Ella Minnow Pea: A Novel in Letters is a novel by Mark Dunn which was published and copyrighted in 2001. The book’s chief supporter. Ella Minnow Pea. is one of the dwellers of a geographically and socially secluded island of Nollof off the seashore of South Carolina. The island’s name derived from the name of the late writer. Nevin Nollof. alleged Godhead of the 30 five missive pangram “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” incorporating all of the 20 six letters of the English alphabet.

The latter. holding attained some kind of deity among the dwellers of the island peculiarly within the regulating council. was dedicated with a memorial statue bearing his Godhead phrase underneath. Faulty building of the said statue. with the adhesive weakness. the letters all of a sudden started to drop one by one as yearss pass by go forthing the Godhead pangram one missive less each twenty-four hours and the dwellers chew overing. “Could this be our God speaking to us from the quintessence?

” With this circumstance at manus the council issued a decree forbiding its components to utilize. by any agencies. any of the letters that falls off from phrase enforcing a rough penalty to those who violates the new jurisprudence. The story’s characters. non desiring to be subjected to such barbarous penalties. were forced to adhere to the council’s illusion. shun themselves from utilizing the forbidden letters both in address and in composing. With trouble adhering to the jurisprudence and non desiring to be under the dogmatic regulation the people started to oppose the council go forthing much of the characters banished from the island.

At the tallness of this societal turbulence the high priest of the council proposed that a new sentence must be discovered that can outwit Nollof’s 30 five missive pangram in order to be free of its power. A race so was started before all of the letters fall off from the statue and seal their lingua everlastingly. A undertaking they called “Enterprise 32” was so born. The mystifier was solved when Ella discovered the reply in one of his father’s earlier letters to her. “Pack my box with five twelve spirits jugs” . a 30 two missive pangram. crushing Nollof’s ain by three.

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The book is by and large classified by reviews as an epistolatory fabrication. a fresh conveyed in correspondences passed among characters of the narrative concentrating on the implicit in emotions and ideals of the author of each letters while adhering to the current scene of the narrative as it progresses. Imagine reading each of the letters with the out letters omitted doing it harder both for the author and both the fictional and the existent readers to understand it as each of the letters fall away. The narrative so is a combination of wit and humor go arounding around a simple secret plan while turn toing deep issues of the head and the society.

THE NOVEL AND APPLICATION OF THEORIES IN SOCIOLOGY Hierarchy Easily. the reader will happen that the most obvious facet exemplified in the narrative is the societal hierarchy spliting two societal categories: the council and the multitudes. The council. holding found an chance to exert their power over the citizens of Nollof devised a jurisprudence that exemplifies this power. On the other manus. the Nollofian’s. desiring to stay good citizens chooses to esteem the power of the council by adhering with the new jurisprudence.

One should understand that power waged by a higher societal category over the inferior 1s is a double balance. in the instance of our narrative. 1 ) the authorization held by the council ( higher category ) as warranted by the bing jurisprudence ; and 2 ) and the sum of freedom the Nollofians ( lower category ) are willing to give. In all societies societal separation such as this must be in order for persons to last. Each societal category has its ain qualities common among each persons consisting their ain societal category. These qualities may include similar grade of demands. involvement. beliefs. behaviour and ways of making things.

One societal category may prefer fancy assemblages and expensive dinners while the other prefers a simple counter with friends. The other may experience good to make long addresss in forepart of big audiences while the other prefers to pass a simple rather life far from public examination. One group might be comprised of a paid employees while the other maintains a set of power. This is but to call a few. The point is societal hierarchy does be and it is a necessity in order to prolong endurance of persons in a community. This is based on the rule that survivability is more likely within a group.

On the other manus. without hierarchy. society will travel adrift without another group taking the other into a common end ( which is societal order ) even though each group has its ain peculiar benefit once the end is achieved. Ideology There exists a theory called Ideology. It is an abstract set of beliefs. purposes and thoughts of persons that affects the manner a individual perceive and perform things. In order for a society to be a common political orientation must be in order to adhere different societal categories together.

These common political orientations converge to organize authorities. faith. educational systems. commercialism and all other elements needed by the society non merely to prolong survival but to do mundane life more organized and comfy. Probably. particularly for those who belong to the higher societal category. the most convenient manner to derive more control over the inferior category is to use these common political orientations in their favour. In our novel. the council. cognizing the mass’ fear to the late Mr. Nollof. used this political orientation in order to show their power over their topics by go throughing a curious Torahs and penalties.

On societies holding high grades of political orientation logic is frequently irrelevant as belief frequently precedes logic and entreaties more to emotion instead than ground. Reference What is it in the letters? What makes a rough construction such as a statue create such a great impact over a society? An foreigner such as Nate Warren sees a position with falling letters due to hapless adhesive. In the head of the Nollofians. a empyreal message from a God seeking to do contact. Warren. non sharing the Nollofian’s distinction to Mr. Nollof was able to turn to the job rationally because he perceives the statue on the physical degree.

The Nollofians. on the other manus. sees non a statue and letters but a mention their graven image himself. Mr. Nollof ( referent ) . This utmost idealism may hold affected the Nollofians to see the statue as Mr. Nollof himself and the letters beneath the statue as his existent words. Therefore. they may comprehend that falling letters from the statue may intend stating them to drop the missive from their address as good.


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