Omkareshwar, literally translated means ‘Om-maker-lord ‘ , is a sacred Hindu temple located in the Khandwa territory of Madhya Pradesh. The presiding divinity of this temple is Lord Shiva and the Omkareshwar temple is one the 12 revered Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva.


Situated at the meeting of the sanctum rivers Narmada and Kaveri, Omkareshwar is an island shaped like the holiest of all Hindu Symbols ‘Om ‘ and therefore the name. The island comprises of two exalted hills that are divided by a vale due to which the island gets its characteristic form of the ‘Om ‘ symbol. Omkareshwar is home to many Hindu temples, some of them are as listed under attractive forces.


Shri Omkar Mandhata: This temple stands on a little island in thick of the Narmada river and its blunt white outside is infused with keen and delicate carvings ; the upper part is the most dramatic. This temple is made with soft rock and the rock roof is embedded with intricate carvings. The presiding divinity is Lord Shiva and the Jyotirlingam at the Omkar Mandhata temple is one of the 12 revered lingams of Lord Shiva.

Siddhanath Temple: The Siddhanath temple is a absolutely preserved illustration of mediaeval Indian architecture and the outer wall of the temple is infused with carvings of elephants and the roof of this temple bears all right, artistic carvings.

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24 Embodiments: This is a bunch of Hindu and Jain temples and is known for the skilled usage of architecture when these were built. Each temple is alone and architecturally different from the others. This is what makes 24 Avatars such an extraordinary tourer attractive force.

Other Attractions

Kajal Rani Caves: This is a scenic and a picturesque topographic point, 9 kilometer from Omkareshwar and is popular with people sing Omkareshwar. These are a series of caves that give an feeling of a ageless stretch.

How to Reach

Omkareshwar draws 1000s of fans each twelvemonth from all parts of the state and the universe. The nearest airdrome is Indore, which is about 77 kilometers off and is serviced by all major domestic air hoses. The nearest railhead is Omkareshwar route, 12 kilometer from the temple. If you would instead take the route, regular coach services are available to Omkareshwar from Indore, Ujjain and Khandwa and in bend these metropoliss are good connected by route to the major metropoliss in India.


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