Write a review in which you compare and contrast the presentational devices used in The Simpsons Movie and Casino Royale film trailers.

I will be exploring the action movie genre that has been parodied by The Simpsons Movie. The action movie genre is fast cars, beautiful women, guns and explosions; whereas the comedy genre is all about the pie in the face slapstick that we all love.

James Bond is a seductive, sexy, sophisticated spy. With his brand-new licence to kill in hand, Bond takes on Le Chiffre in an ultra-high stakes game of poker. The game turns deadly as Le Chiffre and Bond go head to head in and out of the game, with the stakes becoming more than just money.

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Whereas Homer Simpson is a funny, fat, family man. With his family in a vintage car, Homer fearlessly takes on global warming with his sidekick Spiderpig. This a perfect example of the comedy genre because it has a fast dog sleigh that parodies the fast and sexy sport car of the hero’s, huge glass domes, slingshots handled by small boys with spiky hair this has parodied the highly deadly guns used by trained men and older women with blue hair this has parodied a beautiful young woman.

The first thing that is parodied is the hero. Usually the hero in an action genre is a single heartthrob; but Homer is fat, bald and married with three children. This is effective because it shows the hero in twenty years time happily married and still enjoying life.

Another thing that is parodied is the villain. The villain in Casino Royale is dressed in a sharp black suit and has a scar on his face. Whereas, the villain in the Simpsons movie is old, venerable and depends on his assistant for the simplest of things. This is effective because it shows that the villain can be venerable and old but people are still scared of him when he is easily beatable.

Another thing that is parodied is the narrator. In the Simpsons movie it is as if the narrator is saying things very sarcastically, like he doesn’t believe that this is an action movie. This is effective because it shows that he really hates having to narrate this.

Another thing that is parodied is the love interest. The love interest in Casino Royale is a young sexy woman. Whereas the love interest in the Simpsons movie is a mature woman with big blue hair.

Another thing that is parodied is the long shot. The long shot in Casino Royale is of James coming out of a plane with the plane looking very intimidating. Whereas the long shot in the Simpsons movie is of a vast landscape and when they are in awe of this sight they drive off the edge of the mountain completely taking away the intimidation of the landscape.

Another thing that is paraded is the lighting. The lighting in Casino Royale highlights the villain’s scar to make him look scary. Whereas in the Simpsons movie the highlights are on his baldhead and long deformed nose this shows the frail and less scary side.

Finally the lighting in the Simpsons movie is almost the same throughout; whereas in Casino Royale they use a variety of lighting techniques like highlighting when they highlight the villain, or James Bond’s eyes when he coming off of the plane, it was also black and white to show the past.


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