A pencil, ruler, sharpener and perhaps an eraser too; those were the essential tools I carried with me as a child. Creating new things out of imagination has always been one of my favourite things to do. Having traveled to numerous countries around the globe while growing up, I realized the important role architecture plays in our life and the perception of the world we create. Our unique creations endeavor to create a parallel between our imagination and the world we live in. I knew at the age of 16 that this intrigued me, so this was what I wanted to invest my life in. I come from a family where my grandfather being a mechanical engineer, became the region’s most progressive agriculturist and a renowned social reformer. My father, who comes from a humble background is a hockey Olympian turned politician who has always inspired and motivated me to chase my dreams. My decision to pursue my dream also came as an inspiration from these two consistently hardworking men who are an inspiration to many.As Winston Churchill states, “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” I truly believe in this statement as what we create shapes us as humans and it is the need of the hour to create spaces that give the users a harmonious experience.  My primary goal is to practice architecture and design using those techniques that create a better environment for us to live in peace. To fully realize this goal, I shifted from National Diploma of Architecture technology to Bachelors of Architectural studies in New Zealand. During my bachelors, I was keen to learn about architectural history and research about design thought process of different Architects. One of them was Le Corbusier. To gain first-hand experience of the spaces designed by him, I visited the Palace of Assembly in Chandigarh. This visit strengthened my love and passion for architecture, it made me realize how an architect can maneuver the feelings of the user. He used symbols of the sun and the moon which reflected in his structural elements as he thought they would be a good modern guide for the deliberations of the politicians within. While pursuing my Bachelors, I put these theories to practice in the real world. I worked part-time at HBC Design in New Zealand and during my visits to India, I volunteered at Design 2000 based in Jalandhar, India. The practical experience integrated my technical abilities, helped augment my creativity and provided me with a multi-dimensional approach to problems.In my opinion, architecture is going through a phase of flux. My passion resides in exploring the possibilities of Architecture of tomorrow. The exploration of blending of the traditional methods of design such as context and environment with the latest computer generations based on algorithms; furthermore, the possibilities of incorporating techniques found in engineering is what intrigues me the most. Another topic of architecture that fascinates me is sustainable architecture. It is the need of the hour to come up with green designs that successfully blend beauty and functionality together to save our planet from us. I truly believe this program will help me make a change in the world of architecture. The University of British Columbia, with its progressive and fast-forward thinking attitude is a fine choice for me as a means of practical and intellectual development. With it being ranked in the top public universities of the world and the highest ranked architecture school in Canada, I believe its cutting-edge technology, facilities and internationally renowned experts as faculty will prove as extremely powerful tools for my further education and personal development. I aspire to gain knowledge and give in return to the school a mind that does not fear the questions raised but the hesitation to find answers.With the thorough understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of architecture and design, I believe I am ready to begin the next stage of my professional development. I feel that it is necessary to chisel my knowledge and vision in a restorative environment full of diverse minds. Your master’s program is ideal for meeting my educational goals. Furthermore, this opportunity will give me an exposure of the cultural perspective, an understanding, and appreciation for the nation’s people and history. This will prepare me for a lifetime of success in the field of architecture. I plan to eventually return to my native country, equipped with the skills, expertise, and experience to be an asset to the local architecture. Your master’s program is integral to my goals, and I greatly appreciate your consideration of my application.


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