“Let peace at that place be peace on Earth and allow it began with me” . Once there was an old adult male by he saw a lady picking up starfish and gently throwing it into the sea he asked “young lady why are you throwing starfish into sea? ” she answered “the Sun is up if I don’t throw them they will die” he asked” but lady don’t you realize that there are many stat mis of beach and 1000s of star fish you can non likely do a difference” The immature lady bent down and threw another fish in sea so se courteously said “It made a difference for that one” . Actually what is citizen? A citizen is one whose behaviour is consistent with the canons of self-respect and societal justness. So in today’s universe does our behavior prove as the definition of citizen? No no-one can turn out because a good citizen has echt and love for his place land. Earth is our fatherland but we are non echt to it. There are many human activities which has harmed our female parent Earth. First human activity that amendss the Earth is deforestation. It destroys immense country environment and our planet.


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