Executive Summary

Hidden Valley cabins are the lone company in Australia that could successfully accomplish the position of C impersonal company. They have a competitory advantage in the market of being the 100 % solar power. It is non far from Townsville and it has about everything from changing species of birds, animate beings, butterflies etc.

The study signifies in making the selling chances for the Hidden vale Cabins to market this concern in the best possible mode for all the invitees and achieve long term rank from clients.

It besides inside informations the fiscal viability of making such a selling chance, we plan to plan booklets and administer them out to neighbouring countries and travel bureaus where people book their tickets to wing to Australia or Townsville.

Hidden Valley has strong support from Government and is a proud work of Australia ‘s ecotourism industry.

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Towards the terminal of study, the best selling chance is besides marked for the intent of understanding the author ‘s recommendations. There are ways how concealed vale can be marketed either by mail-outs or by consolidating an understanding with travel bureaus.

Since the response rate is truly slow with travel bureaus, it is extremely recommended to utilize the mail outs with giving clients. To accomplish this certain alteration in operations are required and the manner the concern theoretical account is run. Therefore, this study focuses on alteration of such operations with accomplishing best quality and recommendation.

1. Introduction

1.1 Mandate

The study had been requested by Hidden vale cabins to develop the best possible selling chances for them. Chelsea who is the marketing guru of Hidden Valley cabins is bespeaking for the best selling chances and ranking the best.

1.2 Scope

Hidden Valley Cabin ‘s study here entails information about alterations in operations that are required and the possible selling chances for Hidden vale Cabins. The range is limited to reding Hidden vale cabins of the research found from web resources and articles.

1.3 Restriction

Hidden Valley Cabins is non merely made for eco touristry but besides for many research graduates to concentrate on the “ travel green ” nature. Hidden vale is the first and complete illustration of an eco touristry and C impersonal tourer topographic point.

2. Situation Analysis


The strength behind the concealed vale is the fact that concealed vale Australia ‘s first C impersonal undertaking that ne’er existed before. It is besides because concealed vale cabins have best scenery, diversion characteristics, and a really healthy clime due to the extra planting of trees.


There is ever a high cost of care required in such undertakings. If non marketed decently and funded extensively the undertaking may even be in danger.


It has the ability of interpreting nature ; it can farther put an illustration for many states and ecotourism industry for the needed completion of any ecotourism undertaking.


Support is ever an issue in such undertaking, as the benefits output is normally longer and requires immense care. There will be external competition every bit good.

Hidden vale cabins have the competitory advantage in the market, but it requires extended selling chances that would market this topographic point to the best of its ability. It needs more and more rank, one of the restraints of Hidden Valley cabin is that it ‘s remotely located which makes it more of a seasonal visit than a regular visit topographic point.

3. Market Size

Tourism market constitutes a really large proportion of Australia and provides 69 % of GDP as indicated by ( Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade ) . Ecotourism in peculiar focal points on the recreation of Australian touristry to a more sustainable sector.

Since Hidden vale and many such smaller undertakings in Australia are really little, they represent a really smaller per centum of Australian touristry market. This is chiefly because the definition of eco touristry is less cosmopolitan, which makes it about harder to determine the size of the market. But since the cost of constitution, care is high and the public financess are limited, the advancement of this niche market has well been slower and smaller in size.

If we compare for illustration ecotourism with the market of hotels and organized Tourss, ecotourism is a really short and immature market that yet needs to turn wholly. Many uneducated tourers may non be cognizant of what ecotourism means.

Hidden vale is merely unfastened to its members and placed one and half hr off from Townsville ; this makes the market size really smaller. Its minimal bundles along with the disbursal of going to Hidden Valley makes the market psychiatrist and smaller.

4. Market growing

Hidden Valley Cabins & A ; Tours are an outstanding illustration of echt Ecotourism and have been certified as an Advanced Ecotourism operation – the highest degree of enfranchisement – by Ecotourism Australia. ( hiddenvalleycabins, 2009 )

It has high chance of growing in market bearing in head that it was the first to do such a undertaking. With Government ‘s enterprise for a C free environment it has truly high chance of growing and enlargement through Government aid and subsidies.

5. Rival Analysis

There are non many rivals for Hidden vale cabins as they were the first one to accomplish such a C impersonal tourer topographic point in Australia and this gives them batch of competitory advantage in the market.

There are other companies like “ Small universe Journeys ” but they are non every bit good established as Hidden vale Cabins. Hidden Valley cabins have an illustration of its ain.

Small World Journey conducts smaller trip for Great Barrier Reef or many other smaller of course setup countries where the nature itself is keeping the balance. The journeys they conduct are smaller and limited to little group, the biggest disadvantage in such undertakings is the little group holding to see with clip frames as prescribed by the circuit adviser. With concealed vale cabin, people can remain at that place and form their ain trips and pass their ain leisure clip at every natural phenomenon they wish to see and research.

6. Environmental Factor

Hidden Valley Cabins uses perfectly no C policy, giving itself to the best environment possible.

“ Hidden Valley Cabins uses solar power & A ; Tours is 100 % solar powered salvaging 78 tones of CO2 emanations per twelvemonth. This is Australia ‘s 1st base entirely system for a touristry resort with no support from grid power. ”

( hiddenvalleycabins, 2009 )


Political – Hidden vale and many such undertakings in Australia are proud of Australian Government enterprises and they have full support from the Government. However support and the clip continuance involved in research and constitution of such undertakings has ever been longer and dearly-won.

Economic- The entire cost of constitution of such a undertaking and care is truly high. The circuit cantonments are expensive to run every bit good as the Tourss are normally seasonal or by a niche mark market who are cognizant of the importance of traveling green.

Social- The whole construct and thought of ecotourism is salvaging the natural resources and this is merely successful through uninterrupted public sentiment and engagement.

Technological- concealed vale and undertakings such as concealed vale rely extensively on the newer environment friendly engineerings, like solar H2O warmers, solar energy power generators etc. Government spends 1000000s in accomplishing environment friendly equipments and tools. The more such engineerings are used and implemented, the more opportunities of doing ecotourism ruling the touristry industry.

Legal- There are no legal concerns in developing ecotourism, nevertheless public policies might consequence the definition of ecotourism, which might consequence conceal vale to redefine and reconstitute itself to be labeled as a successful ecotourism undertaking.

( Australian Forestry, 2008 )

7. Consumer Behavior Factors

Consumers have really strong motive towards “ travel green ” companies ; it has become more of public values that the clients prefer. Companies that are carbon impersonal are really much welcomed by clients. Even for little trade goods like plastic bags or any other trade goods, consumer ‘s response really speedy and has more penchant to such companies. The manner Hidden Valley advertises itself wins the bosom of many consumers to give an eco friendly resort penchant over others that are non.

Demographic- Carbon impersonal undertakings are direct consequence of public consciousness and engagement for such undertakings. Many usage such undertakings for seeking gross. This will be mostly welcomed by babe boomers whose are ageing and wants to see ecotourism as it requires less physical attempt and easy accessible.

Psychographic- The personality traits of persons or groups in this market needs to be supportive of ecotourism, learned and experienced in the ecotourism market. Otherwise the construct of ecotourism would be really equivocal for any naA?ve visitant.

Geographic- Ecotourism is largely surrounded around undertakings off from crowded and polluted metropoliss. Which means consumers would ever hold to go long distances to make such undertakings as Hidden Valley.

Behavioral- The behaviour and response of such clients becomes narrower on the range of ecotourism. If the enterprise behind undertakings such as Hidden vale is to advance C impersonal undertakings in every twenty-four hours life, it might merely so be associated with touristry and will non be applied to day-to-day life.

8. Possible Selling Opportunities

The first selling chance is to consolidate an understanding with all the travel bureaus and every clip a client visits such travel bureau they will be more attracted to such topographic points to see. Hidden Valley cabins have the competitory advantage of being the first of eco friendly.

The 2nd selling chance is to direct mail-outs to all the nearby topographic points to familiarise itself and acquire as many ranks as possible. These mail outs would besides dwell of 10 % verifier for their first visit to come in into concealed vale cabins.

The 3rd selling chance is the development of a customized circuit, this means that any tourer should be able to see concealed vale web site and custom-make his ain circuit. For illustration, if a client has penchant over Equus caballus equitation, waterfalls but non in the C impersonal preparation games so he should be able to make this by taking his ain countries of involvement. The aim of such self customization circuit is to do the circuit more independent of every single involvement. This in bend would convey more clients for the rank of concealed vale.

9. Fiscal Viability of Opportunities

Estimated Datas

Number of pieces you are get offing or e-mailing:



Entire plan costs:



Response Rate: % of responses expected:



Conversion Rate: % of respondents expected to do purchases:



Average net income per sale:




Expected Consequences

# Respondent

Cost per response:



# Buyers:


Cost per buyer/new client:



Entire Net income from Campaign:


Cost per piece:



Marketing Return on invested capital:




( Source- selling today, 2010 )

The above selling chance has been considered for the intent of puting in 1000 mail outs that would be us about $ 200. We expect a response rate of 4.5 % of these mail outs come back to us, as these mail outs had been send with 10 % price reduction vouchers, there are opportunities that the response rate would be higher than the expected. The ROI is estimated to be 50 % which is really good for a selling run. Better consequences of a get offing out run are merely if it ‘s done on regular footing. This run would be done every 3 months with different seasonal offers from clip to clip, which will do the response rate higher, clients would be more happy to see price reduction vouchers than the mail itself, which makes the response rate higher and they would walk in with these vouchers to conceal vale for the price reduction. The selling run would aim both bing and to all the clients and companies in environing countries. The other selling runs of travel bureau and customized circuit buzzword be calculated unless run as a sample for a short continuance to see the response. The research has indicated that there is no 1 selling run that would be successful at all times, similar runs can hold different responses in different times. Marketing ROI is an estimation merely the existent response can merely be done by seeking the chances out or spliting the budget of marketing run in all the three chances and analyse the response rate chiefly because ecotourism is a really immature market in the touristry industry.

10. The best Opportunity to follow

From the three discussed selling chances and the computation of, Hidden vale cabins has the best selling chance by directing mail outs, as the response rate and the selling ROI as explained above is truly high. The issue with subscribing up with retail travel bureaus is the cost of making and publicizing with such bureaus. In short term, the mail out chance will be better but for long term and seasonal benefits subscribing up with bureaus might be more good.

11. Changes needed for current Operationss

Presently, Hidden vale cabins have the format of holding invitees to fall in the rank and mark for Tourss or they even have installation for stockholders to have and keep the concealed vale. The biggest cost is the cost of care in its current operations that needs the primary focal point.

The biggest demand is to minimise such a large land of services and care, the best manner to manage this operation is to minimise the waste and educate all the tourers and visitants to keep a C and waste free environment. To accomplish this there can be games and patterns involved in the circuit cantonment that will assist conceal vale clean itself by the tourers than holding to engage outside companies for cleansing and waste services.

12. How to go on quality service for bing clients

To keep and accomplish quality service, concealed vale cabin resorts has already won the Black Marias of many clients by being eco friendly to the environment. To go on keeping the bing clients, clients should be given rank cards to advance and advice them of the new offers from clip to clip.

13, Resource demand for changed operations

Experts and experient staff who can present such games and patterns will be required to minimise the cost of developing less care cost services. A elaborate analysis and entire study of the care cost demands to be issued before the execution of a new changed operation program. This program would carry on a complete analysis of the entire cost of care and how this can be minimized. Therefore the resources needed would be chiefly experts and C impersonal witting clients to make games and policies that would minimise the cost of care.

14. Communicating the feasibleness of doing alterations to Stakeholders

The stakeholders of Hidden vale are the direct stakeholders like stockholders, investors and tourers. While the indirect stakeholders are research workers, authorities sections etc. To implement the alterations, concealed vale has to advice and seek the blessing of its all direct stakeholders.

Hidden Valley cabins has the biggest competitory advantage in the market of being the first and biggest in Australia for eco friendly undertaking. Stakeholders can even put and go stockholders of such a motivation. It has all its ways to make a natural and carbon impersonal tourer topographic point by making edifices of lumber, utilizing solar power, seting trees and recycling its waste every bit much as possible. As the Government invests 1000000s in developing C impersonal undertakings. This undertaking is proud of Australia and Australians towards traveling green enterprises by the Government and public values. Stakeholder ‘s attending is required to keep these and better these attempts by developing more and more new traveling green enterprises and minimising the care cost of concealed vale. Hidden Valley has been encouraged and supported by the undermentioned organic structures who are besides its stakeholders:

Regional Tourism Organisation ( RTO ) -Townsville Enterprise Limited

Tourism Queensland

Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry ( DTRDI )

Tourism Australia

Ecotourism Australia

Townsville and Thuringowa Councils

Solar power endeavors ( tourismqueensland, 2008 )

15. Decision

In decision, it can be said Hidden vale has all the necessary installations that are required for the constitution of a successful C impersonal tourer attractive force. As the universe goes more and more cognizant of C emanations and the ozone bed. The demand for of import reservoirs and topographic points where non renewable beginnings of energy that are used are advised to many people. Continuing the wild life, keeping the ecological balance are of import precedences of every person. Therefore, concealed vale cabins are one of a really authoritative illustration of such mission. It has competitory advantage in the market of being the first successful mission in accomplishing a C impersonal ecotourism hot spot. As the tendency moves into more and more for sustainability, the response for such missions is ever great for research every bit good as touristry intents.

16. Recommendation

In recommendation, it can be easy concluded that concealed vale needs more to utilize effectual selling chances to market its merchandise. This can be merely achieved through accommodating policies that are helpful in constitution of a successful selling chance. Hidden vale cabins can be promoted through the usage of tourer cantonments and air hose bureaus ; this would convey more and more clients for sing the concealed vale cabins. To accomplish better consequences both for short term and long term benefits, mail outs and the thought of reaching bureaus should be adapted. Even educational establishments should be marketed and advised about concealed vale cabins every bit good to accomplish proper consequences as instruction establishments play a great function and are researching more on the development of C impersonal topographic points.


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