A Memorable Place

A memorable place that sticks in my would have to be when i was on a beach in Kauai, Hi. The smell of the fresh air, i could almost still feel the humidity on my skin. The sound of the water swishing back and forth, what a relaxing feel. How i miss my long vacation in Hawaii. When i was about 10 was the first time i visited Hawaii and ever since the images of the beach and the scenery have always stuck in my head.

As i was laying on the beach, i felt a drop on my face i look up and i see a big cloud. It started pouring. I got up and ran away looking for the nearest tree or canopy to stand under. At first i was mad and then i got over it, i just thought to myself “What do i expect, its Hawaii.’’ Until this day i doze off and imagine myself in the same position laying in the sand that felt like silk with the strong heat waves hitting my body.

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My senses when i was there where looking at every aspect of what was going on to seeing no ones on the beach to looking at the little crabs that would run around when the ocean water would rise up. The water was as clear as ocean water and would swish back and forth, i layed there for hours. At the end of the day i rode my bike back home and was as sun burnt as a lobster. The sounds of the ocean and the peaceful moment scared my memory to create and ever lasting memorable moment that i will always remember.

Overall the bliss moment was estonishing, the moment bring me serenity. Anytime i’m feeling


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