Markha vale Trek:

One of the most varicolored and dramatic treks in the foothills of Himalayas ; Markha valley trek ( 5030 m ) has immense stone pinnacles, prayer-flagged base on ballss, junior-grade gorges and overhanging drops. A path brings you into two base on ballss of Himalaya. The Ganda La and Kangmaru La are deserving by halting.

This trek will take you to a brow religious residences, Tibetan shrines and supplication walls. The wildlife such as, Ibex, Himalayan Blue sheep can be viewed. Towards the terminal of trek, you envision some exciting and dramatic sights of the white extremums of Tibet and other saddle horses of Karaloram scope.

On the first stage, thrust to Spituk where you cross the beautiful river and enter into the vale of Zinchen River. You get a opportunity for camping in the nearest small town. Stoping by picturesque vale, you trail acclivity on the hard way to make Stok. On the manner, the pristine river awaits you at the massif of Stok Kangri.

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Let your eyes observe the brilliant way towards Yurutse. Traverse a pretty and little colony which boasts of holding little vale. After a short walk, descend and acquire entered into the Markha vale, rich in its vegetation. Few 100 metres further, there lays the glorious topographic point called Skiu.

If you want to research unusual and great flora so, follow a path which moves to compensate of Markha. Here you will track through sterile field. Chaluk is another topographic point to see. Walk along the left bank of river, a hiking will take you to village of Markha. Camping can be enjoyed near the river.

Another trek path leads towards the chief vale. Sometimes difficult to traverse, this trail is set in the river bed. The monastery of Humlung is a deserving topographic point fillet by. Continue trekking with right bank, range Hankar, topographic point that has some houses.

The way to Nimaling will allow you research the wide and pleasant vale on the route side. As you go deep into this vale, it becomes more narrow and higher. Another finish called Tchatchutse is reached after traversing the Bridgess. You need to mount grazing lands to make Nimaling, one of the most attractive high vales in Ladakh.

While trekking to another base on balls, you need to traverse Markha vale and follow long ascent. A hard path leads to Kongmarula La. Keep trekking through steep gorges and range in Chukirmo. Arrive into Shang after traversing right and left bank. You get a opportunity to make bivouacing in Grovess. An hr off, there is a monastery.

A trek towards Hemis offers you to see the most celebrated and ancient monastery of Ladakh. A immense Tankha is said to be one of the largest in the universe. Pay a visit to Hemis monastery, Shey monastery. Shey monastery comprises of 7.5 Cu statue of Buddha, coated with gold. Thereafter, drive further to research Thiksey monastery on a brow. You will happen some wall pictures and temples.

This whole circuit of Markha valley trek imparts a true spirit of the colorful and charming landscapes of Indian ‘s Ladakh part!


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