Therefore, I feel that freedom of speech is a good idea because it contributes to a society that consists of knowledgeable people. Freedom of speech causes a society to acknowledge truths and to develop as a whole. The claim that something can and should be done when freedom of speech is damaging to society is invalid because of lack of clarity on what can cause damage. According to Lacewing (2003), words that people say can seriously hurt others. Individuals who get hurt react in violent ways that are believed to cause damage to society (Lacewing, 2003).

However, one thing that people need to understand is that a person might get hurt bywords that have been spoken by another person, yet those words were meant to make people knowledgeable. People should acknowledge that a person may feel hurt by another person’s words merely because he or she is not impressed by such utterances. In such a case, words that were meant to make the society better are ill accepted by people who do not want to acknowledge truths and who eater react by doing unpleasant things.



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