However this beauty also influences him to show vanity. Doorman’s Vanity soon corrupts him and he is left naive and easily influenced because of his lust for beauty and youth. When Basil talks of Doorman’s picture and says “l really can’t exhibit it. I have put too much of myself In It” shows how he expresses himself through his paintings. Basil also rejects the offer of going out with Dorsal & Henry. This Implies that his past experiences of going out may have been unkind to him and that he was not accepted In society. Basil has the appearance of a respectable, middle class society painter.

As there was a huge social divide between people of different classes in the Victorian era this may explain why Basil did not connect with Dorian as well as Henry did. Doorman’s appearance can even influence people to adore him. We see this through the way Lord Henry is mesmerism by his beauty. This is shown through his quote m{o have a wonderfully beautiful face Mr. Gray. And beauty is a form of genius”. This shows how Doorman’s appearance has impacted Henrys feelings towards him and has enthroned his mind Into believing he is a genius.

This relates with how Doorman’s beauty Is often making him appear innocent therefore making people believe he would not be capable of behaving In such a corrupt fashion. This also may be because his face does not show the effects of his sins due to the evidence only showing on the face of his portrait. You could say that in the Victorian Era the beauty of a person was considered more important then they’re Morals and this is why Dorian is able to escape the blame of Basil’s murder. For example when Dorian asks

Lord Henry what he were to say if Dorian had killed Basil, Lord Henry says “It is not in you, Dorian, to commit a murder” This shows how Doorman’s beauty has blinded him as far as to make him believe that he wouldn’t be able to kill a man. Perhaps if the effects of murdering Basil were shown upon Doorman’s face and not in his portrait then this might not be the case. Willed focuses on a lot of different aspects In the novel such as the motif of color and the effect that It can have on people’s emotions. For example the color of the yellow book.

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We see this on page 148 where Dorsal has the book bound In different colors each of which suited his mood. This could suggest that the book itself is The quote muff are made to be good – you look so good” provides the interpretation that if somebody looks good then they are most likely a good person. However when we look at the character of Basil this theory is proven to be false. Basil’s looks are not described too much in the novel but we can tell though how he talks of himself that he is not that good looking.

When we see the quote from Basil “But according to your étagère I must be merely an acquaintance” which he says to Henry, This implies that Basil does not see himself in a high enough class to be a friend of Henrys as he is in a lower class then him. If we are to apply the idea that is presented in the novel that the looks of a person determines they’re social class then we can tell that Basil is not the beholder of much beauty. Despite this Basil is still portrayed as a good person in the novel which shows that the appearance of a person does not determine they’re personality.

However you could support the quote and say that looks do determine how embody acts when we use Dorian as an example. As the novel progresses Dorian starts to become very immoral and corrupt. This can be compared to how the portrait of Dorian begins to look older and worn down as it is showing the effects of all that Dorian has experienced. Perhaps it is the image that Dorian sees in his portrait that corrupts him in the first place as he is seeing what he is becoming. At the end of the Novel we see the damage that the portrait has taken and it shows the metamorphosis of how Doorman’s appearance has become monstrous.

It is clear that within the Victorian Era people were Judged upon their looks instead of their morals. The relationship between Dorian and Sybil Vane Supports Lady Mortarboard’s quote as they both are driven to believe they know each other’s personality without meeting each other as they are blinded by the beauty of one another. However Dorian proves the theory to be incorrect as he becomes corrupt throughout the novel and is portrayed as a bad person despite being attractive which shows that appearances do not determine the moral values of a person. Word count : 912


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