ducation is one of the most of import pillars of the nation’s development. Education is a arm which can alter the universe. Primary instruction is the base for the pupils. So a state should hold a really good course of study for the pupils in their Primary school survey. A course of study. which will do each pupil withstand the hereafter competition and will take to country’s development. So if a state have the same national course of study it would be good in so many positions. If a state have same national course of study so it would be easy for authorities to build a countrywide plan to develop instructors. It would be easy to measure pupils on the same footing. Same national course of study will diminish the attempts to build the part broad instruction class in state. In India we have Central Board and State Board. Central board is followed by some provinces. while all other provinces follow a separate State board plan.

Each province has its ain Program of primary instruction including different rating system. taging system and topics to analyze. This requires a large direction to keep the path. So same national course of study will cut down these attempts and can do usage of these attempts in bettering the instruction system. This attack would be good for the pupils in footings of options available. The same course of study will open the doors of all the colleges and classs available at that place nationally. Students will hold a healthy competition environment. Students can analyze assortment of classs and will be able to travel in coveted college.

In the current system of a pupil wants to travel in any other college belong to other province so he has to give an entryway scrutiny and it differs harmonizing to the class he wants to analyze. But if this attack get followed by the state so it would be easy for a pupil to acquire this rid of this. A pupil can follow his bosom and do his dreams true. It would be propitious for them who have to often reassign their locations because of their service such as in military services. authorities services etc.

Presently it is really hard for their children’s to suit in new environment. particularly school and its course of study. For illustration in India If a pupil belonging to Maharashtra went to analyze in Chennai so it would be hard for him to acquire into everyday. He has to get down once more in new manner in the new environment. But if the course of study would be same at national degree boulder clay college so it would be easy for them to go on their survey without any trouble. But though this attack is good plenty. it may make some jobs while implementing it at national degree.

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Like to alter the constituted system and to implement the new on countrywide would take important sum of clip and attempts. Students in the center of the primary instruction may happen it slightly hard to acquire adjust to new course of study. As pupils would be holding more options to take so it might take to confusion while doing pick. Those pupils who don’t want to go forth their native topographic point or province so it would be hard for them. For illustration if a pupil don’t get admittance I any college residing at his topographic point so that pupil might hold to travel another topographic point. But overall this attack is good plenty to implement. Though it would necessitate some attempts and clip one time acquire implemented it would be best.


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