“A Modest Proposal” is a strongly written sarcasm by Jonathon Swift. In the essay. Swift applies about all of the elements of sarcasm. Some of the most obvious elements are his usage of making a character and his hyperbole. Get downing by analysing the rubric. “A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland from Bing a Burden to Their Parents or Country. and For Making Them Beneficial to The Public” . it is a sensible subject for the essay. However it is non at all modest. Swift absurdly creates suggestions to do the hapless kids good.

His primary end in this essay is to dishonor the English. convey up the issues of poorness and actuate the Irish. First of all. the character that Swift creates is a good intended statistician or economic expert. There is a repeat of the usage of words such as “computation” . This develops the statistician features of the character formed. These words refer to math equations and roll uping statistics. Besides there is a usage of formal enunciation such as “it is agreed by all parties” . This develops the tone in which the character is talking.

It gives a more political facet of the character ; these words would normally be found in political arguments. political addresss. etc. The purposes of the writer can be found in the rubric of the essay itself. “Preventing…from Bing a Burden…Making Them Beneficial” . This is misdirecting yet literally right. The character is good intended. giving a proposal to work out the issue of poorness even though it is non really humane. The character created is strongly developed and defined. The usage of hyperbole exemplifies the author’s purpose of demoing how ill the English treated the Irish.

An illustration of hyperbole is. “a most delightful. nourishing. and wholesome nutrient. conditions stewed. roasted. baked. or broiled…” . Here. Swift is comparing the Irish to nutrient. There are so many Irish people in poorness that are mistreated that they should merely go one really delightful repast for the British. Another illustration is. “Those who are more thrifty ( as I must squeal the times require ) may flay the carcase ; the tegument of which. unnaturally dressed. will do admirable baseball mitts for ladies. and summer boots for all right gentlemen. ” .

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The Irish people are. in this quotation mark. being compared to animate beings which are skinned and used as baseball mitts or boots. The word “thrifty” suggests that they are merely traveling to be a trade good. A concluding illustration of hyperbole is. “I have reckoned upon a medium. that a kid merely born will weigh 12 lbs. and in a solar twelvemonth. if acceptably nursed. increaseth to 28 lbs. ” . There is no possible manner that a adult female could give birth to a kid 28 lbs. even 12 lbs is a large babe. Here. Swift is utilizing this hyperbole to stress the idea that the babes of the people in poorness will function as a truly great nutrient beginning.

These are hardly a few illustrations of the hyperboles used ; the whole essay is chiefly composed of hyperboles. The ground that Jonathon Swift creates this character and uses these hyperboles is to cover with a devastatingly hard issue to work out by utilizing satirical devices. Swift did in fact use about all the satirical devices ; nevertheless. in this essay merely two of them are described. The issue of poorness is a really complex issue to work out. And the lone manner that Swift could work out this issue was to supply absurd hyperboles.


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