Faulkner used many different symbols in this narrative to explicate how much clip had passed. or when the last clip something was seen or used. Such as the Aldermen came to see Miss Emily “When the Negro opened the blinds of one window. they could see that the leather was cracked ; and when they sat down. a swoon dust rose sluggishly about their thighs. whirling with slow atoms in the individual sunbeam. ” ( 2nd paragraph. William Faulkner. 1930 ) This symbol shows us that Miss Emily doesn’t acquire many visitants. It seems cipher comes into this room non for some clip. It tells me that Miss Emily is the type of adult female who keeps to herself since the Mayor she one time knew said. “no Negro adult female should look on the streets without an apron. ” ( First paragragh. William Faulkner. 1930 )

He spoke of Miss Emily’s father as if he was better so everyone and so was his girl. That there was no adult male suitable for his girl. So it seems she believed the same thing and that’s why she wouldn’t allow so bury her male parent right off when he died. It was the lone individual she had left and was afraid of being entirely. for she didn’t know any better. But yet the people didn’t pronounce her brainsick so. “The twenty-four hours after his decease all the ladies prepared to name at the house and offer commiseration and assistance. as is our usage. Miss Emily met them at the door. dressed as usual and with no hint of heartache on her face. She told them that her male parent was non dead. She did that for three yearss. with the curates naming on her. and the physicians. seeking to carry her to allow them dispose of the organic structure. Merely as they were approximately to fall back to jurisprudence and force. she broke down. and they buried her father rapidly. We did non state she was brainsick so. ” ( Paragraph 6. William Faulkner. 1930 )

Another symbol the writer used was when Miss Emily passed off eventually gave the people of the town a opportunity to travel inside her house and expression about. For when she was alive she spent many old ages in at that place without any visitants or of her of all time go forthing the house. There was room in which they had to interrupt the door down. “ . A thin. pungent chill as of the grave seemed to lie everyplace upon this room decked and furnished as for a espousal: upon the cornice drapes of faded rose colour. upon the rose-shaded visible radiations. upon the dressing tabular array. upon the delicate array of crystal and the man’s lavatory things backed with tarnished Ag. Ag so tarnished that the monogram was obscured. Among them lay neckband and tie. as if they had merely been removed. which. lifted. left upon the surface a pale crescent in the dust. Upon a chair hung the suit. carefully folded ; beneath it the two deaf-and-dumb person places and the cast-off socks. ” This right here shows one time her important other died she would be all entirely and didn’t want to allow the towns people bury him like they did with her male parent. This shows me her male parent encephalon washed so bad to the point of ne’er allowing spells of something once she had and that’s precisely what she did.

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