Reservations, and other sections ( fittingness, guestroom cyberspace services ) every bit good as collaborating with other section caputs.

Housekeeping Manager – who is in charge of the cleansing quality of hotel belongings, dry cleansing, wash and uniforms.

Director of Food and Beverage – the chief duties include control of nutrient and drink production and quality of services in the Restaurant, Bar, room/mini saloon, readying of meetings and events, etc.

Hazard appraisal

Operational 4 twelvemonth budget

As you can see in the graph above we are anticipating an betterment in entire grosss every bit good as in net net income. Due to the unsure economic state of affairs we have decided to cipher on a really moderate base.

Through our pricing scheme we have decided to travel for a maximized gross scheme. Therefore we do non anticipate a immense impact on tenancy, although in twelvemonth 1 we are traveling to better several installations and services already. The Numberss calculated with the gross forecast give us approximate get downing points from where we are traveling to better our gross, by increasing rates or cutting costs. Please see graph below for elaborate Numberss.

Our pricing scheme allows us to increase the rates reasonably due to betterments on installations and services. As most is being funded through the belongings depreciation FF & A ; E history, it does non hold direct effects to our net net income.

Should the economic state of affairs improve faster, so the hotel is traveling to be in better fiscal form. As for now, a complete renovation of suites does non do sense as the hotel edifice is merely 8 old ages old and the new placement of the hotel as concern 3 star does non necessitate immense betterments in installations. Our chief end is to derive more fiscal stableness at first by keeping high criterions, retain clients and cutting costs.

After the 4 twelvemonth period a new rating of the state of affairs will be made and so a renovation can be discussed once more. By so the belongings depreciation FF & A ; E history will hold adequate financess to finance complete redevelopments of all our suites.

As get downing point we took the figures calculated through the gross prognosiss and applied the other Numberss consequently. Because we are traveling to get down selling with great presence and distribute our repositioning, a big selling budget is calculated for twelvemonth one. This is accordingly traveling to be reduced to zero, as a trade name understanding is traveling to be signed and further selling activities are being made through them.

The betterment in room gross is being gained through higher room rates and better tenancy.

Because we have more invitees remaining at the hotel, we therefore besides have more invitees remaining at our F & A ; B mercantile establishments and disbursement on other gross beginnings.

Attendant cost control and working more efficient cuts disbursals in the sections.

Overall, even the economic system should turn against us ; we still would be able to accomplish the budgeted ends. Taking into consideration that the economic system should retrieve faster and we are traveling to hold higher tenancy than expected, hard currency should be used to pay back bank loans and cut down fixed costs caused through involvement payments.


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