And with a quick glance from Simon; Hannah, Jamie, Jennifer and Alison knew they were his prime suspects. Simon knew that if he nailed this story he would get the promotion he’s always wanted-he promised his mother before she died that he would one day edit his own successful newspaper an would do anything to make it possible. “So… ” said Simon in a tone of voice so venomous it left a trail of poison in the air “let’s go over this again, Jamie, where were you at the time that Oliver was… well…. urdered? ”

“I’ve told you Mr Cossons, I was in my dressing room, I wasn’t needed for the scene so I was changing into my outfit for the finale” “Jennifer was the 1st one to be questioned that night, she had a plausible alibi and had been sitting there for at least 3 hours, she wanted to go home, she wanted to be held in her lover’s arms and be comforted-after all her best friend had just been killed and draped over her in front of an audience in his last moments as he swallowed what was to be his last drink.

Jennifer could not understand why anyone would want to kill someone in a way so evil and degrading. But at that instant paranoia had started to seep into her thoughts as she sat thinking of the possibilities “…… David? ” she said quietly to herself, David was her very jealous lover he was always complaining that she spent too much time on the play, and always commented on how much he hated the fact that they were so friendly with each other.

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David often made snide comments such as “You better not be with Oliver, I’ll kill him” and when he picked her up from rehearsals and her an Oliver exchanged their goodbyes he’d say “if he looks at you like that one more time he’ll be sorry” He said this about most guys who looked at Jennifer and although he was very protective….. would that be enough reason to kill? Jennifer quickly put that thought out of her mind as she exchanged glances with Hannah, she didn’t smile, she couldn’t-she wondered what was going on inside Hannah’s mind.

Hannah and Oliver had got very close at one point but Jennifer had always found Hannah to be a two faced bitch and was convinced Oliver could do better-Oliver soon dumped Hannah an she had always blamed Jennifer for their break-up. She began thinking what Hannah might have done if it was Jennifer lying dead in the Hospital Morgue but she had to shake it off-if she thought any more of death she would burst into tears and was not prepared to see the satisfaction on Hannah’s face if she saw a weakness in Jennifer.

She looked at Jamie and Alison-She couldn’t believe that someone in that room was a suspect of her best friends murder, sure Alison an Hannah were evil ans at times could be very cold hearted, she laughed st the fact that either of them would kill a perfectly good male rather than get their legs over him. She looked at the floor an didn’t know what to do or say as Simon said her name…


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