Baywood Hotel & A ; Resort, is one of the biggest promise to all that are interested in 5***** luxury hotels, due to open on July 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa on the Waterfront. It is an impressive 600 suites resort, with one of the top installations and services. The purpose of this study is to exemplify how a 5***** preparation program for a look intoing out a invitee should look wish, every bit good how to publicize for the best front office director, in order to offer quality to your invitees. After, a proper staff planning of the Front Desk it is presented in item, every bit good a prognosis of the Budget Report for one twelvemonth.

Main organic structure

1. Brian: Fix a complete preparation program for the undermentioned undertaking:

Checking out a Guest

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A front office staff should cognize the process that how to look into out a invitee, how to supply a cheque out service to his or her invitee. A good and fluid cheque out represents our hotel image every bit good as can demo our high quality of preparation which offered by our hotel.

This process is the mainly portion of the front office section developing programme every bit good as the merchandising ability at the front office section. Selling extra reserves at check-out procedure should be besides included in this. This process gives the front office staff a basic construction to utilize in the sale and publicity to the invitee to bring forth more gross to the hotel. The employee still has the chance to utilize his or her ain method to advance and selling.A A A A A A A A A

At the first measure of the check-out procedure process, staff demand to inquire about the how much yearss that guest already been stayed and the extra charge in our hotel. Require to talking friendly and pay attending to listen really closely, and guarantee the costumier attention working on it.

Ask if the invitee will return to our hotel in the hereafter or if he or she will necessitate a reserve for our subdivision company for they move to another topographic point working and taking holiday. If they want, inquire what if he or she would wish to do a new reserve for that visit or remain. Because all the guest historical informations are already track recorded, a verification of the reserve can be send subsequently. If the invitee is in hum, the front office staff can make it subsequently. Your occupation is for a future merchandising every bit good as advancing your merchandises to a guest.A A A A A A A

Furthermore, carry on cheque out the invitee. Afterward, do a friendly verbal contact once more. If the invitee did non answer straight to staff ‘s demand, look into out the invitee and give him or her of the going booklet what is including the information about doing extra reserves and ownership within in our hotel. Besides, the staff should inquire the invitee in suitably fair-spoken melody and mode to acquire the information of the feeling and experience during they spent clip in our hotel, to heighten our quality of service from the errors.

Express to the invitee farewell in a polite and elegant mode. Additionally, seeking to requestA she or he do they desire to assist to take the baggage or name a cab to keep our high quality service.

Report to the front office supervisor any negative remarks from the invitee during his or her stayed. Then, contact with the back office staff, guarantee the room is cleaning for the following invitee to utilize, and guarantee the invitee ‘s belongings are non bury in the room. Last, the staff should measure the remarks and discourse the solution to avoid that go on once more.

Process the following hereafter reserves.

2.Alice: You need to engage a qualified Front Office Manager.

a. One method you have decided on in seeking a Front Office Manager is one of the national newspapers. Write and fix an advertizement for the newspaper for this place that would appeal to all qualified campaigners.

Ad for Front Office Manager

As Baywood Hotel & A ; Resort is wholly new, it is non possible to hold an internal enlisting but lone external enlisting will be the pick we have to enroll our staffs. There are different methods of external enlisting and we have chosen to seek our Front Office Manager by utilizing national newspaper. As this place is in a higher managerial degree, we would wish to enroll nationally where we can acquire the best people for it. At the same clip, enrolling our staffs in national newspaper can besides assist us to advance the gap of our hotel.


The Baywood Hotel & A ; Resort

Welcome to our squad!

Company Description

Our 5-star Baywood Hotel & A ; Resort with 600 sleeping rooms will be opened in July 2011, in Cape Town, South Africa, and is situated on the new Waterfront. The front office of our company is the “ nervus Centre ” the most of import criterions in guest service. Not merely is the direction of this section, but besides the employees feel the order to offer our invitees all the comfortss and services and to carry through wants, obliged. Enthusiasm, Standard Fidelity, bask working with invitees and the attending to item are requirements for the success of our response squad.

Are you willing to seek something new, are already working as front office director daring to leap on the dais in an international hotel? Then you are the right individual to us!

Front Office Manager

Job Descriptions:

Duty for the leading, motive and organisation of the full forepart office section

Ensure optimum invitee services

Leadership of interviews and assessment interviews

Execution and monitoring of prescribed criterions

Board of Management

Organization and execution of preparation and preparation

Engagement in internal meetings


Hotel Management Education

Several old ages of experience in tantamount prima place at the response in luxury hotels

Excellent Afrikaans and English

Very good computing machine or Fidelio cognition

Helpful attitude

Congenial, surpassing personality

Well-groomed visual aspect

Our success is based on team-oriented, committed and flexible employees. We therefore respond to a / n campaigners before in that has about the really good leading qualities to new things and has the will to fall in us in the success of our company to farther expand through experience, strong communicating accomplishments and the passion of guest contact.

Please direct comprehensive sketch with capable rubric of place applied for,

recent exposure and salary expected to the undermentioned electronic mail:

hour @

Due to high volume of appliers received, uncomplete paperss will non be processed.

Merely abruptly listed campaigners will be contacted.

3. Sinan: Calculate the approximative figure of staff that will be working per displacement at the forepart desk.

The hotel is calculating tenancy degrees of 70 % for its first twelvemonth of operation. The criterions set down by the caput office are one receptionist per 20 check-ins/check-outs, and one forepart desk supervisor per five receptionists.

Assuming a 3rd of the day-to-day check-ins are groups and air hoses, how many staff would you cipher for the forepart desk.

You besides need to cipher and calculate the figure of staff needed for the dark displacement. The dark displacement will dwell of a Night Manager, Assistant Night Manager, and Night Auditors.

a ) The new Baywood Hotel & A ; Resort on the Waterfront has a 600-bedroom capacity in entire. The hotel is due to open in July 2011, and The hotel is calculating % 70 tenancy for the first twelvemonth. So if we calculate it

600* ( 70/100 ) =420

So it means the hotel is forecastA±ng 420 engagements per twenty-four hours.

The standart for the hotel is,1 receptionist can do 20 cheque in/check out per twenty-four hours.

If we calculate once more, it is about

420/20=21 receptionist we need for all day.But the forepart office is working in 3 displacements per twenty-four hours.

So we have to split these 21 receptionist into 3 shifts.But dependA±ng on busy times for forepart office.I will gauge the Numberss and so i will make my computations based on these Numberss.

In the forenoon we think it will be the busiest clip for the front office. Hence we need more receptionist in the forenoon shift.10 receptionist should be adequate working at the same.Then we have the eventide displacement which will be less busier than morning.We can delegate 7 receptionists for the eventide displacement working at the same time.For the dark we have 4 dark hearers which should be adequate for all operations in dark.

So wholly we have 21 staff including receptionist and dark hearer.

We need to cipher besides their vacations in a hebdomad which should be at 2 days.Also we think that everybody is working 8 hours.

For each receptionist they can work merely 8*5=40 hours in a week.That means 10 receptionists can work 400 hours for all hebdomad for the forenoon shift.But wholly we have 8*7=56 hours the mornig displacement takes in a hebdomad and 56*10=560 working hours for the forenoon displacement for all receptionists in a week.Because 10 receptionist have to work athe same clip. If we divide 560 divide by 40, it gives 14 receptionists for all forenoon displacement. We thought that everybody will hold 2 yearss free.

By the same computation we have56 working hours*5 receptionist=280 working hours in the eventide displacement for all hebdomad. So if we want to cipher how many staff we need for the eventide we have to split 280 by 40 and it gives 7receptionists.

For the supervisors with the same computation we need 3 for the morning.1 for the eventide, and 1 portion clip. Wholly we need 5 supervisors and everybody is holding 2 yearss free.

As decision we need 14+7=21 receptionist and5 supervisors for the forenoon and eventide displacement.

B ) For the dark we have 56*4=224 on the job hours for all hebdomad. When 224 divided by 40 it means about 5 dark hearers for whole hebdomad. Everybody has 2 yearss free agaA±n.1 dark director, 1 helper dark director and 1 portion clip helper should be plenty. So wholly we need 8 staff for dark hearers who are holding 2 yearss free and working 8 hours per twenty-four hours.

4. Sandra: Fix a annual fiscal projection ( budget study ) for the Front Office Department of the Baywood Hotel. The budget needs to be broken down month-by-month. You need to see all possible disbursals that would be incurred in the running of this section, every bit good as grosss generated. ( The budget should run from 1st July 2011 to 30th June 2012 ) .

We calculate our budget study harmonizing with the tenancy rate, which we estimated sing the local events, clime and by comparing with the competition.

First we determinate our high and low seasons, than we estimate the room rates after researching what rack rates other 5***** Hotels from Cape Town have.

After calculating the tenancy rate, and staff needed per month, we approximate every bit good the paysheet value and of class the suites ‘ gross.

The other disbursals were determinate harmonizing to the local costs and of class, by comparing with other luxury hotels.

The monetary values are set in US dollar ( $ ) currency for a common apprehension.


The room division program has been established for Baywood Hotel & A ; Resort. This program focuses on human resources maps such as enlisting and development & A ; developing subdivisions. It is of import to set the right individual to the right place. We analyzed some of the places in Front Office Department and listed all chief duties in occupation description. It does non merely assist for enrolling the right individual, but besides developing a long term human resources be aftering with the standardised rating guidelines. Our squad besides designed a proper preparation plan to employees particularly on reserve criterions and processs, which helps supplying a positive first feeling to our invitees and maximising our gross through up selling accomplishments. Finally, our squad calculated the proper figure of staff needed harmonizing to the prediction tenancy degrees and the mark clients ; this enhances the front office operation become more efficient.


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