Konark ‘s, a little town in the Puri territory of Orissa, claim to celebrity is the universe renowned Sun Temple. Konark, in add-on to being a pilgrim’s journey finish, is besides known for the legion tourer attractive forces it offers the eager tourer.

The one-year dance festival, held every December, is a testimonial to Indian classical dance and showcases some of the best endowment in the Indian dance sphere including the classical dance signifier, Odissi.


The beginnings of Konark are shrouded in enigma though it is believed that Konark, as a metropolis, has existed since the pre Christian epoch. The metropolis has seen a sequence of swayers governing over Konark and the Sun Temple can be attributed to King Narasimhadeva of the Eastern Ganga dynasty. Although Konark was a magnificient metropolis in its hey yearss, it has seen a rapid diminution due to womanizers who ravaged the metropolis and destroyed most of its temples and other spiritual artefacts.

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The Sun Temple: This magnificient building, made of black granite, was constructed in the twelfth century and is dedicated to the Sun God. The temple is besides a universe heritage site and the architecture and engravings on the temple are a banquet for the eyes. The temple symbolizes the olympian pace of the Sun God and was designed as a chariot drawn by seven spirited Equus caballuss on 12 braces of finely designed, flowery wheels. Visitors are met by statues of two ferocious king of beastss at the entryway who are supposed to guard the divinity inside the temple. The Sun temple besides mimics the Khajuraho temple in that it is adorned with engravings of twosomes in amative, sensuous airss and are said to hold been derived from the Kama Sutra, the Indian treatise of love and sensualness.

Nata Mandir: Literally translated agencies ‘temple of dance ‘ , this is a smaller temple at the entryway of the Sun temple and is the topographic point where terpsichoreans performed to pay bow to the Sun God. This temple is now in ruins although some parts of its past luster can still be seen.

Other Attractions

Chilika Lake: The chilika lake is at the oral cavity of the Daya river fluxing into the Bay of Bengal. The lake is a hangout for migratory birds and hosts over 160 species of birds that migrate from all over the universe.

How to Reach

Konark has gained planetary acknowledgment for the Sun Temple and as being a Centre for Indian dance and the humanistic disciplines. Konark is good connected to all major metropoliss in India. The nearest airdrome is Bhubneshwar, 64 kilometer from Konark. Puri, a busy rail station is the nearest railhead, 31 kilometer from Konark. The metropolis is good connected to Puri and Bhubneshwar by route and you can skip onto a private cab or a coach to acquire to Konark from these metropoliss.


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