Dubai is one of the states that have been basking its wealth from the services provided in the touristry industry sector. Its all right littorals and the soundless cool hotels all over the part, has provided a major attractive force site to assorted clients all over the universe. Dubai state is a metropolis that is international. That has its assorted rivals all over the universe, from Eastern Asia, the USA and Europe. Dubai is said to hold received a entire figure of 6.1 million tourers in 2008 than its old twelvemonth ( Stokes, 2000 ) . It has been vividly seen that the lone manner an organisation can stand out in its activities, is by establishing anterior planning, while taking mensurable schemes that can be implemented in order to work towards the set aims and achieve its ends. In this instance, Dubai has worked hard to develop the part and to hold alternate cause of action they can trust on, in instance of economic crisis. It has been good known that, most of the old activities were production and fabrication of oil.

Originality of Tourism and Hotel Development

Impetus to tourism industry in Dubai has grown from the roots to its current province as a multi-billion industry which is non merely a anchor to Dubai ‘s economic system but has gained international position as a touristry finish. Several factors triggered the growing of the touristry industry in Dubai and they include the demand for Dubai to diversify its economic system from mere dependence on oil and natural gas to diversifying its economic system. Dubai has for a long clip been a modesty for oil and natural gas, nevertheless, the usage of oil has been decreasing and therefore the demand to diversify. This caused the touristry industry to roar.

The authorities of Dubai created an enabling environment for the growing of touristry by constructing substructure such as roads and more hotels to trip the growing of touristry in Dubai. The authorities of Dubai besides gave recognition installations to constructor and invited foreign investors in Dubai. This worked in the favour of increasing touristry in Dubai. The authorities of Dubai collaborated with the media to publicize and update what is in Dubai. Thus it was converted from a of course dry land to a centre for trade and concern. This worked positively to trip the growing of the touristry industry in Dubai.

Most concerns were started up that subsequently on led to its growing hence going larger organisations. The assorted organisations that were developed in Dubai were such as: joint venture companies, public stockholders company, limited liability company, private shareholding company, portion partnership company, General partnership company and portion partnership companies ( Legal Business Structures, n.d. ) were the assorted concerns that were developed. There are other sorts of concern organisations that are non encouraged by the authorities of Dubai. These concerns includes ; the portion partnership companies and the partnership-en-commendams. Joint ventures are conducted between two parties of different states. That is the local concern and the foreign concern person that comes together for the intent of the same involvement.

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The chief success of Dubai was as a consequence of the resources that were available in the state ( Govers, Go & amp ; Kumar, 2007 ) . One of the richest resources was the oil lying underneath. That was traded on the different parts of the state. It ‘s vividly known that oil is one of the of import natural resources is largely exported in the Middle East. The 2nd that they have truly used to win is by altering 90 % of the states desert to an international fiscal market. Many foreign persons have shown great involvement in puting in Dubai while doing immense net incomes therefore taking to the growing and development of the state of Dubai. This besides led to the development of the most known image of the Dubai. Some respect it as the icon of Dubai. It ‘s named as Burj Al Arab which has been ranked as the lone universe ‘s figure one 7 star hotel that has led to the most success of Dubai state since it has been an attractive force site for many of the tourers. Strong characteristics it portrayed in the part brought about its success. Assorted investors from different parts of the word, contributed allot since they could get down their concerns while trading within and without the part, while traveling to an extent of trading oversees. The more people visited Dubai, the gross it developed since tourer could pay for hotel installations, repasts and conveyance while going to different attractive force sites.

There are other merchandises that are besides celebrated known as the thenar Island and the Earth. They are the largest manmade island in the whole universe that is informed of a beach. This has led to the development of Dubai since most of the tourer from Europe, America, Asia and Africa at big states have been traveling to pass clip in this island, during most of the vacations with their households and friend to bask their leisure clip in a voguish environment. However refer to some scientist research workers that the island shows some characteristics of droping down the Earth, hence, making another interesting admiration of part that people desires to see. Since Dubai has diverted most of its activities in the touristry industry other than the extraction of oil, it needs to get by up with the current tendencies that take topographic point due to globalisation ( Stokes, 2000 ) . By implementing the needed activities while bettering its services, it ‘s has ever been found expiring in the word of touristry.

Dilemmas Faced in the Tourism Industry

Dubai has been recognized as one of the finishs that tourist flock from assorted parts of the universe ( Govers, Go & amp ; Kumar, 2007 ) . Apart from that, there are ever defects that come manus in manus with characteristics and activities of an country. It does non intend that every concern does good in each twenty-four hours of its minutess. In the same instance, touristry industry in Dubai has been fiscal crisis at one point. This leads to low concern activities at most of the times, hence, stoping up losing most of the clients that visits the state during their leisure clip. This besides leads to concern cut downing its trading activities since the trading activities may be runing at a loss. This means that most of the hotels becomes vacant, therefore, taking to low investings and some of the employees working on these hotels being laid off.

Second, at some point, people sing the state, becomes less in figure. This show it ‘s as a consequence of a greater competition which may be referred as to a rise in direct and indirect competition ( Sharpley, 2008 ) . Hotels have been losing clients either to the high category or instead the epicurean hotels in Dubai go forthing the other hotels with no clients. Another manner is whereby some persons are germinating to move as agents that accommodate the tourer leting them in at a lower cost rate. This has led to the decrease in the economic sector of Dubai. Another challenge that has been faced by Dubai is the decrease of going by foreign persons. The figure of tourers sing the state has deteriorated compared to earlier times when there was a high population flocking in the state. This is due to the economic roar that has affected about every portion of the universe. This has led Dubai to confronting a incubus that they would ne’er had expected of deficit of clients.

Third, solid waste ( Al-Qaydi, 2006 ) and chemical disposal are besides disputing Dubai, since the touristry industry particularly hotel produce a big sum of solid and chemical waste, and the Dubai authorities demands to manage them decently so the environment will non be polluted.

The competition they experience from other states. This is ever regarded as cheaper surrogates to Dubai therefore provide cheaper services and adjustments to the tourer. This leads to most of the tourers proffering the surrogate finishs since they can pull off to afford them. The issue of cost has non yet been resolved since Dubai has dearly-won services and posh adjustments that can non be charged underrate. Hence, for Dubai to retain its client and acquire back the 1s have already left it needs to look profoundly into its activities and the budget developed should be in a place of pin downing back its clients.

Strengths of Dubai

Dubai is located in the Middle East, which is doubtless the universe biggest oil manufacturer. Dubai is ranked the universe sixth largest oil modesty ( Owen, Inderwildi, King, 2010 ) , this combined with natural gas is the anchor of Dubai ‘s economic system, because of excavation oil and natural gas there has been infrastructural development n anterior development of societal comfortss. This in consequence has created an enabling environment for concern. Second, Dubai has transformed its natural desert into an international market for corporate investors who have invested vastly in Dubai. Therefore, the corporate investors have non merely made net income, but

hold besides helped develop Dubai.

Some of the societal comfortss that have developed because of the serein environment in Dubai are such as Burj Al Arab. It is a celebrated icon voted as the universe ‘s most epicurean hotel. It is the universe ‘s merely and first seven star hotels. Second, Burj khalifa is presently the universe ‘s tallest edifice, it is 828 metres tall. Peoples are ever recognized Dubai is an international luxury finish. Its travel adjustment is a chief characteristic of this positioning with more than a 3rd of all hotels in the metropolis rated as five and four star hotels.

Failings of Dubai Tourism Industry

Dubai has denumerable beginnings of factors that pose as menaces to its touristry industry. The economic crisis has served to expose the failings in touristry industry. For illustration, Dubai has been dependent on oil ; its net incomes have been powered by oil, but, oil is non a sustainable resource, which means one twenty-four hours it will run out. Data shows oil is now merely 6 % of Dubai ‘s entire gross ( Khatib, 1997 ) . And, there are besides unequal variegations there are menaces to the stableness of touristry in Dubai. Terrorism threats – Dubai is known to be an oasis of luxury with some of the universe ‘s celebrated and outstanding icons such as the Burj Al Arab and Burj khalifa. Such icons serve as terrorist marks. Natural catastrophe – Tsunami is another menace since Dubai prevarication on the gulf seashore.

Keys Stakeholders

Dubai is an international market with reachings from diverse parts. Foreign states such as the United Kingdom, India, Saudi Arabia and the United States have been Dubai ‘s major beginning markets ( Dubai, 2010 ) . In peculiar instances, there has been good response from South Africa, China and Russia. Statisticss obtained in 2010 show that in 2010 entirely there were every bit many as 719,889 British tourers in Dubai hotels followed by 638,103 from India 526,598 from Iran, 519,001 from Saudi Arabia and 437,723 the United States. This growing in the figure of stakeholders has been irrespective of the economic/financial crisis that began in October 2008 ( Kehal & A ; Singh, 2006 ) .

Community Involvement

Furthermore, the community has played cardinal functions for the success of the touristry industry Dubai has a population of about 2.3 million people out of which about 17 per centum are the local Emiratis,42 per centum are Indian, 13 per centum are Pakistani, 8 per centum are Bangladeshi and 9 per centum are from other states. Incentives meant to pull local communities at hotels such as Burj Al Arab and the Emirates have been ensured. This is of great significance to the general touristry industry. The turning touristry industry has involved the local communities in Dubai activities ; that include civilizations of people in Dubai. Infrastructural development obviously shows that development of roads and societal comfortss has led to the rise in the life criterions of people. The touristry industry has besides created employment to the local communities at different capacities such as the conveyance industry, and the hotel and catering industry.

Influence of Local Politics on Tourism Development

Politicss in Dubai has been found on a rich Islamic background. The anchor of Dubai is dependent on building work and the touristry industry due to the unsure hereafter of oil. Therefore, the authorities in Dubai has been involved in different capacities in the touristry industry ( Mathews, 2003 ) . The authorities has ensured the success of touristry industry and therefore it is involved in the trade by declaring lower duties. Politicss in Dubai is a major stakeholder in the success of touristry in the undermentioned ways.

The authorities has constructed and created an enabling environment for building of hotels and flat blocks to promote aliens to see Dubai. This has been possible by offering recognition installations such as loans to the local communities wishing to set up hotels.

Terrorists have targeted assorted tourer hot musca volitanss and among them Dubai has been targeted. This has made the authorities of Dubai to apportion huge resources to guarantee rigorous and rigorous security steps in order to maintain at bay terrorist menaces in Dubai hotels the authorities of Dubai has created The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing ( DTCM ) . This has been with the exclusive intent of promoting touristry both at international degree and at a local degree. This has attracted foreign corporate investors in Dubai. Due to the fact that Dubai ‘s fundamental law and regulations are founded on the footing of Islam, Dubai enforces rigorous regulations on the behaviours of persons, for illustration animal cognition between un-married people and people of the same sex is extremely prohibited. This in bend has landed many aliens in problem with the jurisprudence.

Planing Evidence and Strategic Planning

The authorities through strategic planning, funding and selling has to guarantee growing in touristry industry as the 6 per centum of Dubai ‘s gross comes from oil ( Khatib, 1997 ) . The authorities has gone a notch higher to ask foring inward missions in the touristry sector and the media to advance and demo instance new undertakings and update their information on touristry attractive forces of Dubai. Good Development Plan in 1900-1955: created a period of slow growing and limited physical enlargement due to forced economic growing ( Pacione, 2005 ) .

Tourism Development Strategies Plan

Due to the unsure hereafter of oil in Dubai, the authorities has been forced to set steps to guarantee uninterrupted flow of gross. Dubai, unlike other states has merely 6 per centum of its economic system dependent on oil and natural gas. Tourism is hence the chief gross earner in Dubai. The dollar is now a important portion of the local economic system. Second, the invitation of inward missions in the touristry sector and the media to advance and demo instance new undertakings and update their information has made Dubai have a large market base as a epicurean environment for touristry. Third, the authorities has involved itself in building of hotels. This when paired with the building of substructure has ensured a growing in the figure of aliens sing Dubai.

The authorities has besides constructed flats for aliens wishing to remain longer in Dubai. The section of touristry and commercialism Selling has involved itself in research activities meant to broaden the touristry sector. The research happening such as building of more hotels, unsure ability of oil in the hereafter of Dubai ‘s economic system has made the authorities come up with appropriate steps to counter diverse effects.

Evidence of Sustainable Scheme

The section of touristry and commercialism selling was seeking to advance Dubai ‘s touristry sector and to over-see the strategic planning in development of the touristry sector in Dubai. Its other ends have been to do Dubai a prima international touristry finish. Harmonizing to the Dubai Strategy Plan 2015 ( 2005 ) , the hereafter strategic programs will be achieved with the assistance of this section and they include:

I ) Sector focal point and development

This can be achieved by traveling Dubai to a new growing way. Dubai has for a long been dependent on oil for its economic system to boom. The hereafter of oil has been decreasing with clip as the figure of people utilizing oil lesser with clip. This has caused a ground for variegation and hence other beginnings of gross have been looked into such as the touristry and concern sector and the building. With variegation, while keeping focal point on high value added sectors can hike overall economic growing.

two ) Productivity growing

Productivity growing can be ensured if the touristry sector is looked sector ally and by promoting public-private sector partnerships for the interest of economic growing. This when coupled with high quality of services will transform Dubai into a hub of concern excellence. Productivity growing can besides be met by raising the productiveness of economic sectors.

three ) Cost of life and making concern direction

The economic crisis that hit the universe in the beginning of October 2008 has had the consequence of raising the cost of life. If the lifting cost of life is brought into desirable control so Dubai ‘s fight can be ensured and maintained. The consequence of a high cost of life is it discourages local touristry due to chance costs. Internationally, the costs of goods are rather high.

four ) Building equal substructure and societal comfortss

If touristry in Dubai is to be boosted so substructure such as roads should be in good on the job status. This encourages population to turn and distribute and therefore the development of distant countries for touristry intents. Tourism is besides dependent on a good route web. However, promote touristry in the hereafter more hotels, providing installations and other societal comfortss should be constructed.

V ) Quality of life betterment

Establishing Dubai as a preferable place for current and future occupants by bettering the wellbeing of the citizen and occupants and assisting them live healthier lives enriched with chance and pick. This farther achieved by guaranting security, supply of necessities such as H2O, electricity or instead an low-cost beginning of energy. This encourages support and therefore touristry.

Tourism Development Controls

The economic crisis that hit the universe in the beginning of October 2008 had inflicted a important rise of cost of life. If the lifting cost of life is brought into desirable control so Dubai ‘s fight can be ensured and maintained. The consequence of a high cost of life discourages local touristry due to chance costs. Internationally, the costs of trade good are rather high. In 2006, a chemical understanding had range Dubai, for the authorities and the industry need to believe careful on how to pull off chemical, particularly on how to dispose them ( Kelly, 1998 ) .

Natural catastrophe is besides something that Dubai should be afraid of, e.g. Tsunami, there are a few attractive forces are near the coastline. When two people came from different state, their cultural background is different, hence, misconstruing may happen. Safety is of import worldwide, this is one of the basic demands from the Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands, and people will non travel to a topographic point if it ‘s non safe, except military.

Mistakes in Development Process

Between twelvemonth 1900 and 1955, this period was marked by slow economic growing and hence limited physical enlargement. The population in Dubai was 10,000 and was concentrated in three residential quarters that included:

Diera has consisted of 1600 families and 350 suq stores. An Al Shindagha, which was the abode of the opinion household where there were 250 houses but no suqs and merely Arab occupants.

It is clearly seen that Dubai was so the smallest of the colonies countries with 200 houses and 50 suq stores. 1956-1970-this was a period marked by compact growing based on the 1960 maestro program that was meant to develop the route web systems and the substructures. For proviso of a route system, the town was divided into parts that were known as zones for the intents of apportioning different utilizations for the zones and leting room for creative activity of new town centres. These ends were in conformity with the emirates pre-oil resources. The maestro program was meant to develop the route web systems and the substructure. These ends were in conformity with the emirates pre-oil resources.

Measure in Different Alternative

The Dubai authorities should beef up strategic and advanced focal point that set guidelines and construct capablenesss for improved strategic planning, policy devising and public presentation direction so as to heighten organisational constructions and answerability. This is to better the public sector institutional construction and guarantee that each authorities section has cardinal public presentation indexs ( KPIs ) against which public presentation is monitored ( Johns, & A ; Mattsson, 2005 ) .

Dubai should besides increase efficiency for the state to present the latest engineerings and systems to heighten the efficiency of operations and to better service clients besides enhance reactivity and client service.

Empower and motivate public service employees for the touristry industry to implement HR best patterns systematically across the authorities. A system that measures employee public presentation while pull offing the system should be introduced. Therefore, the development and execution of an employee preparation is critical to place and nurture endowments. It is best to continue national individuality and better community coherence to guarantee and keep demographic balance by revising in-migration policies and ordinances. It is good to guarantee quality societal services are provided to run into the demands of the population, therefore, the lone manner of run intoing the demands of the population is to better the societal services sector administration construction and set up a planning map to guarantee handiness of, and entree to allow services.

It is of import to optimise land usage and distribution while continuing natural resources. These resources need to be integrated with the elements of the urban planning procedure through proper coordination amongst stakeholders in order to optimise land usage through incorporate urban planning. The Dubai authorities should besides supply efficient energy, electricity and H2O supplies to run into Dubai ‘s turning demands. This is to increase installed power coevals and desalinization capacity to procure electricity and H2O supplies ( Mathews, 2003 ) .

Establish more enhanced roads and system for transit to guarantee easy entree of motion and better safety. It is ever good to guarantee mobility of conveyance webs in order to increase the portion of public transit while cut downing private auto travel demand. The lone manner of doing the state to be a finish for tourer, is by bettering safety design criterions and enforce safety audits for transit webs. This besides attracts many investors to the state by developing and implementing safety criterions for transit vehicles. In order to keep Dubai as a safe, clean, attractive and sustainable environment, attempts in updating and alining environmental ordinance with the best patterns and the development of needed enforcement mechanisms should be carried out ( Middle East Economic Digest, 1995 ) .


As the universe of planetary organisation is turning, Dubai has regarded non to trust on oil because they are running out of market with a deficit of oil. Furthermore, for the state to bask greater touristry attractive force, it has to settle out debt issues and anterior disposal of waste. Some of its successes have been experienced as a consequence of a good development programs and inventions. In order to develop a good hereafter program, the state together with the touristry and hotel industry must bring forth a good program by set uping their strengths, failings, chances and menaces. From the research carried out in this survey, a clear image of Dubai ‘s instability is portrayed therefore indicated their inability to prolong its market since they generate so much gross. For Dubai to accomplish the ends of the touristry subdivision, they merely need to maintain the societal relationship between its communities in order to fulfill them. The lone manner that they are able prolong them is by implementing proper policies.


Dubai is extremely recommended to seek new methods of technological betterments, usage of renewable solar energy since they have immense lands which 90 % of them are desert that would make so good by put ining solar energies. This desert is besides prior for hydro energy systems on seashore line. It has besides been proofed that windmill would be perfect for this sort of environment since sometimes deserts gets really blowy at dark.


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