A famous politician by the name of Bush once said “The American dream is so vivid- but too many feel: the dream is not meant for me. ” Even though the dream is for everyone. The way he uses rhetoric in his speeches help to persuade the audience to follow his cause. He uses very vivid words, which give his speeches life. He is also very good at giving his speech a smooth flow that gives his speeches feelings. In this paper I will cite some lines from his speech “The Duty of Hope” which was given on July 22, 1999, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In this speech Bush talks about how America can become a prosperous nation. Bush uses the words “innovative” and “compassionate” to describe our government. These words help to paint a picture in our minds that gives this speech a body. Just these two words start to give the speech motion. As the speech progresses he begins to use very descriptive metaphors; he compares the bull market to the tide rising, and how some ships sink just like dealers. These metaphors create a mental image that helps give the body flow.

A little later in the speech, Bush tells a very vivid story about a 15-year-old involved in a gang initiation. He talks about the beatings the boy went through in order to get in. Bush, by bringing this into his speech, helps to create a sense if pity in everyone. In the next couple of lines Bush starts to make promises about the government. ” it can only be rebuilt by another caring, concerned human being. ” He promises a government that is based on serving their neighbors.

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This is a big falsity. The only way that is going to happen is to fill the government with totally new people. It seems to me that the most of the congressmen are only out for themselves and their districts and could care less about the American people. Bush s words succeed because he uses very vivid words that produce an image in our minds, which allows us to place ourselves in the story. I feel that Bush coincides with that of the enlightenment proposed by the allegory.

He fulfills the view of a good leader. He cares about the people. Through his words, Bush conveys these very vivid images of the world s problems. He, later, talks about the prison population tripling over the past 15 years. All these words that Bush uses creates many images that help give the body a flow. His stories and metaphors make us feel like we are really there. I personally feel that Bush does a good job at this. He also fulfills the criteria for an enlightened leader.

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