Harmonizing to Gibbs ( 1988 ) , merely holding an experience is non equal plenty to advance larning. Not reflecting on an experience gained through larning would ensue in you loosing that cognition acquired. It is from the construct of contemplation that premises and theories are drawn. And it is this premise that allows new state of affairss to be handled more efficaciously. ( Gibbs 1988 ) . The procedure of contemplation, presents an chance for an person to derive farther penetration into his/her work through critical contemplation on experiences, and through farther deliberations of other point of views from writers and theories.

Moron ( 1999 ) sheds more light on this subject by saying that, contemplation is a signifier of mental activity ( or a manner of believing ) that enables an awaited result to be achieved. She suggests that contemplation is applied to complex state of affairs where there is no obvious solution.

In simple footings, contemplation evolves around the impression of acquisition. Through the procedure of contemplation, we conduct an in-depth reappraisal of a piece of work. Reflection occurs when there is a motivation or a set mark. Subconsciously, this motivation may non be realized. In malice of the fact that it may non be a planned enterprise, it is through this same procedure that a new thought evolves.

Contemplation is seen as an scrutiny or reappraisal of earlier actions, events or determinations. Jasper ( 2003 ) contributed to this construct by proposing that when we reflect on earlier experiences, we end up heightening our being through the acquisition of new cognition.

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Contemplation can be defined in so many ways but they all yield the same result – acquisition. David Kolb ( 1984 ) supports Gibbs ( 1988 ) and Jasper ( 2003 ) definition of contemplation through the development of the Kolb rhythm. It is drawn below in a simplified mode but still portrays Kolb ‘s construct of contemplation. The rhythm is trigged by the thought of holding an experience from a piece of work which goes through vigorous experimentation and reproduced through a new experience. Reflection plays a critical function in this rhythm as it reproduces this new experience through the procedure of acquisition.

Fig 1 Cycle of experimental acquisition

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.york.ac.uk/admin/hr/training/gtu/students/resources/pgwt/reflectivepractice.pdf [ Accessed: 15th July 2010 ]

Kolb ( 1984 ) saw contemplation as a psychological activity that has a important function to play in larning from an experience. In the Kolb rhythm, contemplation is seen as a developmental phase of the procedure of observation. In other words through the class of doing an observation, an single tends to reflect on an experience before the impression of acquisition is realized. While holding with this rhythm, Moon ( 1999a ) introduced another angle to this phenomenon by proposing that while contemplation is seen as a critical facet of acquisition, it besides acts as a accelerator for the assimilation of information already acquired. She elaborates farther by stressing that contemplation forms portion of a sort of cognitive ‘housekeeping function ‘ which in bend creates a new acquisition experience.


The AMP began with a hebdomad of initiation. Before the hebdomad, a faculty timetable was posted on Breo which divided pupils into cohorts harmonizing to classs and allocated locales. During the first three yearss coachs are assigned to assorted Sessionss to present the faculty to pupils and to supply us with necessary information required to ship on the undertaking. On the 3rd twenty-four hours, pupils are expected to organize groups. After the formation of groups, each group is allocated a subject. We are to work together as a squad to research on the subject and to come up with relevant resources. With the aid of an assigned coach or supervisor the subject is farther broken down and made clear to all members of the group. At the terminal of the hebdomad we are encouraged to work separately and to portion resources when appropriate. A sum-up of what took topographic point during the 12 hebdomads is every bit outlined below.

Day 1 – Unfortunately, this twenty-four hours fell on my birthday. I woke up really loath to go to the first session but upon retrieving the warning which came with the timetable, I had no option than to catch the virgin coach to Luton. I arrived 30mins late merely to be embarrassed by the coach on responsibility. Everyone seemed happy and the room was really noisy. Most of us were still speaking about the tests. After the intelligence that the subject would be given, the room became quiet all of a sudden. I became tensed and dying because I had a subject in head which I have been researching on. Whiles we were being introduced to the unit and the subjects of study authorship, information sourcing and referencing, I was busy reading the faculty enchiridion because I was still confused. We were informed that the undertaking subject would be given out on the 3rd twenty-four hours so we had to go on reading the faculty enchiridion and ask inquiries in our following session. I spent the remainder of the dark reading the enchiridion trusting the following twenty-four hours would non convey any longer surprises.

Day 2 – The 2nd twenty-four hours was even worst. Even though we had a coach who kept doing amusing gags, the debut of Plagiarism, lumping and brooding authorship truly made me rather unsettled. The plagiarism session noted assorted illustrations of plagiarism and emphasized on the “ Department of State and don’ts ” of a good undertaking. I was get downing to free hope when the academic librarian took the phase. He talked approximately where to acquire relevant stuffs for our undertaking. He answered about all my inquiries and besides said we would be passing sometime with the bibliothecs to pattern how to beginning for stuffs for our undertaking. During the interruption, I met with my former group members and we agreed to lodge to the same group. I was excited because most of us were difficult working. Merely when I was get downing to experience a spot better we were informed at the terminal of the session that the groups we form would be functional for merely the subsequent two yearss. I went home even more unsettled and tensed than I was the old twenty-four hours.

Day 3 – The following twenty-four hours, after run intoing with my group members, we submitted our names and we were asked to take a squad leader to pick the subject. I was nervous and kept praying for my squad leader to pick a sensible subject. After some few proceedingss, she came back with our subject. Initially I panicked because I did non understand the subject but after reading through more than one time, I had an thought of what was required. I could n’t wait any longer. I started reading, researching and doing my ain notes. I besides passed through the shopping promenade on my manner place to catch a diary like I was advised.

Day 4 and 5 -The concluding yearss of the initiation hebdomad came really rapidly and we were reminded that it was the last chance we had to inquire for aid on anything associating to the undertaking subject. We were informed that any farther effort by a pupil to seek farther counsel sing the undertaking subject would be denied. Although, I had a clear apprehension of what I was expected to make, I was still unhappy at the terminal of the initiation hebdomad. I was anticipating to be supervised by an assigned coach until the undertaking was completed. Never the less, the group treatments we had with the assigned coachs reassured my assurance. It gave me the much needed elucidation, way and range of research required.

Weeks 2 and 3- In hebdomad 2, I started seeking for relevant stuffs for my undertaking. My first get downing point was Google hunt engine as advised by one of the coachs during the initiation hebdomad. My following point of call was the University ‘s digital library and so the Milton Keynes library. My group members agreed to run into every Friday but I could non do it because I was working. They kept directing an update of the meeting until everyone decided to make an independent work. I still kept in contact with my group members to see what they came up with. We shared a batch of resources through electronic mail. I gathered as many articles and diaries as I could and besides kept updating my diary. Most of the information I came across were electronic books so it made my work easier.

Week 4, 5 and 6 – During the 4th hebdomad, it was more of the same thing. I kept reading and stacking up articles and updating my diary. I realized that most of the stuffs we gathered during the first hebdomad had nil to make with the subject because we were merely brainstorming and seeking with keywords so I deleted them. I took a 2nd expression at the aims outlined during the group meeting and realized we had highlighted all the demands needed to finish the undertaking. I wrote short notes on any relevant stuff I came across and kept the mention in another booklet. After recognizing the magnitude of articles I had piled up, I became frightened of fring them so I made transcripts as backup. In hebdomad 5, I started extended reading on the relevant stuffs and made of import notes that would assist me with the construction of my work. I subsequently realized in hebdomad 6 that I was holding an wholly different impression of the undertaking subject. I now understood some other angles in which I had to undertake the undertaking subject which was wholly different from my initial attack during the initiation hebdomad.

Weeks 7, 8 and 9- From old experience, I decided to get down with the organic structure of the study. As I started typing out what I had written down, I realized that I had excessively many theories and most of them were merely speaking about wholly different things. I began to panic so I stopped, took a 2nd expression at the articles and deleted the irrelevant 1s. I managed to convey everything together on paper before typing once more. I ab initio thought it would be really easy to set all the information together after several hebdomads of extended reading. In hebdomad 8, I discovered some of the things I wrote down were non heading in the way I had hoped for so I decided to take a 2nd expression at the stuffs I considered irrelevant. To my astonishment, these stuffs were doing more sense than the old stuffs. I started reading and incorporating the utile information into what I antecedently had. By the terminal of hebdomad 9, I had completed my literature reappraisal.

Weeks 10 and 11- On the tenth hebdomad, I woke up with a awful concern hence I progressed at a really slow gait. A group member advised me to get down working on the brooding study. The journal was really helpful. I used the faculty enchiridion as a usher to get down my brooding study. I was determined to finish my study before the deadline. In hebdomad 11, I completed my brooding study but I was unsettled because it accounted for merely 20 % of the overall grade. I decided to follow a scheme of typing out relevant information I had in my manus written notes. I was astonished to happen out that I merely had to take out some few sentences and I was back on path. I banned my ego from watching telecasting and societal networking sites till my work was submitted.

Week 12- The last hebdomad of the AMP was truly nerve-racking. I sat down in forepart of my computing machine from 7:00 in the forenoon boulder clay 11:00 in the eventide. My eyes were aching but I could n’t take any opportunities. The force per unit area kept pilling up when I received a call from my male parent inquiring about my graduation day of the month so that he could book his air ticket on clip. Through difficult work and dedication, I finished my work on the 4th twenty-four hours. I rapidly uploaded it to three plagiarism websites to see if it flags up anything. It came up with 5 % plagiarism so I properly paraphrased those countries and gave it to my best friend to prove-read and look into for spelling errors. She came back with minor grammatical mistakes. I corrected them and began numbering the yearss towards the completion of my Masterss plan. I printed out the two transcripts as instructed and made an electronic transcript. I took it to a local coffeehouse over the weekend to adhere it and submitted my work on the last twenty-four hours of entry. I returned place to subject another electronic transcript via turnitin. I was full of smilings when I realized it was all over.


The AMP was a really ambitious enterprise but I rose to the challenge. I was really confident of bring forthing a good undertaking until I was told the subject would be given to us. I was thrown wholly off guard but I was determined to give off my best. The new experience was exciting at the same clip really nerve bust uping. Since the hebdomad started off on a bad note, I was in no temper for surprises. However, it was as a consequence of this terror and feeling of anxiousness that motivated me to work harder. As an Msc pupil, I was under force per unit area to use what I had learnt in the schoolroom to a existent life scenario. I must advert that the entire weight the AMP carried as a unit besides gave me the panic. My classs were non precisely that good so it was an chance for me to better my public presentation. I was really disquieted when I was let down by some of the articles and diaries I pilled up but with the experience from old undertakings, I rapidly recovered and in the terminal I was satisfied with the concluding result.

There were a batch of lessons learnt during this undertaking. I learnt that it is really bad to presume the signifier a undertaking would take before you are assigned to it. I learnt that puting mileposts and deadlines ensures that undertakings are delivered on clip. Even though in my instance I had so many short falls I was cognizant of what was needed to be achieved at each phase. Being organized focused and clip witting ensured that my undertaking was delivered on clip. One lesson besides deserving mentioning is the construct of be aftering a undertaking construction. This enabled me to specify the range of my undertaking to forestall me from diverting. In add-on to this, the first hebdomad of the initiation made me recognize how of import it was to work as portion of a group. I would hold loved to complete this undertaking as portion of a group work, but it gave me the chance to develop the accomplishment of working on my ain enterprise.


Harmonizing to Guirdham Maureen ( 2002 ) , a group is defined as three or more people interacting together to finish a common undertaking. Mullins ( 2007 ) agreed with Guirdham Maureen ( 2002 ) definition and went farther to explicate the five developmental phases of a group. That is Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning.

Using that to my AMP group:

Forming Phase: – My group went into the Forming phase on the 2nd twenty-four hours of the AMP hebdomad. There was no demand to present ourselves because we knew each other. We had a brief treatment and arranged to run into the following twenty-four hours for our subject.

Ramping Phase: – The group went into the ramping stage when we were given our subject. We spent sometime reading the subject, seeking to understand what was being asked of us. We shared thoughts but we were unable to nail what we were supposed to research on. We came together the following twenty-four hours still confused. But with the aid of the assigned coach, we started brainstorming and composing down keywords that would steer our research. It is of import to observe that there were some struggles but the coach nowadays, managed to decide all issues. We met on the concluding twenty-four hours with articles and diaries to portion. We were clear as to what was required of us and we all left the meeting satisfied.

Norming Phase: – This phase occurred towards the terminal of the last group meeting. We had most of our inquiries answered and we were in a good place to get down our research. The group ‘s norms were governed by the fact that we had a common undertaking to finish even though it was to be done separately. We fundamentally had to stay by good professional moralss and behaviour which were acceptable as pupils.

Performing Phase: – This phase was the longest in the group ‘s development. We worked separately and communicated thoughts by electronic mail. Even though we had a common end, the success of the undertaking was based on each member giving off their best to obtain a good class.

Adjourning Phase: – The group easy died out when each member submitted their work. I must state it did stop early for some as they worked faster than others.

One lesson I learnt was that, whenever we came together to brainstorm and to portion thoughts, it promoted further apprehension of the subject. This helped to quiet nervousnesss and assured us that we were on the right path. During the coach lead treatments, each member of the group was offered an chance to cast more visible radiation on the subject. This encouraged members to spread out on their thoughts and lucubrate further. In my instance, my group leader served as a function theoretical account to me. She was energetic and organized. She motivated me to believe faster and to better my research accomplishments. Equally far as I am concerned, there were no elements of group believing. Each member was dynamic and argued out their points from different positions. Even though we all came from different cultural backgrounds, no 1 was intimidated. Every sentiment was valued and struggles were resolved amicably. Another lesson I besides learnt as portion of the group was that, I was able to work independently and efficaciously with the aid of the feedbacks I received from my group members. With the right group members, the most hard undertaking can look really easy.


Looking back at the whole experience, I would state that the undertaking has positively impacted the manner I think and conduct research. Approaching a undertaking with a negative attitude is non the best. It is natural to be nervous when shiping on a new undertaking but panicking leads to more errors. In future, I would rely on my experience, remain unagitated and plan decently. To track my advancement, I would besides guarantee that I set accomplishable and sensible marks. Whenever possible, in future undertakings, I would guarantee that I benefit from the groups dynamism and experience. As a personal motivation factor, in future undertakings, I would guarantee that I work beyond my ability to actuate other members to make the same. Working under force per unit area is non ever evitable due to clip restraints therefore in future undertakings, I would guarantee that I plan decently utilizing the right tools such as Gantt charts as counsel. From the AMP experience, I would guarantee that in future undertakings, I keep meaningful manus written notes and diarize events encase a brooding study is required at the terminal of the undertaking. Last, in sourcing for stuffs, I would guarantee that merely relevant stuffs are stored to enable me work efficaciously.


From the definition of contemplation, it can be deduced that contemplation is an indispensable portion of acquisition and cognition acquisition. We reflect because there is a subconscious intent or ground which tends to better our old experience and give us farther penetration into the subject of treatment. Even though I started off on a unelaborated way, I hit the route running one time the range and aim of the undertaking was realized. With finding and the ardor to win, I followed the advice of coachs and good undertaking direction to make my mark. The AMP undertaking was much hard than I anticipated but the experience gained would surely travel a long manner to better my public presentation in future undertakings. Working as portion of a group besides expanded my skyline and presented me with new challenges. With the right motive and squad spirit, I bit by bit overcame my concerns and anxiousness.

To reason, even though I would hold preferred taking my ain subject, I must squeal that the subject given us was rather interesting and one that required much research. It would hold been more interesting to work with our chosen groups throughout the continuance of the undertaking but that would hold besides discouraged single dynamism and engagement. The AMP experience was worthwhile sing the fact that we were working on a maestro ‘s degree. When given a similar undertaking in the hereafter I hope to undertake it with greater ardor and finding. I am of the position that with the right resources and motive in the hereafter, a much deeper research can be carried out on the subject.


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